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πŸ₯‡ Philips OneBlade (Review / Philips OneBlade Pro comparison)
the One Blade is pretty cool!

Hi, I'm Fabio.

I'm literally in love of this razor and now I'll explain why.

The objective of this product is practically of shave your beard as if you were holding a real razor blade. It is true that there are high-end razors that promise the same results as the One Blade, but they cost at least 10 times the price of this.

It is equipped with a mixture of the classic serrated blades of the beard and a razor blade.

Also perfect for shaving the hair on the cheekbones or to define the goatee.

It is light with aexcellent grip, you can use it with shaving foam or in the shower.

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My Personal Experience With the One Blade Philips Shaver

The Philips One Blade razor is a practical and functional device; in fact, in addition to shaving, it is able to adjust and finish the beard, using the attached accessories (three beard combs and a spare blade).

The technology of the product allows you to treat beards of any length, avoiding annoying problems that usually occur when the beard is too long and requires preventive treatment before using the razor.

The dual protection system it is equipped with is extremely effective on the hair, guaranteeing a very delicate approach to the skin, where redness or irritation can often arise.

Its special Wet & Dry option ensures use both on dry skin (even without the need for shaving foam) and on wet leather; therefore it is possible to use it while you are taking a shower.

Not being supplied with wires, it does not require any electrical connection since it is supplied with a rechargeable battery which guarantees up to 45 minutes of autonomy.

It is a particularly light razor, whose weight does not reach seventy grams, a very advantageous feature in that, in addition to extreme maneuverability, it guarantees excellent performance.

The two blades One Blade, based on two complete shaves a week, last about eight months, always offering optimal performance of yield.

What is the One Blade technology

The electric technology of the One Blade razor is based on the integration of very rapid movements (200 cuts per second) made by the blade activity, with an effective double protection system.
In this way shaving becomes a pleasant operation, without any risk of irritating the skin.

For people who, like me, have a very sensitive and delicate skin, a big problem is the obvious phenomena of skin redness resulting from the razor's passage on the skin.
Using One Blade Philips I noticed a marked improvement in the condition of the epidermis, which does not show any inflammatory manifestation.

Three different combs are available to adjust the beard: the first allows you to achieve a one-day beard look, one millimeter long; the second is ideal for creating a three-day beard effect, with a length of three millimeters and the third is used to have a beard with an uncultivated effect, of a length of five millimeters.

I think this option is one of the most useful of the razor because it guarantees a different look by using a single device, avoiding the use of scissors, often not very precise in the finishing.

The double direction of the cut allows to use the razor in one of the two directions to enjoy maximum visibility during the finishing operations.
Personally I have always had some difficulties in this regard, while One Blade has allowed me to solve this problem effectively and quickly.

The fact of being able to finish the beard having the complete view on the face is a very valid advantage able to ensure a perfect shave in every detail.

The razor works with particular delicacy on the most sensitive areas of the face, even for those with delicate and easily irritated skin; this feature depends on its innovative technology that eliminates any friction with the skin surface.

One Blade is able to shave not too close to the skin, precisely to avoid irritation; even for the counter-hair the shaving looks perfect, without any unsightly hair residue at the level of the follicles.

The Contour Following technology has been specifically designed to optimally refine any area of ​​the face, taking advantage of the movement of the head that follows the contours of the face, following its anatomical shape.

I can assure you that this option is particularly pleasant and practical as it allows, without any effort (thanks to the smoothness of the razor), to shave every part perfectly.

Being water-resistant, One Blade can be safely washed under running water to eliminate any hair residue that might stick to the structure.
Furthermore it is possible to shave during the shower, with or without the use of shaving foam, obtaining excellent results.

For those who, like me, always have little time, the possibility of completing all the hygienic operations quickly and with enviable results, represents an invaluable advantage.

On the front side there are two keys: the ignition key is large and easily accessible and the one for the blade ejection is placed next to it.
At the bottom is the socket for inserting the charging cable.

The presence of a led sensor allows to realize the state of charge of the battery as the system starts to flash when the razor is running low.

Being designed for long-lasting performance, the blades of One Blade keep their functionality unchanged for over four months, after which they can be replaced by a very simple operation.

Charging takes eight hours and guarantees a forty five minute autonomy, a period of time that is more than enough for the habitual use of the product.
The NiMH rechargeable battery belongs to the "long life" type and is equipped with excellent functional performance deriving from the technological process with which it is made.

Advantages of the Philips One Blade shaver

Comparable to an electric blade, this razor is particularly suitable for lovers of a light, well-groomed beard as it offers the possibility of choosing a length of even a few millimeters for a long beard look.

The razor handle is very practical and offers a secure grip, allowing excellent shaving management, with or without shaving foam.

Its multi-functionality allows shaving, trimming and finishing operations of the beard using a single device, saving time and money.

In addition to adjusting the beard, One Blade is also perfect for traditional shaving; when I want to completely shave my face, I use it with extreme satisfaction because the result is perfect.

A not inconsiderable advantage is that of being able to use the razor on hair all over the body, without the risk of cuts or abrasions, since the sliding system is extremely delicate on every body district, even in intimate areas.

For those who love hairless skin and are used to shave frequently, this razor is the ideal choice for its excellent performance.

In the package, in addition to the razor, are contained: a spare head, three beard-free combs (respectively 1 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm); and the charger.

The main aesthetic advantage is that of the ergonomic shape of the razor that can be easily held and maneuvered with great fluidity.
Furthermore the combination of the lime color with black offers a very pleasant visual impact; the black parts are made of hard plastic while the green parts are made of non-slip rubber, to ensure a firm and secure grip.

The articulated head undoubtedly represents the most useful feature of the product since it ensures perfect adherence to the skin of the face during shaving or finishing operations.

What I really appreciate is the fact that the razor is perfect for quick shaving, for small finishing touches or to clean the hair on the neck, without having to constantly change accessories.

The price is definitely affordable: less than twenty euros for the base model, a multifunctional device that is extremely valid from the operational point of view and the final yield.
By purchasing the version with two heads, the price is around 28 euros.

The only disadvantage I found depends on the high number of hours required for recharging: eight hours for a range of forty-five minutes.

How to use One Blade Philips

One Blade Philips, as indicated by the term, uses a single blade to carry out its functions; it is a counter-current technology in a landscape where most manufacturers compete to increase the number of razor blades more and more.

The innovative technology of this product makes it possible to exploit the combination of shaving both with a razor blade and with rotating heads, since One Blade is classified as an effective compendium of both functions.

The blade contained in the head protrudes from both sides, helping to shave in all directions, perfectly refining every single area of ​​the skin.
Personally I noticed how it is possible to easily reach every corner, with a remarkable speed.

The sliding system is protected by two grids that prevent any direct contact with the epidermis, thus avoiding the onset of irritation and redness.

The length adjustment combs are very easy to assemble and allow you to switch from shaving to finishing in just a few seconds; an advantage much appreciated by those who, like me, are always in a hurry.

My Opinions on the Philips One Blade PRO shaver

It is a more perfected model than the One Blade, characterized by some higher performance requirements, while maintaining a basic setting very similar to the previous one.

Beard adjustment is achieved through the use of a single precision comb, which allows you to choose between twelve different settings, between 0.5 and 9 millimeters.

The comb can be adjusted using a wheel that allows you to select different lengths.
I consider this variability of choice a significant advantage because it offers the opportunity to realize numerous effects, from traditional shaving to the unkempt beard look, using a single device.

The double cutting direction is always guaranteed to have excellent visibility during finishing, ensuring maximum protection in particularly delicate areas of the face, especially for those with delicate skin prone to irritation.

The counter-hair allows to shave barbs of various lengths with precision, easily and without problems.
Moreover, thanks to the Contourn Following technology, the blades follow the contours of the face, in order to refine each of its parts.

The rechargeable Li-lon battery has an autonomy of one hour of continuous use with a recharge of only sixty minutes.

The blades of this razor are endowed with a remarkable resistance and are considered ideal for long lasting performances, maintaining all their functional characteristics unchanged.

Compared to the One Blade model, this One Blade PRO has a more solid and resistant appearance, it is equipped with a recharging base to hold the razor, even if the price is almost doubled.

As for the previous version, this model is also not suitable for those who wear very long beards, for those who love styles that deviate from normality, such as long handlebar mustaches, or large sideburns.

Personally I find that One Blade PRO is very useful for those who feel the need for small quick touch-ups, those who do not have too much time to shave, in short for those who do not consider shaving a real ritual.

Advantages and disadvantages of One Blade PRO Philips

The main advantage of this model is that it can do without traditional accessories since all the main functions are contained in a single device.

Technically considered an electric razor, in reality One Blade PRO is a clever contamination between automatic, manual and rotating modes, able to offer decidedly innovative performances.

An appreciable advantage is that of the convenience of the device, easy to handle and light, which contains many functions in a small space; its lightness is not at the expense of robustness, resulting from an extremely accurate assembly.

The blade attachment system is safe and guarantees excellent stability margins, allowing shaving even without the use of shaving foam but on just damp skin.

The single blade is able to cut along both sides and must be used after placing it flat on the surface of the face, shaving in the counter-hair.

Being enclosed in a metal grid, the blade does not cut the skin, avoiding any irritation, making shaving extremely safe.

Proceeding in counter-hair it is possible to eliminate even the hairs of greater length, although usually more passes are needed to obtain a satisfactory result.

This feature, in my opinion, is a considerable disadvantage because, by repeatedly passing the razor on the epidermis, it is possible for it to become irritated.

Even the poor uniformity of the shaving is a point against the product, which, on the contrary, should guarantee a better quality result.

I noticed that the teeth of both the razor and the comb provided are very tight and this inconvenience, in my opinion, is definitely penalizing on the final yield.

Furthermore the comb, due to the too close position of the teeth, tends to fill with hair with considerable speed, thus conditioning the timing of shaving.

According to the instructions given in the instruction booklet, for the finishing touches the razor should be used perpendicularly to the surface of the face (and not of the plate); I found this option not exactly advantageous if related to the results achieved.

A favorable requirement of One Blade PRO is that the package contains, in addition to the razor, also the base for recharging, the power supply and the adjustable comb.
It is a complete and functional kit that offers the advantage of not having to change too many accessories.

The price factor is another questionable feature since the cost of the device is quite high: between 75 and 90 euros depending on the model.
Even the spare blades are expensive: 16 euros for a single pack or 27 euros for a double pack.

I believe that this razor, while offering valid functional performance, is not suitable for those who shave every day, while it is the ideal solution for those who do it two or three times a week.

Comparison between One Blade and One Blade PRO

Advertised as the natural evolution of One Blade, One Blade PRO looks like a razor capable of revolutionizing the shaving method, thanks to the single blade covered by a grid with small holes able to avoid cuts and skin irritations.

An advantage compared to the previous model is that of being able to shorten the beard with fourteen different possible sizes using a single accessory (comb), while in the One Blade razor there were only three options.

Moreover the autonomy time in this model reaches up to sixty minutes, against the forty five of the other type.
The most appreciated requirement is represented by the recharge period which in One Blade PRO is one hour, while in One Blade it is a good eight hours.

Another advantageous aspect is the possibility of placing the razor on a comfortable base, which supports it even during recharging operations.

Some performances are very similar, for example the mode of operation that uses a single blade covered by a metallic coating.

The wet and dry option is also present in both models and allows for an excellent shave even without the need to use shaving foam.

The One Blade PRO digital display is much more accurate in signaling the state of charge of the shaver and allows you to accurately view the time still available for shaving.

The Contour Following technology is present in both razors and ensures perfect adhesion to the surface of the face, even in the most difficult to reach areas.

I personally believe that the innovations of One Blade Pro compared to the previous One Blade are actually useful, but do not justify the too high price.
An almost doubled cost, in fact, is not adequately explained by comparing it with the changes made.

One Blade PRO was born as an unconventional electric razor as it differs from the traditional models in the innovative single-blade system covered by a metal grid.

This feature is also present in the One Blade model and, since the greatest advantage of the product is considered, it authorizes the purchase of the first version, with a considerable saving.

The spare blade has a cost of sixteen euros and, given that its duration is about four months, the monthly expense is four euros.

The cost is not high, but in my opinion it is not worth it when it is possible to have almost specular performances using One Blade.

Another factor that I consider significant is the weight of the razor, lighter for the One Blade model which, among other things, has a more ergonomic and manageable structure.

Who, like me, usually travels often, finds great use in carrying a razor that weighs little and that can be put away even in a simple travel bag.

Overall I therefore believe that One Blade Pro is a valid razor, but that it re-proposes all the typical features of the previous model, with some advantages (greater autonomy, more beard length options, digital display), but also some limits (cost too high , heavier weight, comb with teeth too close together to hold hair).

Based on personal experience, I would advise those who intend to use the innovative One Blade technology to purchase the basic One Blade model as they are more convenient even considering the quality / price ratio.


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