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I volunteered in Cambodia for two years.

The drinking water is there dangerous, all of us volunteers had a burner and a personal water filter to filter and drink.

Every two or three days I did 9 km with my bicycle to go to a water well pumping water from the ground into a bucket.


I took this disgusting water full of earth and boiling, I let it cool at night, then the filtravo.

The final part of the system of filtering it was a handful of rocks (which I boiled thoroughly before using), which served as re-minalizzatore of water, which after the simple boiling became H2O without minerals inside it, therefore useless for the organism.

This that I have just described is a minimal prehistoric version of the filtering process that also occurs in the household purifiers, I chose the example of life lived to give an initial idea, but now let's go calmly to explain everything else.

Maybe you don't know what house plumbing yours are normally infested with viruses, bacteria and heavy metals.

If you drink tap water without first providing adequate filtering it can be long term damaging consequences on your health and that of your loved ones.

Not everyone knows that it is possible to drink healthy, pure water, perfect for our body without having to resort to commercial water. sold in horrendous plastic packaging.

We know how plastic is polluting and harmful to the body.

We can't continue to pretend nothing happened.

Municipal water is full of chlorine and metals, but in some cases there are even very dangerous bacteria and parasites inside, which can even be lethal to our body, in the case of particularly aggressive infections!

The consequences that the consumption of unfiltered water can have on our body are very serious and cannot be taken under the feet, especially if there are children or elderly people in our family, who have a less strong organism and therefore less ready to eradicate any infections.

Many wonder if the home water purifier is worthwhile, the answer is obviously yes. This also avoids you unnecessary plastic waste and of money by buying the very antipaticissime and very heavy bales of water at the supermarket.

Are you wondering what i am? advantages of having a water purifier at home?

You know you can make it automatically carbonated or smooth water depending on your current preference?


The main technologies for water filtration are:

  • Activated carbon: basic technology to eliminate the first impurities, to be used when the water that reaches our home already has good values ​​(generally those who live far from the big cities, in the mountains or on the hills)
  • Reverse Osmosis: makes the water pass for micro-pores of 0.0001 micron, the same size as the water molecules, is used for more aggressive filtrations, if you live in a large city, for example
  • Ultra-Violet: ultraviolet lights completely eliminate micro-organisms and bacteria

What is a water purifier used for?

In Italy we know, the infrastructures are by now a bit left to chance, the same thing happens for the pipes, there is more and more neglect and superficiality in the maintenance of the water systems.

With good reason there is a tendency not to trust the public water supply, and more and more citizens decide to install a water purifier at home.

But there should be no doubt about it, in fact the purifier is essential to free up running water from impurities and make us sleep quietly, at the same time allowing us to avoid the continuous purchase of water in plastic bottles, polluting and terrible for health.

The plastic of the pack is in fact known, over time it is transferred to the water we drink putting our organism in great danger.

With time it is therefore easily possible to amortize the costs of the purifier, considering all the bottled water that you will avoid buying, a great saving!

It is not easy to trust water from the tap today, and many prefer to buy water at the supermarket in bales.

The specially filtered tap water in fact becomes even better than the best bottled water, and in addition we can have direct control of how it is filtered.

There are two types of filters:

The filter based on activated carbon
Gravity based filter

How does the water purifier work?

There are two types of water purifiers, one manages the water purification in a physical way through an agent that intelligently restrains the contaminating and toxic particles present inside the liquid.

The second chemically separates the substances that make water harmful and not suitable for human consumption.

Then there are the carbon-based filters, installed directly above the tap

For dwellings we usually prefer i gravity-based filters and those based on a carbon filtration.

The coal it is particularly effective because it allows to filter not only the gases present in the water but also the potentially harmful chemical products inside it, as well as the chlorine.

However, carbon filters are not very effective against bacteria and nitrates.

Ion exchange purifiers are those that have so far established themselves as the most effective on the market.

In this case the ions that are electrically charged will act electrically on bacteria and viruses that populate the pipes of our homes.

How to assemble the home water purifier?

It is very easy to install the water purifier at the sink in your home, it is an operation that can be done very well without the need for an external technician.

It is sufficient to connect the two fittings supplied in the kit and insert the fitting straight into the cold water sink underneath.

And voila, you will have the system ready for use, with no additional installation fees.

Water purifier softener, differences

Water softeners are used to treat particularly "hard" waters, that is to say too full of mineral salts.

Calcium and magnesium are the "culprit" minerals that generate the limestone formations that can affect the functioning of our appliances.

Limestone formation

Limestone is formed much more easily if the water temperature is high, that's why it often happens in water heaters, in coffee machines, in irons, or in any case in all appliances that require water use and heating. at high temperatures.

How does the softener work?

The softener passes the water through some layers of resin treated by means of sodium carbonate.

The process is chemical but very simple to understand: the sodium ion replaces the calcium and magnesium ions that are those responsible for creating limestone.

The water resulting from this process will contain sodium, a mineral that is much more "friendly" than our domestic appliances, because it does not contain solid sediments that are going to sediment and therefore ruin the quality of our water.

These resins, however, must at some point be revitalized, because they will become pregnant with calcium and magnesium, at which point it will be necessary to carry out the reverse cycle, returning the sodium back to them.

Water softeners perform this process "by themselves" through a reserve of brine, which is a "stock" sodium solution. This tank can also be manually replenished by inserting common kitchen salt inside.

The purifiers, unlike water softeners, exploit the reverse osmosis process, capable of intervening at different levels on the liquid.

A total purification process will produce distilled water.

This type of appliance can be installed either directly on the house counter or on the sink that you will use every day.

On request it will therefore be possible to add a carbonator to have sparkling water on request.

Alternatively, there is the possibility of mounting modular filters, that is to say the filters are chosen one by one to solve the specific problem of the water that arrives at home.

There are therefore anti-limestone, anti-chlorine and anti-heavy metal filters.

They can be used individually or in combos.

The operation in this case is very simple, when the filter is saturated, just replace it with a new clean one.

Active carbon water purifier?

Water purifiers that act on the technology of microfiltration pass the water coming from the tap inside active carbons.

But what are these active carbons of which we hear so much?

Activated carbon is a material containing amorphous carbon with a large porosity and large specific area, which means that it is very dense but at the same time very porous, a combination that makes it perfect for filtering.

How does filtering take place with activated carbon?

Activated carbon is able to retain within it the molecules of substances that should not normally belong to water, or that they have found in it, such as metals.

Once the chlorine has been removed from the water, the activated carbon filters act on the water by means of an ultraviolet sterilizer, which instead acts directly on the bacteria.

Active carbon filters are indicated for β€œnormal” waters that do not require a particular lightening, that is those closest to the optimal values, for example those of mountains or hills.

When more accurate filtration is needed, we need to rely on reverse osmosis.

Activated carbon filters in reverse osmosis

When activated carbon filters are used in reverse osmosis, they tend to be positioned as pre-filters, designed to absorb the chlorine present in the water and any larger sediments that could then affect the osmosis treatment.

They are therefore the preliminary part of a plant of this type in which the osmotic membrane, which forces the particles to pass through pores of 0.0001 micron in size, the same minuscule dimensions as the water molecules, is the master, to eliminate those larger, normally considered harmful to our body.

What is the re-mineralizer used for?

Do you remember the example at the beginning of the article?

I was talking about rocks, exactly, the common stones, in which I used to let the water pass after boiling to give it minerals back, and therefore make it good drinking water.

Once the reverse osmosis procedure has taken place, the water tends to be acid, which is why the mineralizer reintroduces alkaline calcium ions in a controlled manner to make it optimal for the body.

It is clear that in this case the process will be much more efficient and hygienic than the stones that I was forced to use in Cambodia, where the technologies of the Western world did not exist. πŸ™‚

Which is the best home water purifier? Opinions and reviews

Biogenis, Reverse osmosis water purifier with mineralizer

Here is the purifier that I keep mounted in my house, after several trials and attempts in the last two years to make the water in the center of Livorno drinkable.

The first time you install it, let it run for at least a dozen liters to run in the circuit a little.

As against there is that it tends to be a bit noisy when it is activated, but if you install it under the sink isolating it well it does not give any trouble inside the kitchen, my family does not even notice that it is in operation at the moment .

When installing the three filters and the reverse osmosis cap it is good to be careful and try to tighten everything very carefully.

The kit is complete with everything.

It is a good idea to lubricate the ring seals of the three filters a little before inserting them.

To fix the faucet it is necessary to drill the sink surface with a drill, so if you do not have a certain manual skill it is better to refer directly to a technician to avoid headaches.

The final remineralizer hose must be connected directly to the tap.

The last remaining hose of the plant, near the osmosis, by exclusion must be connected to the drain.

The company has excellent telephone support, so for any problem or to request replacement filters you can call them at any time, they are very cordial and we have established a good personal relationship.

Aeg under-sink instant filter, the best value for money

AEG Reverse osmosis for drinking water filtration ...
AEG Reverse osmosis for drinking water filtration …

  • UNLIMITED FILTERED WATER: easily maintain unlimited access to filtered and purified drinking water directly from the kitchen sink.
  • DRINKING WATER: designed to remove pollutants as small as 0. 0001 microns like chlorine, lead, nitrates, arsenic and cysts, glyphosate.

This is the filtering system used by Alfonso, my brother.

The value for money is excellent.

Very easy to install and even the filters are easy to replace.

It produces light water and good taste, with no residual chlorine, it soon becomes clear to the taste that we are in the presence of a very respectable product.

The only drawback is the fact that the liter-counter must be purchased separately and is not included in the package.

Kit everpure 4dc, excellent taste of water, like that in the bottle

Water Purifier ForHome Easy Pure Micro Filtration With Everpure ...
Water Purifier ForHome Easy Pure Micro Filtration With Everpure …

  • WATER PURIFIER BRAND FORHOME EASY PURE COMPLETE WATER FILTRATION KIT includes all the accessories and the components necessary for the installation and tap dispenser (as photo).
  • The PROFESSIONAL EVERPURE cartridges are pre-coat type with activated carbon MICROFILTRATION FROM 0.5 MICRON

The everpure 4dc kit could be very well in the first place in this my personal ranking, since I wanted to choose only the best right now on the market, it depends more than anything on a personal stylistic choice tailored to your needs, but know that all the products on this page have been personally tested by me over the years and are of excellent quality.

Everpure assistance is excellent and helps in case of installation problems, for example if you need additional parts you can contact them and they will be very courteous to provide them, they can also put you in contact with specialized technicians to facilitate installation and assembly .

In the package there is everything needed for assembly.

The water produced by this system is in all respects similar to that in the bottle, if not even better, it immediately wins already from the taste test.

Council to use the Teflon present in the package to avoid future drips.

It is excellent because it also removes Cryptosporidium, asbestos fibers, chlorine, smells, colors, flavors and makes the water crystal clear.

Spardar activated carbon water filter

Spardar Filter System Water Filter Faucet with ...
Spardar Filter System Water Filter Faucet with …

  • health comes with every drop: weiai water tap Filter helps remove rust, algae, bleaching powder and other harmful impurities, captures heavy metals like lead, mercury, nickel and chromium, inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • adsorption Capacity and resistance: more advanced filtration system, 2L / min high speed water flow, absorbs harmful substances, preserves precious minerals and trace elements, safe to use

The Spardar allows a clear improvement in water quality

A filter that is mounted very quickly in autonomy with the use of a special adapter.

Assembled with excellent materials.

Perfect for solving excessively calcareous water problems, to make them sweeter and usable both for appliances and for human consumption.

The resulting water has an excellent taste on the palate and in addition when using the washing machine the clothes come out without any white trace of limestone.

Brita on tap Opinions makes hard water drinkable


BRITA OnTap White, Faucet Filter System
BRITA OnTap White, Faucet Filter System

  • BRITA filtered water directly from the faucet, easy and tool-free installation, compatible with standard faucets (2 cm diameter fringes) and not with hand-held faucets. Inside the package there is a reverse threaded adapter (male / female)
  • Equipped with a practical selector that allows you to choose whether to supply BRITA filtered water or unfiltered water

Here is a somewhat controversial product, considered good by some and poor by others.

I personally believe that for the price it is a good product, but not comparable to the first models on this list.

Mainly a purifier suitable for those who want to "adjust" the taste of their home water.

Easy to assemble: the terminal must be unscrewed, the spout, observing it well and in most of the taps on the market, has a screw thread on which a filter is screwed.
Once the spout has been removed, there will be some residues to be removed, so it will be sufficient to then screw the corresponding Brita terminal, which is equipped with an adjustable washer for fixing.

The last step will be to insert the battery inside the package.

Brita on tap is a good purifier if you want to improve the taste of your water, but it is not a purifier, so it does not eliminate the harmful elements present in it.

Using the selector on the right side the water will flow normally without any filtering, while on the left it will be filtered, the jet in this case is slowed down because the water before going out must cross the filter and be expelled from the spout.

Then there is a light that indicates the health level of the filter, when it turns red it is time to replace it.

It makes hard waters drinkable, but it does not make them perfect, if your water has serious problems it is better to buy a more complex and professional system.

In conclusion

There are those who rely on simple filter jugs thinking they can sleep quiet dreams and have solved the problem …

Unfortunately it is not so.

In such a world where it seems that we have lost control of what we ingest in our bodies, with products from all over the globe, often in questionable and mysterious hygienic situations, it is very important to be aware and attentive to the choices we make .

We cannot leave something as important as our health to chance, especially if we have young children and therefore more easily potential victims of wrong choices.

Not to mention something as vital as water, a constituent element at the base of our body.

Day after day we see on the news all the cases of polluted aquifers, it is a very serious problem that involves the whole planet.

The water sold at the supermarket "should" be better than that of public water supply networks, but we know that this is not the case, very authoritative scientific sources have repeatedly shown over the past years that tap water is of superior quality to that bottled there.

Why at this moment there is a need for the best water purifier to allow our family members to have the ideal water for their individual consumption needs every day.

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