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Do you want to finally solve your fungal problem?

There mycosis to nails, also called onychomycosis, is an infection caused by pathogenic fungi called miceti.

There are over 45,000 types of fungi.

Only a small part, about a hundred, are dangerous to humans.

To cure the infection and avoid theonycholysis, the detachment with the total loss of the nail, all dermatologists recommend to resort to drugs.

You want to know what is the best nail fungus product?

Keep reading.

What is the best nail fungus product?

Simon & Tom Yoffee Clear – The best for nails


Simon & Tom Yoffee Clear - Fungal Treatment and ...
Simon & Tom Yoffee Clear – Fungal Treatment and …

  • Antifungal solution intended for the effective improvement of the yellow or flaked nail
  • It effectively repairs the nails with the first visible results in 2 – 4 weeks. Helps prevent the appearance and spread of the problem on other nails.

I consider Simon & Tom Yoffee Clear the best product for the treatment of mycosis to toenails of 2019.
It is one of the best antifungal drugs, it will allow you to treat your nails by removing the fungus.

It is very effective because it combines the active ingredient of the various ingredients:

  • Argan oil, Tea tree and carnation.
  • Rosemary and pomegranate extracts.

The mixture generated causes such a habit, in the treatment area, to prevent the survival and reappearance of the fungus; effectively removing mycosis to nails.

You will begin to see the first improvements after about 15 days or a month.
You will be able to get a complete cure in 1-6 months, depending on the severity of the problem.

This product eliminates the bad smell, and penetrating deeply allows the nail to regenerate its natural color.
Moreover, in the short term, it masks the color of the nail, solving aesthetic problems.

As for the treatment, first of all you have to wash and dry your nails well.
Then pour 2-3 drops of the product into the center of the nail using the appropriate dropper and spread the entire surface over the brush; finally lets absorb the liquid.
For an effective anti-fungal action repeat the operation 3 times a day.
Allow a few hours between one treatment and another for adequate absorption.
Unfortunately it cannot be used on enamel, it could act as a screen and prevent beneficial substances from reaching the depth.

It is a vegan product, biologically tested, and suitable for diabetics.

To increase its beneficial effects, it should be accompanied by the Yoffee antibacterial bubble bath


Yoffee - Antibacterial Shower Gel for Body and Feet, prevents and ...
Yoffee – Antibacterial Shower Gel for Body and Feet, prevents and …

  • Antibacterial gel: acts against bacteria and fights them effectively, preventing their return, thanks to tea tree oil, castor oil and eucalyptus oil.
  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin: ideal for irritated skin, swelling or itching. Moisturizes and softens thanks to coconut oil and jojoba.

To recap

  • Best product for nail fungus in 2019
  • 100% natural product, it is composed of Argan oil, Tea tree, cloves and other natural extracts
  • The first results can be seen after about 2-4 weeks
  • It resists fungal infections and helps prevent the appearance of other fungi and diseases
  • It cannot be applied to the enamel
  • Biologically tested, as certified by Ecocert
  • Usable by those suffering from diabetes
  • Vegan medication

Belle Azul Dr. Nails – Totally natural


Belle Azul Dr. Nails - Natural anti-fungal formula, ...
Belle Azul Dr. Nails – Natural anti-fungal formula, …

  • Anti-fungal solution against nail fungus, rich in ORGANIC Argan Oil (ECOCERT certified), Tea Tree Oil, Cloves, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Pomegranate
  • Effective in repairing discolored and problematic nails. Protects, nourishes and stimulates growth

Belle Azul Dr. Nails is free of chemical elements, is totally composed of natural ingredients and vagaries.

It is a bottle that solves the problems of onychomycosis, it is paraben free.
It consists of organic Argan oil, aloe vera, Tea tree, eucalyptus and cloves; and with extracts of rosemary and pomegranate.
Vegan product, has not been tested on animals, impeccably cures nail fungus.

It is characterized by an ultra-rapid absorption, after a few seconds no product residues remain in the nail.
Leaves no traces on socks and shoes.
It protects, nourishes and stimulates healthy nail growth, restoring its natural appearance.
Effective action in 2-4 weeks.

Before applying, wash and dry the foot well, then smooth it with the special blade to allow the drops to enter in depth, disinfecting them from the root of the nail, then leave to act.
Basically the operation must be performed 3 times a day.
However, being an extremely strong product, I advise you to evaluate how your body reacts.

At the time of its application you will find an immediate nail clearing and the production of a white foam sign which is having an effect on the infection.

It has a dropper and not a small brush, on the one hand it is less practical; however, on the other hand you do not run the risk of contacting other healthy nails.

To recap

  • Excellent product, among the best of 2019 for the treatment of mycosis with nails
  • Rich in organic Argan oil, tea tree, aloe vera, eucalyptus, cloves and with rosemary and pomegranate extracts
  • It has not been tested on animals, it is 100% natural and paraben free
  • Ultra-rapid absorption does not stain stockings or shoes
  • Results can be found after 2-4 weeks
  • The package includes a dropper and a file to smooth the nail and make the drug work from the root of the nail
  • Provided with Ecocert certification

Scholl – Maximum reliability

Manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare, owner of the Scholl brand, a leader in the field of foot medicine.
It produces a disinfectant action based on urea, citric acid and isopropyl alcohol.
It allows you to restore the natural color to the nails, solving the problems of yellow nails, fragile, rough to the touch and stained by white patches.

Before treatment smooth the nail horizontally to open the way to the drug and make it work from the root preventing its proliferation.
The package includes 5 files.

The treatment involves the direct application on the infected nail with a frequency of once a day for at least 3 weeks, until complete recovery.

It is particularly suitable for mycoses that do not deteriorate the nail seriously.

The treatment involves two phases:

  1. In the first 4 weeks to eradicate the infection, killing the nail fungus.
  2. For preventive purposes from 9 to 12 months. Protects against relapses and reduces infection to other nails.
    Over time, the nail regains its natural color without showing signs of injury.

To recap

  • Produced by Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare, the School brand is the industry leader.
  • It takes effect from the first days
  • Product based on urea, citric acid and isopropyl alcohol
  • Avoid relapses and with preventive effect
  • 5 files are included in the pack to smooth the nail before treatment
  • Very simple application

Dermovitamina Micoblock Nail Solution – The cheapest

Dermovitamina Micoblock is used both as a prevention and to cure onychomycosis, fragility, yellowing, weakening and deformation of the nails.
When they become weak they become subject to the attack of fungi and bacteria and go to contract the onychomycosis.

The components are ideal for destroying the natural habitat of mycetes, to protect the keratin of nails from pathogenic events and external aggressions.

For each pack, 400 applications are guaranteed, enough to carry out the treatment for about a month.

The drug, being dermatologically tested, should not cause any type of allergy, but I do not recommend using it if you are sensitive to one of the components.
If you experience redness or skin irritation, stop the treatment immediately and contact your GP.

It is not a very aggressive drug, it resolves mainly problems of yellow nails, weakened nails and mycosis principles; may not get you the desired results for late-stage fungi and mycosis.
It is the best product for nail fungus of 2019.


  • Best economic solution of 2019 for nail fungus infections
  • Designed to fight fungus, fall and get damaged nails
  • Cures and prevents onychomycosis
  • Tangible results after a week
  • Guaranteed 400 applications per pack
  • Dermatologically tested product

Y.F.M – The most moisturizing

Y.F.M. It is an antimiotic drug with a very interesting feature: in addition to providing an effective cure for nail fungus, it also hydrates the surrounding skin.
It protects the nail from the proliferation of fungi and eliminates the fungus.

It turns out to be very comfortable because the skin succeeds and absorbs it in seconds.
The package comes with a small brush and allows you to use it very easily and quickly.
This means being able to disinfect the entire nail, even reaching the edges with ease.
In addition to the moisturizing factor I could smell good, similar to that of creams.
Thanks to this feature, it is like using multiple products at the same time.
To avoid wasting part of the content I suggest you rotate the pen and draw a circle.
The liquid is not poured immediately on the nail but it takes a few seconds to get to the brush.

It should be applied 3 times a day, every day until complete recovery.

What are the main causes of nail fungus?

Mycosis is caused by mycetes that initially engulf the nail, subsequently causing more serious consequences, in addition to pain lead to the fall or untangling of the nail.
What are the main causes of nail fungus?

  1. Sweat
    With perspiration, it creates an ideal habitat for the proliferation of germs and bacteria that feed on fungi.
    The feet being always wearers of socks and shoes are subject to a high sweating; much higher than that of the hands
  2. Tight shoes
    Wearing very tight shoes favors the proliferation of fungi.
    This happens because they prevent the foot from breathing and promote sweating.
    The problem is accentuated when you wear shoes for many hours in a row.
  3. Excessive use of enamels
    Fungal infections are more common in women than in men.
    This happens because women use nail polish, permanent, semi-permanent and gel much more frequently.

4.Public places
The public places, mainly changing rooms, gyms and swimming pools due to a not optimal hygienic condition are rich in fungi and various microbes.
Furthermore, by sharing workstations and tools it is very easy to spread the fungus favoring the infection.

Risk factors for mycosis

As written above you have to be very careful in damp places because they favor the proliferation of fungi.
They exist though risk factors for mycosis of physiological and pathological nature that favor the spread of the fungus:

  • Athlete's foot. Being caused by a fungus that proliferates in warm humid environments, it also favors the proliferation of mycosis.
  • Psoriasis, 90% of psoriasis sufferers will also suffer from mycosis. Immunosuppressive drugs and the disease itself promote its spread.
    At the first symptom of psoriasis to the nails you run to the doctor.
  • Immune system weakened by drugs or dysfunctions. The body cannot defend itself in an optimal way.
    For this reason, the elderly are much more prone to fungal infections than young people.
    – The alteration of the bacterial flora and the circulation problems and predispose our body to suffer from onychomycosis.
    -Diabetes. Diabetic patients, due to the high amount of glucose in the blood, are very prone to mycoses because they promote the proliferation of pathogens.

How to prevent nail fungus?

By adopting some precautions, however, it is possible to avoid coming into contact with the fungus and limiting its spread.
** How to prevent nail fungus? **

First of all, high personal hygiene is required.
The nails must always be kept short and above all clean.
In doing so the fungus will not have the optimal conditions to proliferate.

Since sweating favors their development, I suggest you change your stockings at least twice a day.
Especially in the summer where the foot is much more sweaty due to the heat.

If you are an athlete I suggest you take off your shoes at the end of the workouts.
Warm, damp and dark environments are ideal terrain for the fungus.
When you put stockings in the washing machine, set your downturns at least 50 degrees.
Wash your shoes frequently, especially if you are prone to sweating in your feet.

When you cut and clean your nails, avoid tearing the cuticles.
In case of leakage of blood an infection can occur and favor the development of a nail fungus.

To avoid being teased or contacting other people, avoid walking barefoot in the pool and in the gym.

Always wipe your fingers and especially your feet well.
After being washed make sure not to leave your fingers wet.
Mycosis is contagious, and you could favor its spread.

Avoid exchanging socks, shoes and towels with people you don't know and those with fungal infections.
The infection is very rapid and can be transferred from the toenails to the hands and vice versa.

Does bleach for onychomycosis work?

Although bleach has poricidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties and is used as a disinfectant, there are no studies showing the efficacy of bleach towards fungal infections.

It is commonly known as a "grandmother's" remedy, but there are no data to confirm the theory.
If there is someone in the family with mycosis when you do the washing machine, I suggest you add a sodium hypochlorite-based remover to the detergent and softener. In this way you will be able to prevent the mycosis from spreading.

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