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Hi, I'm Dario.

I'm an installer of home automation and intercoms.

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here is a Urmet installed by me, what a satisfaction

I have always loved the Urmet, and today I want to tell you about my personal experience with these wonderful intercoms.


Urmet is an Italian company founded in 1937 that over the years has established itself internationally through the production of intercoms.
THE Urmet intercoms in fact they are a point of reference in their own market niche, actively contributing to the enhancement of Made in Italy.
If Italian technological products have a respectable worldwide reputation, it is also because Urmet is a successful international company.
Thanks to targeted investments and winning marketing campaigns, it has managed to climb the rankings positioning itself among the leaders of European technology industries.

Although the intercom often takes a back seat, it is a fundamental element in surveillance and security systems.
Its functionality, opening the doors from the inside and at a distance by pressing a simple button, makes it indispensable for homes, condominiums and houses.

The best Urmet intercoms combine high technology and aesthetic beauty, guaranteeing safety.
The systems have been built with latest generation software that allows a quick and quick installation.

Urmet's mission is to make the home you live smart and safe by using efficient and easy to use equipment.

Why choose a Umet intercom?

Urmet intercoms are essential, they allow you to get the highest quality products at competitive prices.
They are defined by customers as the best solution with a high quality / price ratio.

Urmet supplies a wide range of highly customizable products and appliances.
In fact it allows you to choose between various wireless entry phones, push-button panels and various complete kits.
You can then build an intercom made specifically for your home or choose one based on your needs.

They are equipped with 2VOICE and IPerCom systems – which we will see in detail in this article -, which allow you to organize the intercom system of large apartment buildings at 360 °.
Urmet intercoms are preferred by engineers and manufacturers, as all urmet products are ISO 9000 certified.

Urmet has adopted a growth policy based on technological development in order to offer the best video door phones.
In 2017, it invested 6% of its turnover in Research and Development, employing over 50 people in the Turin office alone.

Thanks to a careful specialization, Urmet products have been considered the best both for the installations of small dwellings and for large apartment buildings and for independent villas.

Functions and innovations

With the use of the interphone you can open the external door directly from the inside of your home, without having to go out, take the elevator or do the stairs.

In condominiums the postman plays indistinctly to different condominiums (unless he has to deliver registered letters that need a signature).
This turns out to be a nuisance in itself, because you have to abandon what you're doing to answer the call; it becomes even more so when you have to waste more time going down the stairs or taking the elevator to check your mailbox finding it empty.

Add also the ringtone reception by real estate agents, various door sellers, Gehova's witnesses or the simple pastor who wants to bless your home for Christmas and Easter.

With the video intercom as well as hearing the voice through the handset you can see the face of the caller, making it a great tool for both the elderly and off-site students who live in the condominium, and for carers and housekeepers in independent houses.

The comfort increases dramatically even to see the pizza holder that gives you dinner over the weekend at home.

The video door phone is precisely the answer to all these needs, it also integrates and completes any security system with an alarm.
Thanks to the current technology you can have color displays with different views from multiple angles, infrared cameras that allow you to get visibility even in the dark so that you can keep the entire area outside your home under control.
The videophone is therefore a minisystem of video surveillance in all respects.

It also considers the multi-functionality of the device that allows you to communicate with the concierge, with other condominiums or to be able to check who is ringing the bell from different rooms; simply with a quick installation of a video door phone.

Currently, thanks to electronics and digital technology. the models are very easy to install, just follow simple guidelines without having to contact an electrician.

How does the Urmet intercom work?

The intercom works with electronic technology, similar to that landline.
Thanks to the electronics the installed microphone can modify the sound waves transforming them into electric waves.
The electricity when it reaches the internal speaker is converted back into sound energy and producing sound, the classic beep or a ring.
The same principle applies when the door opener button is pressed, but with reverse procedure.
In the presence of a video door entry unit, in addition to the one just described, the images are reproduced using an external camera and a display to be installed inside your home.

How to choose the best intercom

With the purchase of an intercom, you are guaranteed a very practical, comfortable and above all safe tool.
For some years now there has been a boom in video door phones that offer a wide range of options to choose from.
Let us now analyze the components of the intercom system, continue reading.

Intercom components

There are 5 elements that make up the intercom and allow you to control who is ringing the bell.

– ** The external push-button panel **, the set of external buttons that when pressed cause sound in the houses

  • The external speaker microphone, equipped with buttons, allows you to communicate from the inside to the road and vice versa.
  • The transformer, which encodes and manages the energy between the incoming electrical circuit and the output circuit
  • The internal location, thanks to the receiver it allows you to communicate and using a microphoned receiver or a speaker.
    In the new models you can set the ringtone by choosing one of the many available, and you have the option to install the handset with cordless functionality and bring you the intercom around the house.
  • The door opener system, which by pressing the appropriate button allows you to open the external door using the electricity.

In the presence of video intercoms, 2 additional elements to be analyzed:

  • The external video camera, which allows you to visualize and in some models even record those who are near the control panel.
  • The internal location with visual recognition function, it allows you to communicate with other appliances in the condominium (for example the concierge), record images and switch on the external lights.

Types of intercoms

As you surely already know there are several *types of intercoms.
Depending on the characteristics possno can be classified in the following order:

  1. Classic intercoms with audio only functionality e videophones with visual features that allow you to be able to view the area around the outside panel, allowing you to recognize who is calling you.
  2. Depending on the internal position we find:
  • Wall intercoms, the classic ones placed next to the entrance door.
  • Supportive, very similar to a desk phone, you can place it on a table or in an optimal strategic position to make it more practical.
  • Recessed, inserted flush with the wall it frees up space in the wall and eliminates protruding wires.
  • Cordless, wireless model, you can put it in your pocket and use it throughout your home.
  1. According to production technology.
    Analog intercoms, equipped with different cables, they need more maintenance and are more subject to wear.
    Digital intercoms, equipped with fewer cables, they allow easier and faster installation, make maintenance easier and allow you to customize the features according to your needs without having to add wires or change the electrical system of the condominium.

The functions of the digital door phone

As anticipated above the functions of the digital door phone they present various improvements compared to analogue intercom systems and allow you to improve their practicality and increase the level of security.

Let's look at them in detail, read on.

The practical features of the digital door phone

The digital intercom is provided with various elements that allow a very practical use:

  • ** a button for the lights ** with which you can independently manage the lights of the stairs, the external ones of the courtyard or garden and those of the entrance door.

– ** internal location with handset and multiple display **, so that you can install the device on multiple rooms and with custom ringtones so you can hear the sound even from a distance.

– ** radio transmission **, a considerable reduction of the wires to facilitate installation and maintenance.

– ** backlit keys ** that give you the visual impulse in addition to the sound and warns you if you haven't heard the ring.

– ** selection with alphanumeric code **: it is a new technology and avoids being disturbed by unwanted strangers.
It has a very simple functionality, and therefore is widely used in condominiums, it provides that it is possible to play only if a reference code is entered (each different for each condominium apartment).
Unlike classic intercoms, there is not a classic keypad with various keys and name plate, but only an alphanumeric keypad that is activated only when the correct code is entered.
This functionality is similar to that of smartphones that is activated by entering the pin code or unlock code.

– ** portable cordless telephones **: they can be connected to the telephone line and allow the use of the model in every internal point of the house.

The additional security features of the digital doorphone

  • Adjustable camera to be able to choose which part of the road to check
  • Display visible from all angles, through this feature you can control all the space near the entrance door.
  • ** Armor kit ** for external cladding.
  • Sensor so as to signal to you the failed closing of the entrance door.
  • intercom to give you the opportunity to interact with other condominiums and with the concierge of the condominium.
  • Image recording , so as to be able to identify any unwanted guests.
    On the market there are models that allow you to store up to 60 images.
    You can set the recording mode, on-call or automatic.
    The images show the date and time of the recording which may be useful to the police.
  • Self-activation and cyclic selection of the monitoring of external units, effectively transforming the video door entry unit into a video surveillance system.
  • Resistant camera equipped with sturdy material to resist and not be damaged or destroyed by vandalism
  • Wide angle with infrared ray which allows you to have excellent visibility even in the darkest hours of the night.
  • Auto-start button, goes into operation when the sensor detects the presence of people.

Tax Incentives

We analyze a very underrated aspect that allows you to combine the cost of the intercom and to recover a% of the expense.
Let's start from the assumption that the 2019 Stability Law has brought various tax incentives.
From 2019 it is in fact possible to deduct, for IRPEF purposes, 50% of the costs of restoration and maintenance of the buildings, are included in the list of deductible interventions installation and replacement of intercoms, videophones and cameras.
More precisely, this house bonus is applicable to all the installation of instruments that detect any presence of gas, the repair or replacement of the gas pipe or the repair of malfunctioning outlets.
However, purchases of electrolytes and devices with built-in safety devices are not included.
With the stability law of 2019, 50% of the expenses incurred from 26 June 2012 to 31 October 2019 have become deductible with a maximum ceiling of € 96000 per property.

The stability law aims to encourage all real estate interventions that prevent theft, kidnapping, aggression, etc.

You can take advantage of the tax deduction if you are subject to IRPEF tax.
To be able to download the expenses, you must pay by bank or postal wire transfer, in which the reason, your tax code and the VAT number or the tax code of the person who issued the invoice must be indicated.

Individuals can take advantage of the bonus if they are subject to IRPEF tax as long as they are owners, usufructuaries, naked owners, tenants or tenants of the property.
For sole proprietorships, family businesses, cooperative members, simple general partnerships and collectively there is a further tax requirement: the property must not be used as an instrumental asset, for example it cannot serve as instead, the company's registered office, warehouse, sales center, etc., returns if it generates different income by being rented.

The best Urmet intercoms and video intercoms

URMET 1122/601 KIT the economical two-family urmet intercom

This model is the best economical two-family urmet intercom.
It is able to transmit the signal up to 300 meters away from the external installation point and the internal positioning of the intercom.
It is a very easy to install device, even without having to contact a professional electrician, just follow the instructions.

It has a modern design with sound reproduction and very clean and efficient lighting.
It is equipped with a fuse to protect the card in the casp in which a power surge occurs; but it does not have a spare one and if it is unfortunately burned you must buy a new one.

It has a single flaw, it is not clearly indicated where you have to press to play, as it is set the design can mislead by bringing your guest to press in the center instead of to the side.
Typing in the center does not create contact and no sound is played inside your apartment.
Finally, despite not being equipped with a video surveillance system, it remains an excellent model of a medium-low price range.

Urmet 1150/302 Miro two-family intercom kit and Sinthesi S2 entrance panel

I consider this model the best two-family urmet intercom.
It is an intercom equipped with a double handset (which, however, has no intercommunication function).
Like the previous one it is very simple to install and with a signal reception width of 300 meters.
It is a built-in model with a very interesting peculiarity: it allows you to make both standard telephone calls using the telephone line, and phone calls using electric current.

The only flaw is that being a built-in model the installation is complicated on smooth surfaces.

Urmet 1122/31 domus spa – waterproof and performing 2-wire kit

Urmet two-wire interphone, is a single-family model for outdoor use with different gaskets that make it waterproof.
Compared to the 2 intercoms analyzed above, it manages to cover shorter distances up to a maximum of 110 meters, making it inconvenient for large houses that extend over several floors.
It has adjustable volume, with a button you can increase or reduce noise. At night you can set it to silent mode before going to sleep.
You can also choose between two different ring tones.
Being a product intended for single-family use, you can customize the functionalities by connecting multiple devices, for example automatic gate and electric door.
In this case, if you need a separate and independent opening, I suggest you rely on an electrician given the complexity of the intervention.
Finally, you can connect it to multiple devices, up to a maximum of four, so that you can carry out further work in the future if you want to make further changes to your intercom system in the future.

URMET 1130/1 – Unified, economical and convenient interphone

It is the best economical 4-wire urmet intercom.
It is an easy to install, economical and functional model that allows you to replace old equipment worn out over time without having to change the whole system.
Use connection numbers 6, 2, 9, 1, 7; then check before buying it if your system supports the same numbers.
It is equipped with various keys that increase functionality, you can switch on the stair light and open more locks with the current.
It is an easy-to-install interior and interior-sized door that makes it easier for elderly people to use.
Measuring 21 cm high, 8 cm wide and 2 cm deep, it requires some space for installation.
On the other hand it is very sturdy, the urmet provides the screws and the fischer to install it on the wall.
Excellent audio quality, I recommend it if you need an economic model with minimal functionality.

1130/50 – urmet domus spa intercom white s / keys

The domus spa is the best urmet intercom with 5 wires.
It is a very economical model, suitable for replacing old models on older systems that only support devices with basic functionality.
On the other hand, however, you avoid the hassle and the expense of totally repeating the impanto.
It even allows you to replace those older 10-wire models, in this case take a picture because even if the terminals are numbered the error during installation is around the corner.
It has a single button for opening the door.
It is easy to install, the wiring diagram to follow as a practice is present in the box.
If you find a low ringer volume, you can adjust it by reinstalling the intercom, some customers have found a low volume in the factory settings.
Despite the low price and the very basic features it has a very pleasant functionality, thanks to the internal buzzer you can recognize if the sound comes from the "inside of the building or from the street.
Only the white model is present.


Single-wire 2-wire urmet video door phone is easy to install and has an electrical panel inside the package.
Produces color videos and excellent quality even at night.
Connecting it to the kit you can manage the video door entry system via the app.
The kit is preset to manage two locks, you can safely install more video devices and independently control the devices if you have a house with 2 separate entrances.
Excellent audio quality, feels good even from a distance.
The only flaw is that it does not allow to act on the focus of the lens which is fixed and not adjustable.

Handsfree video door phone 3.5 ″ Urmet Miro 1750/6

This urmet video door phone is a very small model, measuring only 16 cm high, 13 cm wide and 2 cm deep.
It is a 2-line digital video door phone which has as its basic function only the internal circuit one.
However, through a kit you can integrate the external functionality by obtaining a video door phone with internal video.

Allows adjustment of call volume and choice of ring tone, silent mode included.
In addition to the door opener button it is equipped with an additional 3 buttons to allow multi-functionality.
For example, you can switch on the stair lights, communicate with the concierge and with the other condominiums.
You can mount it both on the wall and built-in, depending on your preferences.

It is a model without handset but hands-free mode, it is equipped with buttons for wireless functionality.

Great product.

Urmet UTD1150 / 1 INTERCOM, White

This urmet is a 2 wire video door phone, has 4 holes and a miniswitch to be programmed to allow the bi-directional exchange of the electronic signal.
It allows you to set the volume, the type of ringtone and adjust the video system.
In addition to the classic door opener button, it has three additional keys that can be used to switch on the staircase light, to communicate with other apartments in the condominium or with the concierge and to separately open a second lock.
It presents a technology that adapts to both new and existing systems, if not particularly old ones.
It is medium-sized, 9 cm wide, 22 cm high and 5 deep, designed for wall installation.

It is an excellent intercom with a high quality / price ratio.


This urmet video door phone has hands-free functionality and can be installed on old systems with analogue functionality.
The use of a coaxial cable allows it to support electronic calls.
A plastic bracket allows you a free installation on the wall, wall or recessed.
It has a special door opener button which is flanked by two additional keys that allow auto-insertion, so you can see the video of the video door entry unit even without having received a call.
If connected correctly you can manage multiple locks.
The 7 ″ color LCD display technology guarantees a clean and detailed video.
You can also manually change the contrast and color using the buttons on the right side of the monitor.
You are allowed to adjust the ringer volume and change the call audio thanks to two potentiometers placed in the inferiority of the monitor.

Mìro, hands-free intercom for 2Voice system

Urmet Intercom Mìro Handsfree 2Voice With Built-in 503 ...
Urmet Intercom Mìro Handsfree 2Voice With Built-in 503 …

  • Wall mounting or recessed in box 503; Door opener button; Possibility of adding keys for other functions; 2 programmable function keys
  • Voice activation button and backlit door opener button; Driveway opening; Up to 2 intercom calls; Entrance for floor call

This urmet hands-free intercom can be installed both wall and recessed using the box with code 503.
It is equipped with a sound unit that replaces the classic handset, the classic door opener button and two additional keys to carry out further tasks.
It is a very performing interphone that lights up both when you receive a call and when you press the door opener button.
It also allows you to open the external door even if automatic.
Like the previous ones, it gives you the opportunity to switch on the stair light and to communicate with the concierge.
It has a system that allows you to change the call volume, the type of ringtone and to enter the mute mode for the night.

It is the best speakerphone intercom.


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