๐Ÿฅ‡ 7 Best Electric Brush Cutters (Lawn Like a Van

๐Ÿฅ‡ 7 Best Electric Brush Cutters (Lawn Like a Van Gogh) –

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Hi, I'm Enrico!

The electric brush cutter is my brush and the lawn is my canvas.

Silent, friend of the environment, light, it allows me to create works of art and always leave friends and neighbors speechless.

I have always been passionate about gardening and I am here to give you useful advice on this fantastic art and to help you choose the electric brushcutter that is right for you, perhaps to be combined with a great electric lawn mower.

I'll tell you later the reasons why it is better to choose a brushcutter, I'll explain to you how does it work and I'll show you the differences between a brushcutter and an trimmer. We will see together the reviews of the best products on the market and finally I will give you the latest useful tips on how to use this indispensable tool.

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Why choose an electric brushcutter

To devote the right attention to the details of your garden.

As you well know, a lawnmower will also be complete, but it doesn't arrive anywhere. This is where the electric brush cutter comes into play. Comfortable and lightweight, it is also easily manoeuvrable, allowing you to give that extra touch of class to your lawn.

The electric brush cutter allows you to have complete freedom of movement, being a backpack or backed. When you wear it you will realize how easy it is to use. It is very precise and really allows you to work almost at the millimeter.

If, for example, you have brambles to cut or you have to cut out the hedges that surround your garden, the brushcutter is just what you need.

I can affirm that in the catalog of tools owned by a good gardener, it cannot absolutely this formidable object that together with the mower is a must.

Also know that an electric brushcutter is less noisy than a petrol brush and clearly does not emit CO2. It allows you to work quietly, while also respecting the neighborhood and the environment.

How a brushcutter works

It's very simple. A wire is run at very high speed by an electric motor. This strong rotation allows the wire to become almost straight and sharp like a blade. Nylon is used in these cases, in itself already very resistant material.

The thread turns in a very precise direction and consequently the grass residues will be expelled from that side. If the compartment turns clockwise, then you will see the grass spur out to the right.

This also makes you understand how to best use it: always against the direction of expulsion of the residues. Remember to always work on a clean lawn.

Some brushcutters allow you to mount the blade head, excellent for thicker grass.

Brushcutter or trimmer?

They are ALMOST the same thing. While a brushcutter has high power, an edge cutter is usually smaller and recommended for small grounds.

But this difference is slowly fading, thanks to a market that always points to efficiency and comfort without compromise. And often without even having to spend a fortune.

By now there are brushcutters that are light and small enough to be considered as full string trimmers. To make these โ€œhybridโ€ products, if we can say so, is being equipped with better construction materials and a powerful but light engine that allows a job that can be thought to be more appropriate to a simple trimmer.

So let's put it another way:

When a string trimmer is better …

I would look for a pure trimmer if I had a small garden in the first place and if my work is simple finishing details. In short, minimal work.

You will see that in this case you will be more than satisfied with a cheap product but you can still think of taking something more challenging to ensure you do not miss a higher quality.

When it's better a brushcutter …

When among the things you want to cut there is a thicker grass and in general if your work is not so simple.

A brushcutter guarantees ample freedom and is also useful even on larger surfaces having a more consistent engine and therefore suitable.

If the brushcutter has a flush head it can easily be used as a string trimmer, remember this detail.

What stops you from using a trimmer as a trimmer is the rotating blade head, which can cause serious damage to your land, especially if you have damaged objects. Think about whether you have a wall or vases along the edges of your lawn. A rotating blade can ruin them permanently or break them.

Best Electric Brushcutters – Reviews

Bosch AFS 23-37 – the best ever

Some might think it is too expensive but if you have a large garden and like to have a lot of autonomy, then you can only choose the best, the Bosch AFS 23-37 electric brush cutter.

This was my thought some time ago. I decided to buy what was the most complete tool in the category and here I am now, to tell you about this formidable Bosch, companion for so many days outdoors.

Fully meets my expectations and manages to be perfect for every type of activity. Now I'll explain why.

The engine has a power of 1000 Watts, it is practically a real monster and capable of making its way even in the thickest grass. It has the possibility to work both with a head and a blade head, both included in the package. Simply terrific. You can do whatever you want, whether it's a few blades of grass, whether it's a really stubborn undergrowth, you're sure that Bosch will stop at nothing.

It is really very convenient to use and it is the first thing I noticed and the hundreds of people out there who as you can see have all expressed the same opinion. As for ease of use, this Bosch is a riot of positive reviews.

It has a handle that can be adjusted according to the needs, and a belt, also adjustable, which allows more safety. It is light and silent, it passes between the heads in record time and arrives together with an effective protective cap.

He is a marvel and I am very satisfied to own it. Given that it is electric you do absolutely no effort in cleaning it and maintenance is very easy to implement.

Highly recommended, the Bosch brand does not disappoint. ๐Ÿ‘

Bosch ART 23 SL – perfect for small jobs

If the Bosch AFS 23-37 is a portent, this can be called mini-portento. I call it a brush cutter because for me that is, but it can be seen as the perfect trimmer.

That's what I use when I have to do quick and simple jobs, that don't require blades and I can afford something less powerful but in any case effective.

It has an engine of only 280 Watts, effective and with its 12,500 rpm it remains a very practical tool.

It weighs less than 2 kilograms. Do you understand why it is very useful for quick jobs? You take it in a moment you put it in motion, do what you have to do and put it away, cleaning it even in the blink of an eye.

In terms of speed and ease of use, it is unbeatable.

If you are like me, you have a main brushcutter and you want another one to optimize your work, or you are simply looking for a perfect brushcutter for a small garden, the Bosch ART 23 SL is without doubt the best.

Makita ZMAK-UR3000 / 2 – excellent value for money

If the tool I own now did not exist on the market, I would certainly have taken the Makita ZMAK-UR3000 / 2 electric brush cutter.

It is good both as a brushcutter and as a trimmer, it is one of those products that have no flaw, starting from the brand, Makita, which is a market leader in this type of items.

The engine has a power of only 450 Watts, true, but they are perfect for those looking for just that. If you have a lawn that is also medium in size but you don't need to cut very thick grass, it is useless to buy excessively powerful tools. You'll be fine with this Makita.

It is light and easy to use. It has a shoulder strap and both the handlebar and the handle are adjustable. Quality is guaranteed. The head can be used in single wire mode or even double wire to increase cutting efficiency.

Black + Decker ST4525-QS – the best seller

Excellent solution for those with a garden that is not too large. From a company that produces high quality tools.

There will be a reason why it is the best selling. Professional and reliable, he does his job beautifully. It has a 450 Watt motor that is perfect for jobs that are not particularly demanding but apparently it does well even when it meets a slightly thicker grass.

It is also available in the version with base to be mounted in the lower part, which makes it a comfortable push mower.

It is equipped with E-Drive technology that always guarantees the same power in the face of any obstacle. It is light and easy to use, and being electric it is quiet. Furthermore the vibrations are absolutely acceptable for a precise job.

If you look at the price, it will be very difficult not to give in. It's really cheap and convenient if you're looking for a tool with this power.

Alpina B 1.0 EJ – great power at a good price

An excellent alternative to more expensive models. This Alpina brushcutter has a 1000 Watt motor that is powerful enough to be used for both small jobs and more demanding tasks.

Is Italian. The Alpina B 1.0 EJ is a complete tool and has nothing to envy to other models with similar characteristics.

Includes two heads: one with blade and another with double wire with Tap & GO system. Just hit the ground with the head to allow the wire to come out at the right length.

It is very light due to the type of engine it mounts. As it is electric it is silent and does not require arduous maintenance like the petrol engines.

Recommended for those looking for good wattage at a very affordable price. It is also available in a petrol version but costs more.

Black + Decker GL8033-QS – say goodbye to inaccurate edges

A quite powerful and very effective brushcutter. It is great to use on the edges thanks to a wheel on the bottom that allows precision on the sides of your lawn that is really foolproof.

The Black + Decker GL8033 allows you to concentrate solely on your gardening work thanks to the system that automatically adjusts the length of the wire.

800 Watts of power for an engine that is light and is located in the center of the tool in order to make the use comfortable and balanced.

It enjoys the E-Drive technology that keeps the power constant. With the HDL wires it mounts it will cut even the most demanding grass.

Recommended. Perfect for medium-sized gardens.

Tacklife GGT1A – best economical brushcutter


TACKLIFE Electric Grass Trimmer, 600W Wire Mower, 30cm ...
TACKLIFE Electric Grass Trimmer, 600W Wire Mower, 30cm …

  • TAP & GO – touch the line, press the safety button above the handle, hold the handle and hit the spring at the bottom of the machine when the machine is running at high speed.This line will open automatically, called Tap & Go.
  • EASY TO USE – This mower is small, light, practical, easy to use and move. The grass line is automatically extended and the blade is positioned on one side of the machine head, the long line is automatically cut and the stable wire setting system is very convenient and easy.

The perfect solution for those looking for an effective tool at a good price. This is the best economical brushcutter on the market.

They are 600 Watts of power that behave very well both to adjust the grass of the lawn and to finish the edges. Comfortable and light. The head can be rotated 90 degrees to allow extensive maneuvers in every corner, even the most difficult ones.

The Tap & GO double-threaded head allows you to always have the right thread length automatically without having to do anything.

If you want to spend very little then you can rely on the Tacklife brushcutter.

How to use an electric brush cutter: useful tips

I start by telling you that the brushcutter is a very dangerous tool. Care must be taken when using it.

Unlike a lawnmower, the blade has a clear view and therefore it is good to start with some precautions:

  • Overalls. Fundamental for this type of activity. It allows you to give the very first protection to your body. Check that it is well fastened and closed.
  • Work gloves. Hands are important because you often need them to go and touch those dangerous objects that can damage you, from a plant to a blade. Especially for the case of brushcutters, make sure you have a pair of cut resistant, which protect both against flying debris and against irritation due to the handle such as blisters.
  • Visor with net. The visor protects my eyes and the whole face in general. My advice is to take one with a throat protection net.
  • Safety distance. Make sure there is no person and no animal (if any) within at least 10 meters of the work area. Be especially careful if you have children.

Having done all this, you are ready to use it.

A brushcutter can be used both on a flat lawn and on a small hill. There are no limits in this, as it is manual and follows the movements of the one who operates it, that is, you, and therefore does not depend on the slope of the terrain or even on its deformations.

First of all, try not to work at maximum power. This is because first of all it is not always strictly necessary, then because in the long run you can wear out the tool and you will have to be forced to buy a new one.

You can usually choose whether to cut using the head with wire or the head with a blade, depending on the models. It is the wire that is usually more fragile. Really effective on these tools, but if you don't know how to use the trimmer you can break it ahead of time.

Below I will also tell you how to replace the trimmer wire.

Let's come to action now. The secret is all in the movement. At first it may seem complicated but it is usually enough to use it a couple of times to immediately take the hand.

Never hold it perfectly horizontally along the lawn edges. Help yourself with one hand so as to slightly tilt the tool so as to pass it on the ground at a small angle. The result will be a much more pleasing visual effect as you will avoid shorter areas than others. Fading the length of the grass has always been an excellent cutting technique.

If you encounter obstacles along the way when you slide on the edge, such as a gate or a bench, you have to make sure that the wire is in a vertical position and then turns around the obstacle.

If you are on slightly sloping terrain, it is always good to proceed uphill so as to leave the cut grass behind so that you always have a clean work surface.

Remember that the acceleration usually only serves when approaching the cut, this is very important if you are using the flush head, which can be damaged and in some cases break.

Always prefer the thread when you have to cut grass that is not very thick and hard, otherwise the advice is to mount the blade to proceed.

How to choose the brushcutter

I will show you some of the most important aspects concerning this very useful tool, so as to help you choose the one that is right for you.

Engine type

Here I showed you mainly electric brushcutters but they also exist in petrol and petrol combustion.

The petrol engines are professional, run on petrol, need careful maintenance but allow a wide range of action and great autonomy, especially in open spaces.

The battery-powered ones have the advantage of being "portable", like the petrol engines. The substantial difference lies in the power of the engine, the cordless brushcutters are usually less powerful. But they are lighter, with less autonomy. They are perfect for a really small garden.

Engine power

There are various types. The power will also be everything, but for me a brushcutter, in my opinion, something of average power is enough.

The lowest values โ€‹โ€‹are around 500 – 700 Watts. A tool of this type is more than perfect for anyone who has to lend himself to touch-ups at the edges of the garden or to repair hedges and contours.

Obviously you can go up to 1500 Watts but here we are going to touch professional products, often quite expensive, which are also useful if you want to cut grass much thicker than normal.

Cutting quality

The cut and its quality are mainly given by the motor and the type of head and also depends on the type of soil on which you want to use the brushcutter.

The cutting width is also an important factor: the greater the width, the less time it takes to mow. And clearly the best models are the most recommended.

My opinion is to opt for an article that is professional and for an excellent quality thread of at least 2 millimeters thick that allows really effective works.


Weight is a really fundamental factor for me, as these tools must be held, or better, on the shoulder.

Clearly the first thing that affects the weight is the engine, the bigger it is, the heavier the whole apparatus will be. Furthermore, a brushcutter with an internal combustion engine is already heavier than similar models.

For this reason, I usually recommend that you also take a look at the handle of the item you want to buy, that it is well made and allows a firm grip.

Ease of use

It is important because we certainly do not want to do damage due to inaccurate control.

Weight is an excellent point in favor of mobility, as well as, if your trimmer is electric, a lock for the cable so as not to annoy you during the movements.

If it's a backpack you can "wear it" and this according to many is really a step forward in terms of maneuverability.

If you have a small garden and you don't have to do big jobs, one battery will be great for you, you'll have more mobility in exchange for lower autonomy.

How to replace the trimmer wire

It is not an operation that requires a degree, do not worry. But it is true that it may seem complicated. I will now show you the steps you need to follow to correctly change the wire to your brushcutter.

Make sure you buy the appropriate wire. Not all the wires are suitable and therefore you must check the instruction booklet or on the official website of the manufacturer or by calling for assistance if there is a telephone number.

With the engine off, of course, remove the flush head according to the method indicated by the manufacturer of your trimmer. You may need to apply a little pressure on the tabs, which will make the cap come off, or you will just have to unscrew it.

If the trimmer is a single strand, then you need to find a small hole in which to fix the strand in the head. Once fixed, it begins to wrap the thread around the head, making sure it is tight. Once wrapped, secure it in the appropriate fixing hole for the tail.

If the brushcutter is double-edged, do the same thing but repeat twice.

The heads will be different but what you notice when you remove them are "hooks" for both ends of the thread.

After fixing the thread, reassemble everything by following the steps in reverse. I recommend that you do not lose springs or various gaskets and put them back exactly where they were at the time of disassembly.

The first time be careful, the second time will be a walk. As you've seen, it's definitely not an expert job.

In conclusion

Whether gardening is a hobby for you or a profession, a brushcutter is absolutely essential.

It arrives where the mower does not arrive and allows you to create, not just to refine.

I can't help it, the nuances on the edges of my land are always precise and every time I look at them I am amazed by my work.

I have learned a lot during these years of hard work and I am pleased to share my experience with other garden mates.

If you found this guide useful, I remind you that on ProContro you will also find many useful guides on gardening and free time.


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