🥇 9 Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams (My Personal Experience from the Aesthetic Center) –

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Sharon Stone's mother gave her her first anti-wrinkle cream at the age of 14, to teach her the secret of a perfect skin

I'm Laura,
I've been working in a beauty center for 19 years, and I personally fought an intense battle against wrinkles.

Look for one miraculous wrinkle cream?

Does not exist a cream that does miracles, but they exist excellent creams for wrinkles, which work and help prevent and curb the problem.

After the age of 30 I had to deal with my wrinkles.

My husband says that aging is natural and that for him it's not a problem to see me like that, so it shouldn't be for me either.

But inside I feel like a twenty-three and when I look at myself in the mirror I can't see my face getting old .

If you are looking for a specific cream for the eye area, click here.

Sometimes it is mistakenly thought that wrinkles are a problem only for those who are "old", but it is not so, since the skin can begin to behave in abnormally already around the age of 30 or even earlier.

There are also many factors which contribute to the formation of wrinkles as well as simple aging.


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The anti-wrinkle cream guide

I want to immediately make a clarification however, that despite this my article is aimed at women because the main ones interested in the subject, all the products on my list can be used in the same way by men too, as there are no substantial differences in the anti-aging processes.

🥇 9 Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams (My Personal Experience from the Aesthetic Center)

At what age do you start using wrinkle cream?

Many wonder when you actually start using wrinkle cream.

There is no single indication that can be given to tell what age it is appropriate to start with, but common sense and scientific research can help us shed light on when it is better to run for cover!

As we all know our body is composed for the vast majority of water.

Water oxygenates the cells.

As we age, the body hydrates less and less, and consequently no longer succeeds oxygenate and nourish the body as in youth.

This process already begins at from the age of twenty, but intensifies after the thirty.

Anti-wrinkle cream at 20 years

Twenty years ago we didn't even think we could or should use an anti-wrinkle cream, so you are wrong because this is a crucial moment.

If we start right away to moisturize and take care of our skin, in fact we will be able to preserve vitality and brightness over time.

When the first imperfections begin to appear on the face, they can be removed immediately to prevent them from getting worse over time.

Anti-wrinkle cream at 30 years

At age 30 it is good to choose creams with hyaluronic acid.

The 30 years are a crucial obstacle to begin to deal with aging, it is the moment in which the consequences of the twenties' revelry can begin to be felt if we have given ourselves the mad joy.

It is useless to think of using anti-aging cream when wrinkles have taken over our face. It is just 30 years that the moment in which we must arm ourselves and begin to get serious about preserving our skin from the imminent arrival of wrinkles.

Even if you don't notice obvious and drastic signs of aging on the skin, it's good to buy a moisturizer that can preserve our skin.

Another good recommendation is to scrub once a week, without exaggerating though, and from time to time go to a beautician to remove impurities.

Another fundamental thing is to avoid going to make-up in bed, instead use a detergent to remove make-up.

It is also essential to avoid smoking, stop in the case, and eat little and in a balanced way.

Anti-wrinkle cream at 40 and over

When the age presses, it is good to rely not only on hyaluronic acid but also:

Active ingredients that stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, the cells of our skin responsible for the formation of collagen and elastin.
Substances that nourish the cellular matrix
Antioxidant products that slow down the normal skin aging process.


🥇 9 Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams (My Personal Experience from the Aesthetic Center)

Can I use wrinkle cream in pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period very delicate for every woman, also because we put ourselves in question both on the psychological and physical side, and it is not easy to take care of ourselves while we are taking care of a new life that is born.

Many wonder if the wrinkle cream can be used during pregnancy or if it is actually avoided.

During pregnancy, as a rule it is best to avoid the use of anti-wrinkle creams as these contain large doses of vitamin A and retinol.

Creams penetrate in the blood through the skin, and could therefore reach the child, who may not well tolerate the substances contained in them and have problems during birth and growth.

However, antioxidant-enriched creams can be used without problems even during pregnancy, because they fight the growth of free radicals.

During pregnancy, in addition to anti-wrinkle creams, all products containing high doses of vitamin A should be avoided.

How to apply wrinkle cream?

Want to know how to put wrinkle cream?

The very first rule to keep in mind is that all movements must always be done from the bottom upwards, to counteract the effect of gravity to which our skin is unfortunately subjected every day.

Then it is good to focus on the opposite direction to that of wrinkle formation, if you are dealing with horizontal wrinkles on your forehead it is good, for example, to perform movements from the bottom up with your fingers, vice versa you will need horizontal movements if you have to deal with facial wrinkles that have evolved in a vertical line.

The skin of the specific areas of the face has different characteristics, therefore it requires a different treatment, to hope to obtain the maximum results from an anti-aging treatment.

The area of ​​the eye contour for example it is delicate and thin.

It is advisable to count the movements that you make with your fingers and try to always keep one odd number of movements, many believe that in this way the treatment will eventually be more effective.

Frontal wrinkles

Wrinkles on the forehead are highlighted when expression movements are performed with the face.

The goal in this case will be to make these grooves less deep by stretching the skin.

The procedure is simple: just apply the anti-wrinkle cream starting from the eyebrows, holding the skin until our hair is hanging and proceeding as we said from the bottom upwards.

Wrinkles on the cheeks

The wrinkles on the cheeks can be particularly treacherous, but they are definitely visible, so they must be kept under control if you don't want to look old before your time.

In this case it will be necessary to carry out movements always upwards keeping the fingers open to scissors, it is the best way to ensure that the cream is absorbed by the skin and operates at 100% of its possibilities.

Wrinkles around the lips and eyes

Around the contour of the lips, over time, those small but very noticeable vertical wrinkles begin to form.

In this case we must act with the two indexes of the hands, place them under our nose and gently pull outwards.

Equally the same thing under the lower lip.

The eye area instead requires special attention, because it is the part where the skin of the face is thinner and more delicate.

It will be necessary to drum gently with the fingers on the area in which the dark circles are located and then carry out a delicate movement in the direction of the temples and gently touch the skin where the annoying crow's feet tend to form, scarecrow of many, because the first index of the old age.


What are the causes of wrinkle leakage?

There are many causes that contribute to making wrinkles more or less visible over time.

Wrinkles are defined in particular areas of the body, such as the forehead, neck, forearms and hands. But they are presenting you in many other parts of the body.

However, there is no real and only factor that allows the appearance of annoying wrinkles.

Let's see then together what are the causes that allow wrinkles to come out:

Genetics and wrinkles

As with hair loss and the main hereditary diseases, even the presence or absence of wrinkles on the skin tends to be hereditary.

It means that if we want to know at what age wrinkles will start to appear on our skin we are right to check or ask our parents and grandparents when it happened to them.

In addition to a temporary indication we can thus also understand which part of our body is most at risk for the escape of wrinkles.

The sun and wrinkles

Dermatology repeats no stop for us now how harmful the sun's rays can be.

Every summer we do nothing but warn that UV rays can be extremely harmful to our skin and cause cancer and other diseases, but they can also worsen the appearance of wrinkles on our face.

Exposure to UV rays breaks down the connective tissues and causes the skin to lose strength and elasticity.

It is for this reason that you should always avoid exposing your face directly to sunlight during the hottest moments of the day, and avoid bathing at noon because sunlight bounces off water and becomes even more powerful and harmful.

In any moment of the day it is however essential to use a sunscreen with high protection, always better to consult a dermatologist about it in order to indicate the most suitable protection factor for our phenotype.

Cigarette smoke and wrinkles

The nicotine that is released into the blood causes a contraction of the blood vessels throughout the body, thus preventing proper oxygenation of the skin.

The poorly oxygenated skin is deprived of essential nutrients for its survival and in time tends to age prematurely.

The more you smoke the more this phenomenon worsens, obviously the same goes for food, a correct and balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables, water-rich foods, allows the body to function properly and to hydrate itself daily, not only through the water but also through food.

Expression wrinkles, grimaces, smiles and tears

Not everyone knows or pretends not to know how important the motor and muscular activity of your face is when it comes to wrinkles.

To a certain type of wrinkles the name "expression wrinkles" is given, there will be a reason for this …

Clearly this is not the crucial factor, since those listed above are much more meaningful to trigger the arrival of wrinkles on our body, but we must not forget that strong emotions such as anger, very aggressive laughter continued, eyes narrowed very strongly , are all actions that contribute even if marginally to wrinkles.

The more we get older, the less the skin is elastic and therefore it is more subject to being subjected to the intervention of possible motor stresses to which we can subject it, this is the bitter truth.

Pollution and wrinkles

Over the years pollution has increased dramatically in our cities, and it was the health of our skin that was the main victim of this phenomenon.

In the air of the inhabited centers currently there are various polluting agents, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, oxides, particulate matter, ozone and even cigarette smoke "attack" in the first place the skin because it is the most external barrier that our body has.

All these substances are enemies of the skin, because they attack it giving it a lot of oxidative stress and the natural shield that the skin lifts against these is often not enough, because the exposure levels are so intense that the body does not have time to repair the damage which it undergoes.

The toxic substances present in the air of the place where we live can therefore be highly protagonists in aging our skin prematurely.

Polyaromatic hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds are also associated with extrinsic cutaneous aging, increased pigmentation, acneiform eruptions and atopic dermatitis.

The fine particulate microparticles penetrate the skin and come into direct contact with the cells of the epidermis, damaging it violently.

It is clear that we are talking about long-term effects that cannot be seen after a month or less of exposure to the pollution of a city, but in case you live there for years…. make yourself two accounts.

It is for this reason that it is essential to choose a cream that can be a faithful ally from youth to maintain the hydration and elasticity levels of your skin before it is too late.


Does stress cause wrinkles?

We look at the wrinkles in a picture of Hillary Clinton and we think: "it is the weight of the responsibilities of the world that is aging it …".

But is it true that anxiety and stress make our skin age earlier? Is there scientific evidence in what you normally think?

The results of the research are not well defined because it is the very concept of "stress" that is not actually measurable. This is why the real relationship between aging and stress is not yet perfectly clear to us.

Anxiety is a natural response to a perceived or real danger. And it creates a kind of bilateral communication between the brain and our body, activating our cardiovascular and immune systems.

This is our survival instinct at work.

But when anxiety is prolonged, it ceases to be positive and to protect us from dangers and instead begins to be harmful and to have consequences on our body: it makes it grow old.

The chemical agents attributed to the aging of our body are:

  • The Adrenaline
  • Cortisol
  • Norepinephrine

Adrenaline accelerates heart rate, slows digestion and constricts blood vessels.

Cortisol increases blood pressure, blood sugar levels, makes arteries harder, increases fat deposits and slows the growth hormone.

Norepinephrine accelerates the heartbeat and can compromise our ability to concentrate.

When these agents can lead our body to change internally over time, with dire consequences.

Oxidative stress compromises our genes and makes us age before time.

Telomeres shorten due to anxiety and stress and contribute to wrinkles.

There are also direct consequences of stress that we often don't think about. When a person is going through a particularly stressful time, he tends to eat more, takes less care of his body, smokes more cigarettes, sleeps and rests badly, and his face muscles become stiff, and there is a tendency to take on frowning facial expressions that naturally lead to the aggravation of wrinkles.

Despite the normal aging process, we can still try to keep stress levels to a minimum to avoid looking ninety years ahead of time.

This allows us to stay young longer, inside and out.

Are you looking for an anti-wrinkle cream that works wonders?

Do you want to know which are the most effective wrinkle creams?

Do wrinkle creams work?

Human beings have always faced the problem of finding an anti aging "potion", a serum of eternal life.

With the advent of a modern medical science and above all an important branch of aesthetic research, in the last decades it has finally reached results that were practically unexpected.

It is truly a wonderful time to be alive on this planet.

The anti-wrinkle creams are able to mitigate and reduce the presence of wrinkles and fine lines, avoiding the formation of new ones.

However, it is clear that not all formulations are equally effective, so it is obvious and legitimate to ask questions, because not all products work the same way.

There are anti-wrinkle creams that are more effective in the short term, immediately showing tangible results, which however risk being only aesthetic and in the long run even counterproductive.

I work in a beauty center, and I know what this means, I have seen them pass by before my eyes, I have been working on it for almost 20 years and I have direct and indirect experience with many customers.

The domestic anti-wrinkle treatment can be effectively effective especially if one acts promptly and identifies the problem at the root.

I'll explain.

You cannot expect to start considering the problem of wrinkles when you are already 60 years old, it is clear that at that point you can certainly intervene but the results that you will get will be only partial compared to those that you could have immediately started taking take care of your skin without wasting time.

It is advisable to start at age 25 onwards to use moisturizing creams and to keep the health of your skin under control, perhaps with frequent visits by a dermatologist who can reassure us or not depending on the case.

Anti-wrinkle products usually work, if they are of quality brands, and significantly increase the elasticity of the skin of those who use them.

However, it also depends on how quickly we intervene and how often we use the product. You can't expect to apply the cream on your face a couple of times and wait for miracles the next day …

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is the scaffolding of our body.
The cells are not suspended in a vacuum, they need something to keep them together: this "thing" is hyaluronic acid. A soft substance in which collagen and elastin fibers are immersed.

Hyaluronic acid has a viscous consistency and acts as a filler connective tissue within our body.

And it is hyaluronic acid that ensures that the skin remains elastic, alive and hydrated.

Hyaluronic acid is a very long molecule, which is why it is able to bind several water molecules.

It is also important to act as a filter and prevent the free circulation in the body of viruses and bacteria.

However, this acid tends to degrade over time, and causes the formation of the most feared wrinkles.

This is why one of the key steps if you want to keep your skin smooth and hydrated, is the constant reintegration of hyaluronic acid, when our body stops providing it on its own.

In the market there are hyaluronic acids of different molecular weight.

The bigger the molecule, the less it will penetrate in depth, the same thing that is valid in reverse.

Better to choose hyaluronic acid then low molecular weight.

The creams with hyaluronic acid they are especially recommended for younger people who are therefore dealing with wrinkles, they also work well as protective creams.

Hyaluronic acid is deposited on the skin and forms a film that can effectively protect the skin.

Serums containing this type of acid have immediate effect, making the skin appear more hydrated right away.

Do hyaluronic acid fillers work for wrinkles?

There are those who propose as a solution to wrinkles to use a filler that penetrates them and allows the reconstitution of a "leveled" skin.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are effective, but they are not recommended for very young skin, which could be counterproductive.

If you are young, it is better to limit yourself to moisturizing creams and avoid products that can only age your skin, since going to introduce hyaluronic acid in a forced manner by inserting it in this case inside the skin is likely to make a counterproductive effect.

The skin in this case would be younger looking aesthetically but would instead begin to age biologically ahead of time.

Watch out for filler addiction, especially if you are very young!

How to make a wrinkle cream at home?

Not everyone knows that it is also possible to make a good wrinkle cream at home, which certainly does not promise effective and precise results like the professional ones, but it can be an excellent ally to start curbing the problem.

Here are some ingredients from which you can draw homemade anti-aging creams:

Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains vitamin C, a strong lightening antioxidant.
In this case, just squeeze the lemon juice and apply it to the skin for 15 minutes a day.

This lotion can be strengthened by adding honey and parsley.


Cucumber is the classic grandmother's remedy for wrinkles, is a good ally to fight and delay the degradation of hyaluronic acid and elastin.

Just peel the cucumber and blend it, adding a little olive oil, then spread the mixture on the skin and let it work for about 15 minutes.


Avocado is rich in vitamin D and E, very powerful for stimulating collagen and preventing free radicals.

In this case it is enough to crush the avocado pulp and apply it as usual to the face.

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil, besides being tasty and perfect at the table, is also rich in antioxidants to delay the aging process.

Just rub a few drops on your face before going to sleep and notice its prodigious effect in just a few days.

Milk on wrinkles

Milk is obviously rich in lactic acid that eliminates dead cells and stimulates the growth of collagen inside the skin.

Just apply a little on the wrinkles already popped out with a small cotton ball and leave for about ten minutes.

Best Wrinkle Cream – Reviews

1. Lierac face cream 40 years, the one I use

Lierac Premium Voluptueuse Face Cream 50 ml
Lierac Premium Voluptueuse Face Cream 50 ml

  • Deep wrinkles – Loss of density – Slackening – Uneven complexion – Dark spots – Pores – Skin texture
  • Inspired by regenerative medicine, this best seller cream is concentrated in 8.5% in Premium Cellular Complex – registered patent – and in 5% in hyaluronic acid to correct all signs of aging, day after day.

Altino cost but very justified, perfect for those with dry skin.

Here is my favorite wrinkle cream, given that I am well over 40 years old.

The periods in which I use this cream my skin seems more rested, the wrinkles are much less evident and punctually my friends ask me "What did you do?".

The positive effects are beginning to be noticed already from the first applications, the face immediately begins to appear more relaxed.

It is a cream indicated for those who are starting to have their first wrinkles, but they are not very deep.

Anallergic, it is absorbed very quickly.

The price is high but justified by the fact that it is one of the best creams currently on the market, you already feel the difference in quality compared to other anti-wrinkle creams and all my friends to whom I have recommended have been enthusiastic.

The cream is rich and very moisturizing, it makes the skin remain soft and supple. perfect therefore for those with very dry skin.

2. Isabella Monteluna Bava Di Snail Face Cream, superb made in Italy


80% Snail Burr Face Cream With Shea Butter And Oil ...
80% Snail Burr Face Cream With Shea Butter And Oil …

  • BIOLOGICAL: The snail slime used in our products is BIO APPROVED by ICEA and the vegetable raw materials beyond the burr are all for BIO certified business ethics to guarantee a very high quality of our natural cosmetics
  • EFFECTIVE: The high percentage of collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides, peptides, contained in Snail Slime and in Laminaria Saccarina Seaweed allow Damacléa face cream to intervene in the process of skin aging, in the elimination of blackheads, dark circles, stretch marks , giving the first results after two weeks

Here is an excellent cream made in Italy with snail slime.

It makes the skin silky since the first application, the snail slime generates a particular effect that nourishes the skin and at the same time makes it soft and smooth, velvety.

I recommend using it as a day cream, that's where this Isabella Monteluna face cream excels.

If you use it on a tanned skin it makes it brighter.

It is easily absorbed by the skin and calms immediately.

It is also very refreshing.

Highly recommended and highly reviewed online, plus it is presented by an Italian brand, and it never hurts to feel a little proud of a product of your own country.

3. Benefiance Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24, deluxe day cream for non-greasy skins

Shiseido is a famous Japanese quality cosmetics brand.

If you are looking for a quality product suitable for non-oily skin, you can bet directly on this and you will be on the safe side.

It is a super moisturizing cream that promises and maintains great results, if you do not know this brand ask around for a friend who is a connoisseur of beauty products and will confirm the superior level of invoice for this brand.

Leave the skin a little shiny after application.

A brand that is a guarantee.

4. Vovees Artemis, a day and night organic moisturizer for oily and combination skin


Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream Vovees Artemis Bio Moisturizing with Acid ...
Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream Vovees Artemis Bio Moisturizing with Acid …

  • REAL RESULTS – Artemis is an anti-wrinkle cream with a deep, moisturizing, protective, emollient, balancing, toning, elasticizing, plumping, revitalizing, antioxidant, soothing, energizing action: the best you've ever tried!
  • 10 NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – "Ultrapure" Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oils, Jojoba and Sweet Almonds, Shea Butter, Aloe Extract, Red Vine and Olive, Vitamin A, D, E, F from Essential Oils and Alba Wax. The definitive anti-aging cream

Let's start by saying that this Vovees Artemis cream performs well on both dry and oily and combination skin.

It is a cream that is particularly rich in ingredients but at the same time very light, this is what makes it special.

The extra moisturizing effect lasts a long time, good both as a day cream and as a night cream.

It does not have a particular smell, therefore indicated to those who usually have problems with the perfumes of these cosmetics.

Rich in natural active ingredients with an immediately recognizable moisturizing effect.

Also good as a make-up base.

It makes the skin much brighter than usual and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

5. Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme, super nourishing cream

Here is a product for those in search of the best, very used by my most demanding customers in the center where I work, a period we all used because it became very fashionable, now it is less used but it is still one of the most used because it comes from a famous brand It is emblazoned and guarantees excellent results on all skin types.

As a peculiarity it is its particular lightness, and the fact that it is absorbed by the skin in the twinkling of an eye.

Certainly a product for those who are not afraid to invest a few euros more, but to make the best of themselves, especially for those who want to invest in the health of their skin and ensure a splendid skin for years to come.

6. Powder flowers, excellent value for money

Re-Vital Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream ENHANCED FORMULA - Cells ...
Re-Vital Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream ENHANCED FORMULA – Cells …

  • Facial cream with Swiss Apple Stem Cells: special cells rich in active ingredients for REVITALIZING, REPAIRING and RENEWAL activity. With Pure Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, White Lily, Olive Oil, Mango, Oak Extract and Rosemary.
  • Thanks to its highly advanced formula, this serum-cream promotes the formation of NEW COLLAGEN FIBERS, making the SKIN MORE FULL and COMPACT, brightens the complexion and CONTRASTS THE FORMATION OF WRINKLES. Contains UVA-UVB filters.

Italian cream with a delicate fragrance to be combined with the eye serum and face of the same brand for a complete treatment.

Here is another Italian product that stands out for its value for money, despite the fact that it is rather inexpensive compared to the brands presented so far, it has remarkable characteristics.

It is a face cream that in addition to fighting wrinkles leaves the skin soft and hydrated.

It stands out right away for a delicate and good fragrance, a Norwegian spring field fragrance. Great.

Leaves the skin smoother and more uniform.

The only negative note is perhaps the dispensing with a dispenser that does not allow you to keep an eye on the product and therefore to realize when it is actually ending, otherwise it is perfect.

7. L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age, anti-wrinkle treatment

Cream sold both in day and in night version:

L 'Oréal Paris is an extremely famous commercial brand, and despite being "pop" it sometimes includes in its catalog very valid products, and also economic ones.

This cream is sold in two versions to avoid confusion and get 100% from each application.

Perfect for those who do not have too much time to dedicate to face care in the morning because it immediately gives them a younger, fresh and above all ordered appearance.

It leaves the skin hydrated for many hours, it's surprising for a product of this price.

Recommended for those who do not want to spend too much but still want to give their skin an initial hydration, but not useful for those who already have wrinkles in a very advanced stage.

8. Kleem Organics, with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and retinol


NUOVA Crema Viso Antirughe per Uomo e Donna con Retinolo e Acido...
NUOVA Crema Viso Antirughe per Uomo e Donna con Retinolo e Acido…

  • CREMA ANTI-ETÀ PER VISO, COLLO DÉCOLLETÉ – Riduce visibilmente linee d'espressione, rughe, macchie senili e altri segni dell'età. Piena di antiossidanti naturali per rivitalizzare la carnagione, lasciando la pelle levigata con tono e consistenza perfetta. Ottima come crema contorno occhi. Per risultati ancora più efficaci si suggerisce di accompagnare alla crema viso antirughe il più conosciuto Kleem Organics vitamina C siero anti age
  • RICCA DI PRINCIPI ATTIVI ORGANICI & NATURALI che lavorano in sinergia con la tua pelle 24/24. Ingredienti quali Retinolo, Vitamina E, Olio di Jojoba, Collagene e Acido Ialuronico puro rivitalizzano la tua pelle ad ogni applicazione, lasciandoti un effetto setoso per una pelle sempre sana e giovane

Crema validissima che però per alcuni ha un odore non molto tollerabile, piace ad altri.

La Keem Organics è una crema completa che vede al suo interno la presenza di vitamina E, retinolo e acido ialuronico.

Funge molto bene come crema notte, e permette al risveglio di ritrovare la propria pelle più luminosa e sana di come la si è lasciata prima di andare a dormire.

Viene assorbita bene dalla pelle e non unge.

Alcuni però sembrano non sopportarne l’odore, ha una fragranza all’arancia che può essere molto forte per alcuni, un po’ pungente.

Un altro aspetto non proprio positivo è il fatto che il barattolo non aiuta a dosare bene e se non si fa attenzione si rischia di tirare fuori troppo prodotto dal dispenser.

Attenzione perché i prodotti non retinolo possono generare arrossamenti se ci si espone al sole dopo l’applicazione.

9. Florence Bio Cosmesi, crema viso con Bava di Lumaca

Bio Crema 61% Bava di Lumaca Viso con Acido Ialuronico PURO 100%...
Bio Crema 61% Bava di Lumaca Viso con Acido Ialuronico PURO 100%…

  • RICCA DI PRINCIPI BIO ATTIVI E CON ALTISSIMA CONCENTRAZIONE (61%) di bava di lumaca filtrata con allantoina, acido ialuronico, vitamine B1, B2, C, E, rosa damescena biologica, acido glicolico, elastina, collagene, betacarotene, olio di avocado, gel, proteine e aminoacidi che sono utilissimi per rigenerare la pelle.
  • CREMA ANTIRUGHE DALLA TEXTURE LEGGERA E SETOSA: riduce visibilmente linee sottili, rughe, segni dell’acne, cicatrici, arrossamenti, macchie della pelle e smagliature, idratando, nutrendo, rigenerando la pelle e diminuendo allo stesso tempo gli inestetismi cutanei.

Prodotto ecobio molto valido. Non molto adatta a pelli miste e grasse. Alcune si lamentano che schiarisca un po’ la pelle.

La bava di lumaca è un ingrediente naturale di cui si sta parlando molto in questi ultimi tempi.

Permette infatti di rimpolpare la pelle e dargli un colorito più chiaro e luminoso.

La Florence a base di bava di lumaca non va usata con esagerazione, ne basta infatti un tocchettino per poterla stendere su tutto il viso, non resta poi che massaggiare.

Il dispenser è airless, quindi preserva completamente le proprietà della sostanza come appena confezionata e in più evita alle nostre dita di poterci entrare dentro maldestramente.

Ottima per essere usata tutti i giorni, dato che è leggera e lacia la pelle elastica e morbida.

L’odore è delicato.

Dopo circa un mese si potrà notare la riduzione delle rughe d’espressione e la pelle risulterà più giovane al tatto.

Funziona anche bene come base per il fondotinta.

E’ una crema ecobio molto buona ad un ottimo prezzo.

10. Dual Day & Night, perfetta per pelli molto delicate

DUAL Day & Night Face Cream|Crema Viso Giorno e Notte 100%...
DUAL Day & Night Face Cream|Crema Viso Giorno e Notte 100%…

  • CREMA VISO GIORNO E NOTTE 100% NATURALE – DUAL ti offre la crema viso da giorno e da notte DUAL, realizzata utilizzando esclusivamente ingredienti 100% naturali raccolti da fonti naturali di altissima qualità. DUAL Face Cream non contiene additivi, ingredienti sintetici, fragranze o tracce di OGM o ingredienti microplastici.
  • CREMA VISO IDRATANTE CON MICROALGHE & BROCCOLI – Le più recenti tecnologie cosmetiche offrono il potere dell'olio di microalghe e broccoli per tutti i tipi di pelle, ma soprattutto per le pelli secche e stressate. Il tè bianco e l'olio di cotone aggiungono un tocco extra delicato per la vostra pelle delicata. I principi attivi stimolano la produzione della cura ialuronica e della vitamina C e si prendono cura di tutte le esigenze nutrizionali della vostra pelle.

La Dual Day and Night come dice il nome è una crema antirughe molto versatile che si presta ad essere usata indifferentemente sia durante il giorno che durante la notte.

E’ a base di olio di nocciola e albicocca, olio di semi di broccoli e microalghe.

A mix naturale portentoso che la mette uno step avanti rispetto a creme simili, dato che propone qualcosa di alternativo e altrettanto efficace, se non di più.

Ovviamente all’interno della lozione ci sono anche il classico acido ialuronico e la vitamina C.

La Dual è perfetta per chi ha una pelle molto delicata, ad esempio chi ha la tendenza a soffrire di acne o arrossamenti.

Anche consigliata a chi ha una pelle molto secca.

L’odore è buono e rilassante, perché composta da parecchi elementi naturali.

E’ molto concentrata, quindi basta una dose davvero piccolissima del prodotto su di un dito per ricoprire tranquillamente tutto il viso.

Non unge e non rende la pelle appiccicosa, invece viene assorbita molto bene dalla pelle e va subito ad intervenire su questa creando un importante effetto scudo.

Dopo poche applicazione si cominciano a vedere già i primi effetti, e si nota la pelle più idratata e luminosa.

Biologica al 100% e anche il packaging rispecchia molto questa scelta bio.

Highly recommended.

11. L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3, crema giorno molto nutriente economica ed efficace


L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Crema Antirughe di Giorno per...
L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Crema Antirughe di Giorno per…

  • Corregge le rughe, ridensifica e rimodella la pelle del viso grazie alla sua formula arricchita in acido ialuronico e Pro Xylane
  • La formula, che contiene una concentrazione di Pro-Xylane al 3%, stimola la produzione di componenti naturali della pelle e rinforza le fibre di sostegno per rimpolpare e rimodellare il viso

Un altro prodotto L’Oréal Paris è questa Revitalift Laser X3, una crema giorno di fascia medio bassa per chi non ha grandissimi pretese ma che punta ai risultati senza alleggerire troppo il portafogli.

La Revitalift è una crema corposa ma non per questo grassa, infatti sulla pelle si stende abbastanza facilmente e si ha l’impressione di un prodotto delicato e non invadente.

Non è una crema antirughe miracolosa, però per questo prezzo non è assolutamente da buttare, anzi!

Se non si hanno grossissimi problemi di rughe è una crema che usata quotidianamente può dare belle soddisfazioni.

E’ una crema giorno all’avanguardia che viene assorbita in fretta dalla pelle e la prepara come base per il trucco.

Una crema senza troppe pretese ma dal prezzo giusto.

12. Iduncare Crema Rassodante Viso

Iduncare Crema Rassodante Viso - Crema Antirughe con Acido...
Iduncare Crema Rassodante Viso – Crema Antirughe con Acido…

  • FORMULA DI RINGIOVANIMENTO : Questa crema viso rassodante contiene un'alta concentrazione di acido ialuronico, che riduce gli effetti dell'invecchiamento. Inoltre la sua aziene permette di diminuire le linee sottili, rughe e macchie d'età rallentando così il processo d'invecchiamento.
  • IDRATAZIONE INTENSA : La crema rassodante di Iduncare idrata la pelle penetrando intensamente e nutrendo le cellule della pelle per 24 ore. Inoltre, l'estratto di giglio aiuta a rigenerare le cellule mature della pelle, la presenza dell'olio di avocado permette di idratare la pelle proteggendola dai radicali liberi.

Ecco una crema rassodante dal design molto professionale, infatti la confezione in cui è venduta è decisamente piacevole agli occhi, il che la rende perfetta come scelta per un’economica idea regalo.

La Iduncare è pensata per essere una crema rassodante per il viso, ma è perfetta anche come crema anti-aging, date le proprietà degli ingredienti in essa contenuti.

A differenza di altre creme però non mostra subito i suoi effetti predigiosi, servono alcuni giorni di applicazione costante per notare i primi risultati e capire che ci troviamo davanti a un prodotto che da il meglio di sé sul lungo periodo, senza illudere il cliente con “effetti speciali” donando solamente una lucidità temporanea e poi fallendo nel tempo. Cosa che invece accade con altre creme economiche…

Il rapporto qualità prezzo è eccezionale, ed è stato proprio questo a convincermi a inserirla all’interno di questa mia guida.

Ha un odore molto buono, cosa non assodata per quanto riguarda le creme viso, come abbiamo visto infatti alcuni prodotti hanno un odore un po’ fastidioso per alcuni.

Facile da stendere, e le istruzioni dicono di usarla due volte al giorno, una alla mattina e una alla sera.

Buona anche utilizzata su mani secche e disidratate, lascia una bella sensazione sulla pelle.

Gli ingredienti delle creme antirughe

Le creme antirughe non sono realizzate in base al caso, bensì sono frutto di un progresso scientifico, medico e tecnologico impressionante.

Nel corso dei secoli ci si è serviti di innumerevoli test ed osservazioni per scoprire i migliori ingredienti per creme antirughe che permettessero i maggiori risultati con le minori contro indicazioni.

Ma vediamo assieme quali sono i componenti fondamentali che spesso troviamo nelle formulazioni delle creme e lozioni anti-aging.

I retinoidi

I retinoidi sono molto importanti per la lotta contro le rughe, perché agiscono direttamente per invertire in modo attivo il processo di invecchiamento.

Vediamo come.

Danno un valido aiuto alla pelle per generare cellule nuove, specie in organismi sul viale dell’invecchiamento.

Stimolano poi la produzione del collagene migliorando l’elasticità della pelle.

I peptidi

I peptidi svolgono un ruolo simile a quello dei retinoidi, però a differenza di questi sono meno rapidi e più leggeri.

Sappiamo che non sempre la forza esplosiva repentina è quello che occorre, soprattutto quando ci troviamo a che fare con qualcosa di delicato come la pelle del nostro viso e in particolare quella dl contorno occhi e labbra.

Gli alfa idrossi acidi

Gli alfa idrossi acidi (AHA) vengono dalla frutta, e sono perfetti per stimolare una sorta di esfoliazione naturale del corpo.

La luce del sole è buona in piccole dosi, ma se non facciamo attenzione può portare danni irreversibili alla nostra pelle, che col tempo può diventare sempre più flaccida.

Gli alfa idrossi acidi AHA vengono in aiuto alla pelle sciogliendo i lipidi, attivando una sorta di esfoliazione che rimuove efficacemente le cellule ormai morte e quindi di attivare la produzione di nuove cellule.

Le cellule nuove che arriveranno a sostituire quelle vecchie permetteranno di regalare alla pelle un aspetto certamente più giovane.

L’acido ialuronico

All’interno di questo mio articolo ho già trattato abbondantemente l’acido ialuronico, perché è senza ombra di dubbio il protagonista quando si parla di creme antirughe efficaci.

Gli AHA e il retinolo sono importantissimi per il lavoro “underground”, quello a lungo termine che permette ottimi risultati se si è costanti nell’utilizzo della crema antirughe.

Invece l’acido ialuronico è geniale perché permette di avere cambiamenti a brevissimo termine, e quindi notare immediatamente gli effetti della lozione che si applica sul proprio viso, evitando scoraggiamenti che potrebbero portare a credere che un determinato prodotto non stia effettivamente funzionando.

Permette infatti di donare alla pelle sin da subito elasticità e morbidezza.

In conclusion

Mentre nei vent’anni sembra che qualunque cosa che facciamo non abbia alcuna conseguenza sul nostro fisico, col passare del tempo cominciamo finalmente a constatare gli effetti di una vita poco salubre.

Il sole, l’inquinamento, lo stress, le emozioni, l’invecchiamento naturale, tutto concorre a trasformare il nostro corpo e a farlo apparire più vecchio e stanco.

E’ difficile non essere vittima delle lancette dell’orologio, ma non si deve disperare.

Prima cosa si deve imbracciare l’invecchiamento come un normale processo, senza disperare ai primi segni di cedimento del nostro corpo. La bellezza è qualcosa che va ben aldilà dell’età e non sono certo tre rughe sulla fronte a definire la bellezza o meno di una donna.

Soprattutto adesso in un mondo così omologato come quello in cui viviamo, si tende a mostrare solo il lato lucido e levigato delle cose, senza increspature. L’ossessione di sembrare sempre giovani, in forma e senza il minimo segno di cedimento fisico è oramai divenuta quasi un’ossessione.

Paradossalmente l’effetto di ansia che questa volontà di essere sempre perfetti genera è nocivo sulla nostra apparenza fisica, perché come abbiamo detto sopra all’interno di questo articolo, più si risulta stressati più l’organismo si indebolisce e invecchia.

Non consiglio di “fregarsene” e lasciare che la natura faccia il suo corso senza intervenire in alcun modo. Ma ho visto troppe amiche terrorizzate a morte una volta passati i 30.

Considerata la superficialità delle nuove generazioni io credo che una donna mai come in questo momento debba preservare la propria individualità e perché no anche il suo coraggio, per distinguersi dalla massa e mostrarsi come Persona.

Io credo che accompagnate ad un grande carisma e una grande classe le rughe di espressione del viso possano essere solo un punto a favore più che un problema.

Detto questo però bisogna tenere in considerazione anche di fattori indipendenti dalla nostra volontà, come l’inquinamento.

Non sopporto davvero l’idea di avere un viso sfigurato perché magari ho passato troppo tempo sotto il sole senza proteggermi oppure sono stata esposta a polveri tossiche presenti nell’ambiente che mi hanno “fregato”.

Come al solito è nel mezzo che sta la saggezza, non bisogna esagerare né col fregarsene né con la troppa apprensione, entrambe fanno male al nostro corpo.

Spero con questa guida al mondo delle rughe e della cura anti-aging di essere stata quanto più possibile esaustiva e avervi insegnato le cose che ho appreso in questi anni nella mia missione per rimanere bella e affascinante nonostante gli anni che incalzano.

Per il momento non me la sto passando malissimo, e voi?


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