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When I needed a rotary drill to make some holes I always had to ask my friend Mario, who is a bricklayer by trade.

Now I have a personal one, and I'm perfectly independent.

What is the tessellator for?

The drill battery powered rotary hammer it is a tool that is used to make holes in walls.

It can work even on very resistant surfaces where the classic drill goes into difficulty: concrete, metal and stone.

Cordless tiller: How it works

It is called a tessellator due to its technical characteristics, its operation is very simple: when the piston is operated, this goes to press the air and generates very fast movements, so strong that they are able to insert metal dowels in the wall.

Thanks to a switch you can switch on and off the tool according to your needs.

The top battery-operated rotary tines have an adjustment wheel, which as you can deduce from the name, allows you to adjust and change the rotation speed of the tool tip depending on the type of work to be performed, thus without damaging the surface, drilling too much allowing you a energy saving for greater battery life.

The battery powered rotary hammer turns out to be very convenient both for professional work and for DIY.
In fact it is very light and, thanks to the battery, it is not necessary to connect it to the socket and you can also use it outside or without an electrical outlet.

This manageability on the one hand makes it easier to use, making the extension unnecessary allowing you to work without wires, on the other hand, however, it is slightly less efficient than traditional electric anchors (although over the years, thanks to new technologies, the gap has been significantly reduced).

The battery-powered rotary hammer is an ideal tool for those who require practicality and do not want to work standing up, it turns out to be very functional for work in particular conditions, operations to be carried out in ceilings or in even higher heights (such as for example in roofs).

The best models, although not as handy and practical as an electric screwdriver or a cordless drill, can still be used very easily, with minimal effort and in some cases, if not too heavy, even a single hand.

Now let's see how to choose a battery-powered tiller, read on.

How to choose the best battery powered professional rotary hammer

Among the features the one that stands out most is the ergonomic handle given the nature of the work to be carried out it allows a stable and safe non-slip handle to avoid making mistakes, making a mistake in the work or risking injury.

The best battery powered hammers have components that reduce the number of vibrations, safeguarding hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Having fewer vibrations it manages to develop a more performing rotary movement that allows it to exploit the full power of the engine.

This aspect is very important considering that the battery supply, compared to electric current anchors, slightly limits its performance.

The rotary movement acts in synergy with the percussion movement which, as previously written, makes it capable of drilling very resistant materials such as stone, metal and concrete.

Let's move on to the spindle.
The spindle maintains the tip of the battery-powered rotary hammer and makes double functionality possible, rotary and percussion.

As for the engine power, the most important feature in battery-powered turrets, this is expressed in Volts, while the force of the blow in Joules.
The most widespread power varies between 18 and 36 volts, with a force released between 1.2 and 4.3 Joules.

Another aspect not to be underestimated, but rather to be carefully considered is the noisiness.

A noisy tiller besides being annoying to the neighbors can cause pain to the eardrums and in the long term causes a progressive hearing loss.

As the performance of the engine increases, it increases the noise level, in case you need to use a high performance model, always remember to use protective headphones to make the sound bearable, less annoying and that does not cause pain to the eardrums.

The ranking of the 7 best battery-powered tugs (definitive guide)

For this ranking, I have taken into consideration the autonomy, functionality and practicality of battery-powered rotary hammers, with special attention to functional accessories (LED light bulbs, possible adapters) and the device Quickstop to prevent the involuntary activation of the root movement.

Discover the best models I've analyzed for you.

Makita DHR171Z, perfect on bricks, concrete and stone

This Makita rotary hammer was designed primarily for work on brick, concrete and stone; but it also fits very well on wood, metal, ceramic and plastic.
It has 2 operating modes, the first one of rotation only and the second one to hammer and rotate simultaneously.
It includes a soft handle that allows you to avoid absorbing the vibrations of the tool but absorbs most of the energy safeguarding your limbs and allowing you to carry out the work in maximum comfort.
It has a wide range of action: 17 mm on concrete, 10 mm on steel and 13 mm on wood.
The product is covered by 1 year warranty extendable up to 2.

Einhell 4513809

This ** Einhell ** tiller is great for masonry and concrete work on which, thanks to pneumatic percussion, it easily performs screwing and drilling operations.
It includes an ergonomic grip with an attached non-slip grip, which allows you to work with maximum safety.
In addition, the Quickstop feature greatly improves comfort, this feature prevents unintentional movement of the vehicle.
The tips can be changed very easily and easily without using additional tools if you need to work on different materials.
The presence of a led light allows you to have suitable lighting even in darker environments.
The battery can also be used on other devices and has an indicator that informs you of the remaining energy without running the risk of finding yourself with the totally unloaded tiller.
A high-performance battery charger and a carrying case are included in the purchase.

Einhell HEROCCO battery-powered rotary hammer

This Einhell rotary hammer it is small in size and is particularly suitable for working upwards, on the ceiling and using only one hand.
It includes 4 functions: screwing, drilling, tessellation and chiselling.

It is equipped with a brushless motor that allows it to be more performing without undergoing mechanical wear.
Einhell supplies a LED light to illuminate the workstation and an adapter to replace the tips in case it needs to work on different surfaces.
It features an ergonomic anti-vibration handle that allows you to work long without feeling fatigue.

Unfortunately the battery and charger are not included in the price, you must necessarily buy them separately.
For a correct use of the tool Einhell recommends the purchase of a 3 Ah or higher Power X – Change battery.

Einhell TE-HD 18 Li Tassellator Kit

This Einhell rotary hammer in my opinion it is the best economic tessellator, recommended mainly for DIY jobs.

It is very convenient mainly for carrying out work on bricks, tables and plaster; instead it goes into difficulty if it has to work on tougher materials, such as cement and above all reinforced concrete), where it takes more effort to complete the work.

Like the previous ones, it has a grip with non-slip grip, an LED light bulb and a quickstop function to prevent involuntary rotation.


This De Walt rotary hammer it is my favorite, because it succeeds in expropriating all its energies in all surfaces.
He can make various types of holes (from 4 to 26 mm in diameter) regardless of whether it is concrete, brick, concrete, wood or rock.
It works perfectly even in reinforced concrete without going under stress.
The diameter of action is 24 mm on the concrete, 26 mm wood and 13 mm on the metal respectively.

It has 3 operating modes:
1 Rotation for simple screwing.
2 Drilling with rotation, suitable for working on concrete and cement
3 Burinatore to perform removals on the floor or make a particular type of hole on the wall.

It is a tool that absorbs energy in an extraordinary way, making you perceive the vibrations only minimally and in an almost imperceptible way.

Given the level performance is quite heavy (3kg), so it is not particularly comfortable to work on one hand.
If you are not particularly trained, prolonged use gets tired especially if you have to do work upwards or on the ceiling.

Removed this small detail, due to the need to have a particularly powerful engine (it can produce as many as 4500 strokes per minute) to which is added the need to use earplugs has no contraindications, rather it is a bomb.

Gmc – Gmc – Marteau Perforateur Sds Plus Sds18

This Gmc tessellator it is very light (weighs only 1kg)
It has an excellent drilling capacity: 20 mm on the wood, 20 mm on the masonry and 10 mm on the steel.
Consider, however, that to carry out work on wood and metal the spindle must be adapted, it is necessary to purchase adapters since they are not supplied at the time of sale.

It has two handles, one fixed to the base and one near the adjustable tip both downwards and to the right or left to allow you to carry out work at eye level, upwards and downwards, allowing you to set the handle which you prefer.

It is not equipped with a briefcase, but is sold in a bag, large enough to contain all the accessories.
Unfortunately it has only one battery that limits your use and if you need a high autonomy I suggest you buy a second one.

Bosch Uneo Maxx

This Bosch battery powered hammer it is very versatile and light, weighs only 1.4kg and therefore can be used very easily.

It has an adjustable rotation speed which allows to keep the number of revolutions constant and to regulate its speed. It can be used both for screwing and for drilling.
In fact, it is equipped with several points, each of them with a specific function able to perforate the steel and wood wall without effort.
Respectively up to a maximum of 10 mm in the concrete, 8 mm in the steel and 10 mm in the wood.
He is able to pierce the reinforced concrete, but the tip must not touch the armature to avoid damage.

It is averagely noisy, 96 decibels, the equivalent of a concert in a disco; whereas the pain threshold starts on average from 130 decibels and is bearable even without caps if not used for a prolonged period of time.

It also comes with a LED light that allows you to work even in low light environments.
Like the previous one, it is equipped with a single battery that can cause inconvenience if you need to make long interventions or forget to recharge.


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