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Hi, I'm Gabriele 🙂

In today's article I will give you a brief guide on the 5 best H7 lamps to help you consciously choose the most suitable accessory for your machine 🚗.

Assuming that the H7 is one special light bulb, usable when your car is equipped with a single filament.

It presents a difficulty: it is difficult to change but, as brightness is the best of all the other types of light bulbs on the market.

In reality it is difficult to change only if you do not know how to do it, with this bignami you will have at your disposal all the information necessary to avoid mistakes, you can feel comfortable.

You are ready to meet the 5 best H7 lamps of 2019? I will analyze the strengths and weaknesses in detail.

Keep reading.

What is the best H7 lamp?

1 KOYOSO 1000 LM – The favorite of motorists


H7 LED Bulbs 10000LM, Replacement Lamp Kit for Halogen ...
H7 LED Bulbs 10000LM, Replacement Lamp Kit for Halogen …

  • 【HIGH BRIGHTNESS 7 H7 LED bulbs are made with high quality CSP chips, their lifetime is over 30,000 hours. Much brighter than conventional halogen bulbs, they produce up to 5000 Lumens per bulb (10000LM / Pair) and in addition the light is ice white like Xenon lights (6000k). Waterproof IP68, suitable for conditions of -40 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃
  • 【REMOVABLE ALUMINUM ADAPTER】 LED H7 are equipped with a removable metal ring adjustable at will, both lenticular and parabolic type. The light bulb inside the ring can be rotated 360 degrees, to ensure vertical positioning on the car.NOTE: These LED bulbs do not include Canbus resistors, for flickering or errors on the dashboard, you must purchase the canbus decoder separately.

Usually the best is said to last, but today I want to pull out the heavy artillery immediately.

There Koyoso 1000 LM motorists consider the best H7 bulb.
Provides performance that other light bulbs dream of.

First of all it is a LED bulb with 12-24 volt voltage.

Secondly, but not least, it is homologated with dazzling and anti-glare functionality, it provides white lights.

Each H7 bulb can produce up to 5000 lumens, almost almost 30% more than the average, of only 3600 lumens.
It has a very high autonomy well over 30000 hours (about 3 and a half years if you kept it on 24 hours a day) thanks to a special high-tech CSP chip.

They are equipped with the EMC system, which makes the K7 H7 bulbs immune to any interference from your machine, such as the stereo.

They do not suffer from overheating, when the light bulb heats up, a special performing and silent cooling fan takes action to protect the functionalist from stressing the accessory. This means a long-term guarantee against possible deterioration.
It is also equipped with a 360 ° adjustable metal reinforcement ring that can be removed to remove it or change its position depending on your needs.

Despite the very high performance it shows a standard size, just like the other common LED bulbs.

You don't have to worry about making changes to your car to mount them.

From this point of view, Koyoso has decided to invest an important amount in research and development to guarantee top performance without sacrificing comfort.

The only defect, always if it can be considered a defect, is that the canbus resistors are not included in the package but must be purchased separately.
The H7 lamp is perfectly impermeable, in fact it resists very roigid climates with temperatures below -40 ° C and above 150 ° C, you can use it in the driest deserts during safaris and in your mountain climbs during the winter holidays without running the risk of remaining in the dark and don't see the road.

As you well know the quality you pay for, being among the most performing in its category, has a high-end price, if you need high performance or if you like having maximum comfort this is the H7 bulb for you.

Make sure your machine is compatible, so you can light your way.

2. Philips 12972XV + S2 X-treme Vision – Best value for money

H7 bulbs Philips 12972XV + S2 X-treme Vision despite not having the best balance between quality and price <strong> are preferred by European consumers. Can not miss in the ranking of the 5 best H7 lamps.

They are very bright, about 130% more than the average.
They can light up to 130 meters, making the road visible up to 45 meters.

These high performance allow you to speed up your reaction time up to 2 seconds. This means being able to press the brake in time to avoid the crash, even just a moment can make a difference and save a life and prevent an accident.
Your vehicle will be able to stop much earlier, consider that traveling at 50 kmh in two seconds you travel 28 meters.

These H7 lamps are made of a quartz glass with protection against ultraviolet rays.
It is a hard glass that resists temperature changes, it can withstand both very hot climates and degrees below 0. It therefore allows you to drive in all weather conditions.
They are very interesting for those who travel many kilometers for work and for those who love to make trips and excursions during the weekends, in the winter holidays and in the summer holidays.
They are lamps that withstand high vibrations, as indicated in the EC type-approval and are made with resistant materials.

The tests have shown that they allow you to drive safely and with maximum comfort, without straining your eyes or weighing you down.
They are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000, which are valid throughout the European Union.

I think they are very powerful and durable, they ensure safe driving and have a high autonomy.
The Philips brand is one of the most famous in the world, the price includes the authoritativeness of the brand which customers show is highly appreciated.
Do you know the Philips brand? Here is the reason.

3. Philips Racing Vision lamps – the best with OE quality

The H7 Philips Racing Vision halogen bulbs are the best performing for this category.
As with the previous ones they boast the strength of the Philips brand and in addition provide a brightness of 150% higher than the standard.
I give it to you as one of the best H7 lamps of 2019, ideal for those who travel a lot during the night or who often cross country roads.
However, defining them as optimal only for these characteristics is reductive.

They are made of a very resistant quartz glass, they resist in an extraordinary way at all temperatures: warm summers, cold winters, considerable temperature changes and important vibrations.

They are in fact provided with OE quality certification, Original Equipment Quality, are created by the manufacturer only with original parts.
Made to have multi-year autonomy, several customers claim not to remember the last time they replaced them.
On the other hand, the top brand has excellent performance.

They also possess a very particular characteristic, they are equipped with dazzling and glare-free functionality with homologation that guarantees the best levels of safety, those of the ECE.
When tested, the technicians decided to provide the best ISO and QSO certifications, respectively ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000.

**They are designed to make driving safe and allow drivers to drive several hundred kilometers with complete peace of mind, even in the dark. **
Eyes always shiny and such brightness to prevent you from being hit by sleep, falling asleep in the car and crashing.
They provide good visibility even in unfavorable weather conditions, severe thunderstorms and mists will not prevent you from arriving at your destination, or having to stop while driving.

The gas inserted inside the H7 lamps reaches 13 bar, high pressure and well-made quartz glass, with protection against ultraviolet rays, allows you to always drive under a very white and intense light.
You will only go to sleep, eat or for physical needs, not because you can't see the road.

On the other hand, the Philips H7 Racing Vision H7 lamps, even the H4s although in smaller sizes, allow you to be able to drive with maximum visibility in any type of road, rain, snow and fog.
From the moment of installation you will find a noticeable difference between the old and new headlights.
Since I use these I have no intention of trying other models.

4. Osram Cool Blue – For lovers of the xenon effect

I consider the H7 halogen lamps by Osram Cool Blue the best economic lamps for this category.
They are the best solution when you find yourself out of the blue with the headlight off, or if you are a consumer who is very attentive to household expenses.
Provide a clear light with blue tendency and xenon effect.
They are ideal if you do not need special needs: do a few km and use the car practically only in the city and do not face long night journeys.

They own one very high quality / price ratio, provide a superior light compared to many other brands, even more quoted.
Compared to the previous model, they can produce a 20% higher brightness thanks to a higher color temperature.

They are able to generate a very non-existent contrasting effect, recalling the lighting of the sun they do not weigh down your sight and allow you to drive in a serene way.

They have a particular design, out of the ordinary, nice but functional.
Despite the very cheap price they have complied with the minimum standards set by law and have been found to be eligible for ECE approval.
Several international car manufacturers supply their cars with these supplied H7 lamps.

Although they are particularly cheap, they provide respectable services, they are easy to assemble and have good autonomy.
Considering the quality of the services offered, the guarantees of the brand are among the most used used by consumers, particularly *if you do not have special needs, or if you use your car little.*

I don't recommend them if you need high-performance light bulbs, if you travel a lot for work, or if you use cars at night on damp roads where fog is frequent, or on areas where thunderstorms or snowfalls that reduce visibility are all 'agenda.

Don't expect performance like those of the previous model.
Do you need a simple model or a standard model? Have no doubts, choose this model and be on the safe side.
Little expense and excellent results.

5. LTPAG – Extreme brightness


H7 LED bulb, CSP 72W 12000 LM High beam lights or ...
H7 LED bulb, CSP 72W 12000 LM High beam lights or …

  • 【High brightness】 – LTPAG Built with high quality seoul CSP LED (exclusive smd technology – 5-sided emission), luminous flux up to 6000lm / bulb, which produces xenon-like light white, + 230% more brightness than bulbs halogen, energy saving, high luminous efficiency, 60% more light concentrated than COB, providing the best driving visibility during the night, make adjustments to obtain a perfect beam on the road.
  • 【Small volume】 – Can be sealed directly inside the assembly, 360 ° light adjustment with adjustable and removable adapter, to ensure vertical positioning on the car, Easy installation, All in One Design, just plug & play. The car's original dust cover does not need to open the hole, truly leak-free installation (usually takes less than 10 minutes to install).

The H7 lamps of the LTPAG should rank separately, I have never had the need to use them since I use my machine.

They are able to provide you with extreme brightness, make the others ashamed, they are the BEST H7 LAMPS OF 2019.

They allow you to obtain a stellar luminosity, they have a power much greater than all the others, as much as 230% over the average; 35% more than the excellent Philips Racing Vision lamps I personally use.

They are equipped with a double function both dazzling and anti-glare, they provide white light with xenon effect.
They are lamps that emit light from 5 sides, are equipped with CSP LEDs, as you can see from the photo, which allows you to dissipate the heat and generate a very high quality light.

It produces a flow of 6,000 lumens per bulb that is usually used in schools or hospitals. They last very long, have an average life of over 50,000 hours.

These bulbs have a system of very innovative safety, in case of overheating two fans are activated that allow a rapid dispersion of heat.

They are very easy to install lamps, you can do it independently in about 10 minutes, as you can see from the reviews too.

Provided with Canbus, they cancel 95% of car errors, you can use it very easily due to the climatic conditions most often: from hot torrid and sultry to icy cold, passing through desert temperature excursions with earthquake vibrations>.

I realize that they are strong examples, but they turned out to be the best solution for those who need to drive on roads where the weather conditions are very bad: strong storms with gusts of wind, even storms, snow bombs, thick fog, particularly smog intense.

They are built with the most resistant quartz glass, so they can withstand all weather conditions. The tests turned out to be the best lamps for those who need very high performance, safe in every case and with energy savings included.

Do you need high brightness and strong resistance?
LTPAGs are the right H7s for you. They are the iPhone of H7 lamps, the best ever, they are the most used by emergency vehicles that act in critical conditions.

You need it? You just have to try them … What types of car bulbs exist? You can currently find three types of lamps for your car on the market.

Now I describe them to give you the opportunity to assess the model that best suits your needs, needs and tastes independently and with the utmost serenity and awareness.

Choose the one you prefer. Halogen lamp Halogen bulbs are the classic headlights, the standard ones.

They work with incandescence, inside the bulb have been inserted some substances that allow to produce a greater brightness and increase the useful average life.

The most widespread are those with the initials H7.

They are able to provide you with good performance, on average they consume 55 watts, emit 1,500 lumens, produce a color temperature of 3200 kelvin and have an average autonomy of 500 hours. Xenon lamps They are light source lamps that produce xenon effect.

Compared to halogen headlights they produce a brightness of 3200 lumens, a color temperature of 4,200 kelvins, but they consume only 35 watts and have a very long life.

If you use this model, it often happens that you change the car of the light bulb first, if you pass me the line they are the favorite of Methuselah.
They produce a white light tending to blue, usually only the favorites of motorists who pay much attention to style and use an aesthetically striking machine. Most halogen and LED lamps have the xenon effect and reproduce a light with these characteristics. LED lamps Finally we move on to LED lights, those that illuminate the street through light-emitting diodes. Usually several LEDs are needed so that an effective brightness can be generated.

They are bulbs that are not subject to overheating, but what gets hot is the back of the lamp, the part of the controls.

They must be cooled by fans or radiators. They are able to generate a light very similar to the solar one, with color temperatures of about 5500 kelvin.

This means guaranteeing you maximum visibility and top-level safety conditions.

These bulbs have an average autonomy of 10,000 hours, often they use a single pair, considering the low energy consumption it can be said that it burns out their car first. Before changing the old H7 bulb with the new one always evaluate the bulb size, it must be compatible with the model of your car.

The most common are those of size H7, H4 or H1, but some cars have different models, you check well first so you avoid making returns and wasting time to have to replace them.

Find the reference model on the metal part of the bulb. The color temperature can vary, you will find lighthouses with very white light and kelvins between 4,000 and 5,000, light tending to yellow with a temperature of 3,000 kelvins, the most powerful models of 12,000 kelvin are purple; while those from 10000 are green and those from 8000 kelvin blue.

Always remember that as your brightness increases, your security increases, however if you use the car only in the city you can also choose models that are not very bright. Now you have enough information to choose the best H7 lamp in line with your needs.

Always remember to check the compatibility of the model with the size H7, regardless of your choice I'm sure you will go to buy a model that guarantees maximum functionality. I hope I have been of help, I wish you a good continuation on the site.

Best wishes,

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