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This is the story of how I learned to love DIY roller painting. 🙂

But let's proceed with order …

Wanting to paint the walls of a room, or even to whiten the whole house, it is necessary to prepare everything needed to plan the work in the best way.

The operating methods can be of two types; the first requires the use of the brush, the second involves the use of the roller.

Given that very often the activity of whitening the house takes place independently, it is very important to know in detail the characteristics of both opportunities.

Painting with the roller offers numerous advantages, which are:

  • the appearance of the walls appears much more homogeneous than that obtained by the use of the brush which usually leaves some traces on the wall;
  • the time of application of the paint is limited as only two passes are sufficient to obtain an excellent coverage;
  • the shape of the painting device, which provides an extensible rod ending with the roller inserted at one end, allows to get to paint high areas, such as ceilings or high walls, without being forced to use the ladder;
  • the structures with roller are very light (usually less than a kilo) and therefore can be used without particular efforts;
  • the presence of the tank inside the roller avoids dripping and splashing, helping to keep the rooms where one works clean and tidy;
  • the anti-drip device does not oblige to cover floors and furniture, with a considerable saving of time and effort.

Because it is convenient to use the roller with tank

The roller is perfect for painting large and tall walls, and it is extremely easy to use even by those who have no experience in the matter.

While painting with a brush (or flat brush) involves various movements and numerous steps to spread the paint, with the roller it is sufficient to place the device on the wall and, starting from the top down, proceed slowly and without making too much pressure.

If you choose a roller with a tank you can take advantage of the great advantage of painting the walls without getting dirty, greatly speeding up the time required to complete the job.

Moreover, the presence of the paint inside the roller prevents you from continuously immersing the brush in the color bucket, saving you time and effort.

Remember that it is advisable not to completely fill the tank, but only for 2/3, so as to allow the paint to carry out a continuous mixing process during the application of the color.

The use of these rollers also allows a considerable saving in color as only what is actually applied to the wall is consumed.

How to use the roller with tank

In order to be able to use this device correctly, it is necessary to analyze the parts of which it is made.

The basic structure includes:

  • a rod (usually extendable) in metal that ends on one side with the handle and on the other side with a "U" fold;
  • a cylinder, which is housed in the "U" and which contains the tank;
  • a sleeve that covers the cylinder.

The main difference between the different types of roll depends on the material used to make the sleeves, which can be long hair, short hair or foam rubber.

The roller with tank is characterized by numerous requirements; first of all it prevents dripping as the paint is inside (and not outside) the device.

Moreover, due to its particular conformation, it ensures a homogeneous color distribution.
Remember that the outer part of the sleeve is loaded with paint during its use, allowing it to be applied directly to the surface without any dispersion on the floor.

By sliding the roller on the wall, you must ensure that the sleeve adheres perfectly to allow the dye to be distributed in the best conditions.

Depending on the size of the tank, the amount of paint contained in it is different; it is advisable to opt for medium-sized models, which should not be recharged often and which allow to paint very large areas.

After filling the tank, you can start painting the wall, starting from the top and descending downwards, without applying too strong pressure and passing at most two times on the same point.
For finishes such as corners, parts around switches or door and window jambs, you can use the roller in a different way; in fact you must place it gently moving it very slowly, so that the sleeve is able to adhere even to areas that are difficult to treat.

Since the constituent materials of the sleeves are generally very soft, this operation is not difficult, but can also be performed by those who have no particular experience.

The measuring cup (usually supplied) allows you to perfectly calibrate the amount of paint to be inserted in the tank; remember to carefully follow the instructions for the different products you intend to use, to ensure that the result is optimal.

Best Tank Roller (Definitive Guide to Painting)

LIUMY, very easy to use

(2019 NEW) LIUMY Paint Roller Brush Set , painting roller ...
(2019 NEW) LIUMY Paint Roller Brush Set , painting roller …

  • 【Wide range of use】 The paint roller allows you to easily paint difficult corners around the switch, frame or door. It can be used with any handle to paint the ceiling.
  • 【Save time and money】 Paint walls or surfaces in minutes. No preparation required, no need for tarpaulins, no need for masking tapes.

LIUMY Paint Roller Brush by Set Set is a smart investment not only for those who enjoy DIY, but also for experts who want to complete every painting job in a workmanlike fashion.

Being able to paint your home, with your own hands and without resorting to the intervention of a professional painter, is certainly a way to save money and to have a certain personal gratification.

Unfortunately it is not as easy to imagine painting as it should be. To all this we must also add that certain jobs can be very tiring and require different groups. Problematic aspects for those who do not have much free time.

Having the need to renovate my second home on holiday and having a rather happy budget, I decided to buy LIUMY Brush Roller from Vernice Set, relying on positive reviews that praised a certain ease of use.

After several uses and different tests I can finally share my experience on the product and that has exceeded all expectations. This set, in fact, is not only very simple to use, but manages to save precious time and make every job a fun time.

Product description

LIUMY Paint Roller Brush Set includes everything you need to perform all kinds of painting. In the purchase package there is the main roller, a spare one, an extendable telescopic rod of about 50 centimeters (which is needed to reach the highest points) and a tray.

The equipment of the accessories is rather rich because it also includes a practical measuring cup and a sponge brush with a very versatile triangular shape, as it helps to refine the corners and arrives along the cavities that cannot be reached with the roller.

The set is made of sturdy blue plastic. The dimensions of the roller, equal to 20 × 10 × 31 centimeters, as well as the soft sponge coating, are specially designed to color-free any kind of material, wall, ceiling and more.

Once the purchase package is opened, we realize the first advantage, namely that we don't have to assemble anything or mount the various pieces together. The roller, which can also be used alone, is screwed onto the telescopic rod. The operation takes a moment.

Experience of use

Things to do before starting to paint are very simple. Prepare the roller, wetting it under running water and fill the integrated tank with the right amount of color (about 2/3). This phase is very important and requires some attention for the success of the final work.

On the side of the roller there is a cap that allows access to the tank, in which to transfer the water paint. I advise to make the rabocchi using the practical measuring cup, just to avoid possible color spills. This filling system is very precise and easy.

The most important aspect concerns the density of the mixture between color and water. When using water-based paint, avoid adding it to the tank which is too thick or too liquid. In the first case the smoothness of the roller is compromised and in the second case drips may occur.

Generally, by diluting the water-based paint about 30% with water, there is no problem whatsoever, and LIUMY Brush Set Roller Paint slides smoothly, also offering good coverage, rather uniform with both light and dark colors, from the first coat.

The use of the roller with the telescopic rod is very convenient, because the tool does not feel heavy on the arms and shoulders, allowing it to work quickly without effort. In some cases the rod with an extension is too short to reach certain points, especially for those who are not very tall. Problem easily overcome using a small scale.

Achieved results

I used LIUMY Pennello Rullo of Vernice Set fearing to dirty the floors and furnishing complements. For this reason I have purposely started to paint the walls of the kitchen and the corridor, environments free from furniture and objects. I did not use newspapers and towels to cover or to preserve the furniture from possible stains and splashes.

At the end of the work everything was perfectly clean. Even the less experienced can use LIUMY Paint Roller Brush Set without having to cover the entire house or wear protective suits. This set for painting allows you to work, both inside and outside the home, always in an orderly and organized way.

The roller did the job very well without releasing drops and smudges, which often happens using traditional brushes and rollers, even if they are of good quality. The surprising thing is the speed with which you can paint an entire wall. I noticed that the execution times compared to traditional systems are halved.

When the roller is placed on the surface to be painted it is essential to be determined but not to exert excessive force. You just need to gently guide the roller and let it slide on the wall. Feeling too much friction means that the mixture needs to be diluted, so you have to reopen the tank (which I advise never to fill to the maximum) and add a little water.

Once you are familiar with the smoothness of the roller and gain more confidence with the movements, LIUMY Paint Roller Brush Set also becomes very pleasant to use, because it simplifies every job. There is no feeling of fatigue on the wrist that often happens using the classic flat brush.

In this regard the painting of the wooden fence, which I imagined as a stressful and repetitive job, proved to be not at all demanding. Continuing with the execution I noticed homogeneous results, devoid of brushstrokes and finally without continuously having to dip the roller in the color.

A separate note goes to the very useful corner brush, really indispensable for finishing and retouching quickly, even in a rather precise manner. This brush offers satisfying results along the line where the walls meet. Moreover, without having to use the paper tape, he manages to outline the switch sockets in a very defined way, without forcing the plates to be removed.

The triangular brush was also of great help when painting an old wooden bench. The tip of this brush was able to fully reach the various inlays on the lid, which would have been very complicated to touch up with a normal brush.

Overall, the results obtained are similar to those that I would have obtained by calling a painter, with the great advantage of having saved considerably not only in economic terms, but also in terms of time. At the end of the work the set can be washed under running water to be reused several times.

Final judgment

LIUMY Paint Roller Brush Set makes any painting job very easy and fast. It allows to obtain results like the professional ones, without effort, with a significant saving of time and money. Considering also the good value for money I can only recommend this product.

Painting roller with professional tank, hongdao Set of ...
Painting roller with professional tank, hongdao Set of …

  • (Great quality): High quality material, more resistant than common rollers, improved handle weight, it is unlikely to break or break. We have heard the opinion of the owners of other rollers to paint to improve the thickness of the sponge and remove hair from the brush. The thickness of the brush increases and the strength improves, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of hair loss by the product.
  • (High efficiency): Note: The use of oil-based enamels or paints is prohibited. No dripping, no risk of soiling, it contains much more paint than common paint rollers. Painting will be much more relaxing as you will not have to continuously immerse the roller in the paint.

Professional set of Hongdao anti-drip rollers with tank and whitewashing is no longer a problem.

My boyfriend and I decided to go live and so we bought an apartment. We started working recently so our budget is very limited and in order not to make the loan we have taken on for the next 30 years even more expensive, we have rolled up our sleeves to personalize and make our nest cozy on our own.

I state that neither my boyfriend nor I have ever been do-it-yourselfers, he is a programmer and I am a language teacher, but as the saying goes, sometimes we need to do virtue.

The most urgent intervention to make, to make the house habitable, was to repaint the walls.

During our single life we ​​both had experience with painters who, in addition to representing a real drain and having been a source of stress on the verge of nervous breakdown, had not fully met our expectations of work execution and of cleaning.

So we said to ourselves: why not try to paint the walls again?
Having said that, the first step was to go to the DIY store near our home to supply us with everything we needed. Brushes, colors, white spirit, towels to protect the floors, paper tape for the contours of doors and windows, skirting boards, doors and power sockets …

We sincerely spent more than we had budgeted but we were heartened by thinking that we would have saved on labor.

So we set to work after covering the floors with the sheets and the newspapers, because the sheets were not enough, and having put paper tape to protect every element at risk of soiling. We have already lost more than two hours. But the worst was yet to come.

Painting was a disaster. Painting dripped from the brush, especially when we tried to paint the ceiling. Even a drop of paint fell into my eye, I thought I had to go to the emergency room. With the windows open, to ventilate the room and above all not to die intoxicated, the air moved the newspapers so we soiled the floor. Making the corners was almost impossible; secondly the color was not spread evenly, in some places the layer of paint was too thick in others the banners were visible.

They look at the wall up close, you could also see the hairs on the brush that were stuck there. A truly horrible sight. My boyfriend's tennis elbow has come to continuously dip the brush into the jar.
We threw away money, time, patience and we were more heavily discouraged.

We even fought in frustration and if it was for my future husband, we would have given up all our good intentions. I, on the other hand, am a stubborn and I decided not to give up the towel.

I have access to the computer and have begun to do a search on Google. Tint the DIY house.

Among the babel of links that appeared on my screen, I noticed that a product that was said to be innovative to repaint in a professional and economical way.

So with the heart throbbing I clicked. The article was for sale on Amazon, a site on which I usually buy because it stands out for its seriousness and the wide variety of products offered.

It was the Hongda set that includes a drip-proof main roller with a paint tank, a spare auxiliary roller, a measuring cup to fill the tank, a triangular brush for the corners and a support and cleaning tray. All this at an absolutely appealing price of just over 20 euros. We had spent twice as much on a single medium-sized brush.

I immediately called my boyfriend who was skeptical, as was his habit. Usual rip-off gadgets, pure mirrors for larks. Then we read the features and instructions of the product together.
The use was very simple. Just fill the role tank with the corresponding measuring cup and you're done. No need for newspapers and tape because it doesn't drip.

Feedback was also more than positive. I decided to buy it, against my boyfriend's advice, so we made a bet: if the roller worked it would have to wash the dishes for a whole month (which he hates to do).

In a few days the courier delivered the package to me. I do not deny that my heart was pounding as I was about to open it. There, perhaps, the solution to my problem was contained … I finally wanted to be able to live in my new home with the person I love.

In the package I found everything that was included in the set and every product was in perfect condition. Otherwise I could have used the 30 days of withdrawal.

I immediately set to work, without waiting for Paolo. I filled the tank with the measuring cup, up to 3/4 as the instructions advise and I "rolled" on the tray until the roller was sprayed with paint. I went very cautious and preferred to put some newspaper but I immediately saw that it wasn't dripping. It was fun, he did the role by distributing the color evenly.

In less than half an hour I had painted an entire wall.
I placed the roller on the tray and started to look at my work of art.

No banners and they would have looked good since I had painted the wall of indigo. No unsightly brush hair. No power sockets or dirty jambs. No drops on the floor or in the eyes. And the corners? What satisfaction: perfect! I also immediately noticed how little color I had to use compared to when I used the brush. Really quite a saving. While I was pleased with myself, my boyfriend arrived.

He immediately asked me who I had called to repaint the wall. I explained to him that I had done everything myself with the new roller. Then Paolo wore the clothes of 007, inspected the article, looked at my hands, scrutinized the wall and ruled that he didn't believe it until he tried it. I put the roller in his hand and told him that it wasn't necessary to put on work clothes because he wouldn't get dirty. Strangely, he accepted the challenge.

In less than 20 minutes he repainted the other wall and he took so much taste that he cleaned the tank with great ease, changed the roller and started to repaint the ceiling with the white tint.

He stopped just to tell me that he was happy to have lost the bet.
Given the amazing result we immediately bought another Hongda set.
In a few weeks we have painted our home, all by ourselves and with great satisfaction.

We have saved time, money and anger. Every wall of our apartment is perfectly painted and exactly the colors we wanted. No professional painter could have made us so happy.

When our relatives and friends started visiting us and we were complimented by the color of our walls, we revealed our secret. So they too now use the dripless roller with tank. My 13-year-old nephew painted the dorm by himself thanks to this innovative product, much to his parents' surprise.

I recommend everyone to buy this set because it becomes a real pleasure to refresh the walls of your home.
You will feel proud of yourself and, at the same time, you will save. Easy to buy and very easy to use.

Don't be as skeptical as Paolo, try and if the product doesn't satisfy you you can always exercise the right of withdrawal.

Liumy anti roll paint brush

(2019 NEW) Seamless Roller for Painting Pro with Tank ...
(2019 NEW) Seamless Roller for Painting Pro with Tank …

  • 【Note】 Water: Paint ≈ 1:10. The package includes: 1 * main roller 1 * secondary roller ; 1 * triangular brush ; 1 * measuring cup ; 1 * tray ; 1 * replacement of the roller brush ; 3 * aluminum poles ; 1 * instructions
  • Decorate your home is easier with this set of rollers. Even your child and the elderly can handle it!

Liumy drip roller brush is the best to paint any surface without problems.

Painting the walls at home is always an opportunity to renovate rooms without spending too much, perhaps completely changing the look of the room, even in anticipation of a new decor.

Personally, for the living area, I prefer total white rooms as I like hanging hanging paintings and posters that stand out better on white.

Instead in the bedrooms I prefer to opt for colored shades, not too strong, which make the atmosphere more intimate; in fact, if white is a rather cold color / non-color, the multicolored colors allow me to personalize the rooms in an optimal manner.

I usually proceed to paint the walls independently, both because it relaxes me a lot to perform these operations, and to save on labor, spending more on the purchase of paints, which I try to choose from those of better quality.

The problems I have to face are numerous, namely:

  • the need to have adequate equipment available, consisting of spatulas, brushes and rags to cover the furniture with many plastic sheets to protect the floor;
  • having to pile the furniture in the middle of the room to leave ample room for maneuver and above all for moving the ladder;
  • set all the subsequent phases necessary for the success of the work: surface polishing, possible filling of holes through the application of masonry putty, elimination of traces of mold or humidity;
  • do the necessary tests to test the color of the paint once it is spread (the color tone is in fact often decidedly different from that of the packaged product);
  • design any special effects enriching the surfaces to be painted with special textures, such as drawings or even optical illusions.

The most important aspect that I find myself facing is that of the equipment needed to face the job: brushes, flat brushes and rollers.
I always try to opt for good quality products, characterized by a medium to high quality / price ratio, to avoid unpleasant incidents during work.

I must say that, since using Liumy, an anti-drip roller brush. the painting procedure of the walls has become extremely simple, fast and above all perfect

Being equipped with a practical kit of six rolls, the product makes a wide range of use possible, coming to paint with great ease even the most critical points, such as the area around the switches, door frames and small corners dimensions especially on the ceiling.

One of the greatest advantages offered by Liumy is that it does not require any preparation of the room; in fact its precious characteristic of not losing drops during use does not oblige me to spread sheets on the floor or even on the furniture.

An operation that I find decidedly annoying, especially as it is very long, is to fix the masking tapes to protect the areas at risk of dripping; since I use this roller brush I no longer need to do anything and I can proceed directly to painting with a considerable saving of time and effort.

The extreme practicality of this device allows to paint the walls in a short time, perhaps taking advantage of the lunch break, to then finish the work in the evening, after a few hours of rest; in fact, with only two coats of paint the rooms take on a perfect appearance, as if they had been treated with a professional procedure.

Liumy features

Liuny comes in a package containing various accessories, which are:

  • a main roller for painting;
  • a kit of six accessory rollers;
  • an extendable pole of about fifty centimeters;
  • a triangular brush;
  • a measuring cup;
  • a roller brush;
  • a practical tray.

The constituent material is plastic (in compliance with the regulations) and sponge; the dimensions are 33x23x10 centimeters, taking into account that the rod can be extended according to specific needs and can be modified by a simple screwing through a safety sleeve that ensures maximum stability of use.

The main roller is inserted on the rod through a very practical and at the same time extremely safe housing system, which allows it to be used without problems even for a long time.

The extendable rod allows you to adjust its dimensions through a rotation mechanism which must then be fixed using the special plastic sleeve positioned halfway along its length.

Once the length of the rod is decided (which allows you to easily reach even the highest ceilings), the sleeve is locked and you can start painting the rooms.

The triangular brush is widely used to reach all the corners of the walls, especially near window and door frames, where the maneuvering spaces are very limited; this device is an ideal support for finishing touches.

The measuring cup is very useful to measure adequately the products you want to use; it is often necessary to mix different colors, perhaps to paint small surfaces and complete the overall painting in this way.

The roller brush is an accessory that is not always found in painting kits and that offers considerable functional performance, which I believe is essential for creating an almost professional work.

The practical tray can be of great help when moving from one side to the other of the room, since it is able to easily contain all the accessories useful for the various operations.

On the extendable bar it is possible to insert the roller which is then housed in a special structure equipped with an extremely safe locking mechanism; the cylinder, made of very resistant plastic material, is covered with a soft sponge sleeve.

Inside the roller is contained the tank which ensures the color is spread evenly, avoiding the risk of splashes or drips; this tank must be filled for 2/3 of the total volume to allow the dye to mix continuously during the laying operations.

Benefits of using Liumy

The main advantage deriving from the use of Liumy is that related to the perfect homogeneity of the painted wall, which depends on its patented gradual color release mechanism.

Ideal on large flat surfaces, this device is extremely valid even on the most difficult to reach areas, such as wall areas around door or window jambs and at corner level.

An advantage that I personally consider to be fundamental is represented by the fact that Liumy allows me to paint high parts of the rooms, such as ceilings and high areas of the walls, without having to use the staircase, avoiding dangers of falls but above all allowing a greater availability of space in the environment .

In this way, in fact, the room for maneuver becomes very wide and the effort to move heavy and bulky tools is canceled; with a single device it is therefore possible to treat all parts of the room.

The rotating movement of the roller, to be performed from the top downwards and which I repeat at most twice on each wall, allows me to obtain optimal results in a short time and with a minimum effort.

A not inconsiderable advantage of Liumy is that of the excellent quality of the materials with which it is made; this requirement offers a further guarantee of safety and employment; the sponge of the roller is anti-drop, a feature that allows me to work in a clean environment even without having previously been papered with newspapers and fixing tape.

This product is particularly light; it weighs less than a kilo; therefore its use, even for many hours, does not tire the muscles of the arms or even of the back.
Grazie alla sua impugnatura maneggevole e pratica, non sussistono problemi di affaticamento a livello di mani e polsi.

Ultimo, ma non per questo meno importante, vantaggio di questo prodotto è rappresentato dal prezzo estremamente conveniente, soprattutto se rapportato alle numerose prestazioni offerte.
Il suo rapporto qualità/prezzo si conferma eccellente, collocando Liumy in una fascia economica, ma di ottimo livello sia per quanto riguarda i materiali che le prestazioni.


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