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I'm Antonella.

Today I will tell you about my personal battle against the "Crow's feet".

When the first wrinkles began to appear in the eyes I felt dying.

Looking for a eye contour bio that works but above all does not burn and does not itch?

The eye contour 👁️ 👁️ is one very delicate area of the face, because the skin at this point is thin.

To prevent and correct blemishes in the eyes there is a need for an excellent one draining.

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What is the cream for the eye contour?

The eye contour is unfortunately the most delicate part of the face, I say unfortunately because the eyes are also the part that receive the most visual attention when talking with other people, so it is the one that catches the most eye and is the first to be kept under control if you want to look young.

For this the cream or gel around the eyes it is a fundamental accessory to keep inside our beauty case.

Face creams are designed to provide protection for the whole face but in some cases there is a need to act directly with a specific product designed for the area around our eyes.

In the periocular area the skin is four times thinner than the rest of the face.

This is why it deserves specific treatment.

In the eye area it is much easier to realize imperfections and dryness of the skin, as well as the classic dark circles and bags.

What is the real difference between eye contour and face cream?

The eye contour differs from the face cream because it is richer in active ingredients and has a more delicate formulation that does not create redness or irritation even in the most delicate periocular skins.

At what age should the eye contour be used?

🥇 9 Best Eye Contour Creams (My Beauty Center Experience)

As already explained with regard to general health and facial wrinkles, the same reasoning applies to the eye area.

The skin begins to age from the age of 20 onwards, yes.

But there is no need to despair, because a few precautions are enough and you can have a skin with a young look until later in life.

Cell activity slows down from the age of 25 and less collagen is produced.

In the eye contour there is less concentration of sebaceous glands, which therefore provide less hydration to this part of the face.

The skin around the eyes easily tends to dry out and show Crow's feet.

Eye cream at 20 years

When you have twenty years of everything you think except for the fact that our body is not invincible and eternal and that one day we will have to face the age-old problem of wrinkles on the face.

It is normal, it is good to live carefree when you are young and enjoy every new experience and every sunny day.

However, the dark circles are the first to appear, and they can affect even the youngest since they are often connected to a slightly "casual" lifestyle.

In this moment of life the skin is still smooth and luminous, but it is enough to sleep a little less, drink a little alcohol and here the first imperfections appear around the eyes.

Bags and dark circles appear when there is a fatigue of the veins around the eyes.

And that is why at first glance it is good to run for cover and rely on a good moisturizer for the eye contour.

The ingredient that interests us in this case is hyaluronic acid, an excellent ally for the skin of our face and therefore also around the eyes.

To remove makeup at this stage it is good to rely onmicellar water, since it is rich in prebiotics.

The best eye contour cream at 30 years

Thirty years is a very difficult obstacle for most of us, it is the turning point when we finally realize that youth will not last forever and come to terms with the first symptoms of aging …

In this phase it is good to rely on anti-wrinkle creams around the eyes, equipped with ingredients such as vitamin A and K, which are natural antioxidants.

These vitamins work against the effect of everyday stress, which is known to increase around the age of 30.

It is good to get into the habit of using even ice packs if you have a lot of time in front of the computer to stress your eyes.

Anti-wrinkle eye contour cream at 40-50 years

From 40 years onwards wrinkles begin to be felt, but above all to be seen, in fact they become much deeper because the skin is always drier.

It is time for hormonal change, as menopause approaches, therefore there is no more time to waste and it is necessary to go directly to action!

For this advanced phase it is good to rely on creams rich in soy extracts, phospholipids and glucosamine, to activate a finally regenerating and anti-aging process.

At the same time it is good to consolidate the use of a moisturizing cream for the eye area with the benign hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Also important will be the use of a sunscreen to allow the skin to protect itself from the dangers of the sun's rays.

It would be advisable to apply at least every ten days eye contour mask.

Why do I have a black or yellow eye area?

The dark circles of the eyes are unsightly dark marks or halos that appear below the lower eyelid.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are a problem for a large part of the population, the main reason is that these days people sleep little and badly.

The black or yellow eye contour gives the face a sense of fatigue and old age.

However, dark circles may also appear due to intense dehydration, so make sure you are always hydrated.

Even poor nutrition contributes dramatically to stir up this phenomenon.

Some people have more fragile capillaries than others, so it is normal that they are more prone to bags and dark circles.

But there are more serious cases in which a yellowed eye contour may be a symptom of anemia or thyroid disorders.

What to do for the dry eye area?

It is normal to have a dry eye after a certain age.

Many can be the causes for dryness of the eye area, such as an allergy, excessive sun exposure, too much pollution and dehydration.

The part around the eyes is very delicate and can appear at once brittle and aesthetically communicate tiredness and lethargy.

Chamomile wrap for eye contour

Chamomile is the classic grandmother's remedy, in fact it is used from time immemorial to "heal" the eyes.

And indeed it really works, try it.

Try to place two sachets of chamomile on the eyes, after having left them to infuse and then let them cool. I recommend not putting hot sachets on your eyes.

You will see the results.

Extra virgin olive oil pack for eye contour

Another classic remedy is olive oil, a panacea for all ills, as it seems omnipresent in home remedies.

Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent, completely natural and ecological anti-aging ingredient, loved by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers because it is effective.

The oil is emollient, antioxidant and nourishing, just spread it under our eyes and let it work for a few minutes, it is very effective against dryness.

When and how to put eye cream?

You're wondering how many times a day the eye contour should be put?

It is good to apply the cream around the eyes in the morning and in the evening after the tonic and before the face cream. Always remembering not to get too close to the lash line.

How to apply the eye contour cream?

  • The eye contour must be applied from the inside to the outside, or from the nose to our cheekbones, up to the arch of the eyebrows.
  • Always better to use the tapping method, using the ring finger for example to give light strokes, so as to avoid being too invasive and irritating the eye area.
  • Fundamental not to get too close to the eye to avoid trouble.

It is very easy to apply the eye contour cream, first of all it is good to make sure that the product you are using is not too fat.

It is therefore better to use a cream or a serum specifically designed for such a sensitive area of ​​the face. The lighter the better.

It is also important that the product promotes microcirculation and contains a solar filter inside it to avoid photo-aging.

How to massage the eye area?

Massaging the eye area can facilitate blood circulation and relax this part of the face to avoid blemishes in the future.

Self-massage is a fundamental technique to combine with a good eye contour cream.

here's how to do it:

  • The massage must start by applying very light pressure to the eyes with the palms of the hands, combined with a slight upward movement towards the temples.
  • Give pieces around the eye area with the index, middle and ring finger.
  • With thumb massage the temples in a circular motion.
  • Place the thumb in the inner eye area under the eyebrows and press firmly (count to 10 and release 3 times).
  • Place the index in the central point of the lower eye area and apply pressure to the bone (count up to 10 and release 3 times).
  • Move the forefinger to the outer corner of the lower eye area and massage gently. (count up to 10 and released 3 times).
  • Place the middle finger on the outer corner of the upper edge of your eye and press gently massaging (count up to 10 and release 3 times).
  • Move the middle finger to the temples and press gently massaging (count up to 10 and release 3 times).
  • Rub your hands vigorously until you feel very warm and cover your eyes with your hands (count up to 10 and release 3 times).
  • Gently massage the closed eyes with the index, middle and ring fingers (count up to 10 and release 3 times).

DIY eye contour mask

Not everyone knows that you can take advantage of the ingredients in your pantry to make perfect DIY eye mask.

Chamomile and almond oil mask

As mentioned above, chamomile is a very important ally for the care of one's skin.

In fact, it acts on the capillaries, narrowing them and reducing swelling in the eyes.

Just take the chamomile sachet, boil a small amount of water and leave it to infuse for five minutes.

Put some almond oil on the skin and massage with your fingertips until the skin is shiny.

Cool the sachets and place them under the eyes after squeezing them.

Here they will have to stay 10 minutes.

So admire the result.

Cocoa butter mask, rose water and olive oil

The cocoa butter is known, it is used in cosmetics for its almost miraculous qualities, it is able to give a much more fresh and shiny look to the skin after the first application.

The rose water is used to cleanse the skin in depth and the oil increases the production of sebum.

So at this point you will only have to combine the three elements to create an explosive healing mix for our eye area.

They will melt three teaspoons of cocoa butter in three teaspoons of oil and leave everything to warm up in a bain-marie for three minutes.

Then add a tablespoon of rose water after removing the mixture from the flame and mix well.

At this point, just blot the eye contour with the lotion created by us using a brush and leave on for about twenty minutes.

Try it for yourself, the result will leave you speechless.

What is the best eye cream? (Final Guide) Reviews

Lierac eye contour creams, my favorite for the lifting effect


  • This eye cream with a vanishing, velvety texture contains high concentrations of active ingredients for the eye contour area.
  • Relaxor Bx Complexâ „, Hyaluronic Acid, Extracts of rare black flowers, Bilberry & Blackcurrant, Patented Botanical Microcapsules

An exceptional product that has a lifting effect and gives tangible results right from the first applications.

Here is an eye contour cream that has given me a lot of satisfaction over the past three years, after switching from one product to another.

When I wake up every morning I get the canonical fatigue bags under my eyes. I have difficulty sleeping in a deep manner so even when I can stay in bed for 8 hours, I am never really resting.

The Lierac eye contour is able to soothe my bags, giving the skin a beautiful lifting effect, clearly partial, it is not a surgical operation, but the periods I use this product the skin around the eyes is pleasantly "pulled".

The packaging of the Lierac is very beautiful and elegant, therefore recommended for making a good impression even in the case of a gift.

The price is a bit high but we are faced with a high quality product, so it's not surprising.

If you apply the product both in the evening and in the morning this tends to wear out soon, after about a month you will have to reinvest other euros to buy a new one …

Using it instead only in the morning you can keep costs down and have the same beautiful results visible to the naked eye.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum

Excellent draining that acts directly on the eye contour.

The Estee Lauder is a good draining eye contour, from the first application you can notice a remarkable moisturizing effect that accompanies you throughout the day.

It works best if you use it constantly and over time, providing the best results over the long haul.

It is perfect also used alone without combining it with other products, it does not make the water tears because it is very delicate, therefore it can also be used by those with particular allergies.

Promoted with full marks.

Pure Nuvò Bava di Snail, my sister's favorite

Pure Nuvò Burr of Snail 30ml PURE and CONCENTRATED Double ...
Pure Nuvò Burr of Snail 30ml PURE and CONCENTRATED Double …

  • PURE SNAIL FLAVOR: Our snail slime is produced in our farms in the hills of Lake Garda (MADE IN ITALY), extraction is done manually without damaging the snails
  • EFFECTIVE: Snail slime contains natural active ingredients with nourishing, illuminating, protective, film-forming function; EFFECTIVE as an adjuvant in moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments

Also excellent against scars.

There snail slime it is known is an innovative ingredient that in recent years has revolutionized the world of cosmetics.

This Pure Nuvò at the base of snail slime is no exception and has convinced my sister that she has become a fierce fan over the last year.

It is a very moisturizing product that punctually receives excellent online reviews, also fights acne and is very useful around the eyes.

The hydration is light but deep, uniform on the complexion.

It can also be used in combination with serums and other creams, or as a base for make-up.

Absorption is fast and guarantees excellent results right from the start, even if it has a liquid consistency at first glance.

So as not to waste it, it is always better to use the spray dispenser, otherwise it tends to slip away.

Also excellent against scars and stretch marks, it makes them less visible.

Poppy Austin Serum Vegan, my vegan daughter loves it

Hyaluronic Acid Skin Serum - HUGE 60 ml - Vegan, ...
Hyaluronic Acid Skin Serum – HUGE 60 ml – Vegan, …

  • THE BEST INGREDIENTS – Contains the highest concentration of pure hyaluronic acid, vegan and wellness center quality. It is odorless, free of impurities and 100% transparent. Poppy Austin is always committed to using only the best ingredients of ethical provenance in its award-winning line of anti-aging products
  • EXTRAORDINARY DIFFERENT – Unlike most serum with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, mass-produced, this innovative product rich in moisture penetrates deeply into the skin layers of your skin. It provides an instant hydrating boost of organic extracts and lipids thanks to its unique fast-absorbing nebulizer. Elegantly presented in a HUGE 60 ml bottle made in Italy. The DOUBLE of all the other serums with hyaluronic acid

Recommended for young, affordable and long-lived skin.

The Poppy Austin is a vegan serum, for those like my daughter who are particularly attentive to issues concerning the use of animals in cosmetic tests and the use of completely organic and hypoallergenic materials.

My daughter is only 23 years old, but she felt the need for a product that would help her stretch the muscles of the face and especially those around the eyes, which is why I gave her this product, knowing she would make her happy.

The bottle is very large, which means it contains a lot of product and it really takes a long time to finish the bottle, I assure you.

It is very liquid and does not absorb very easily, but moisturizes the skin to the full.

The fragrance is citrus, very pleasant.

Just a few drops are enough to have the desired effect, it can be used both day and night.

Greatly improves the skin texture with constant use.

LDREAMAM Skin Lightning Serum, without petrolatum

Serum With Hyaluronic Acid For Face And Eyes, Skin Serum With ...
Serum With Hyaluronic Acid For Face And Eyes, Skin Serum With …

  • BEAUTY WITHOUT AGE – This purifying serum contains a proven formula that helps eliminate eruptions and imperfections, signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark circles, crow's feet, bags under the eyes and fine lines, for a brighter complexion.
  • NATURAL – Bio Serum with 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid, Face and Neck, Lift Effect Ingredients, Moisturizing Elasticizer for an Anti Age Effect

Here is one of the best serums in circulation, without petrolatum.

The LDREAMAM Skin Lightning Serum is a colorless and odorless serum, has a fairly thick consistency and a very smart dispenser that avoids waste.

Already from the second application there may be improvements in the skin that will be younger and hydrated, it acts particularly well around the eyes, so I decided to include it in my guide.

What I like about this serum is that it does not absolutely grease the skin, letting it free to breathe.

In my opinion, an advisable routine would be this: use the most nutritious cream at night while in the morning a lighter one.

In the case of dry skin it is good to feed it before using a product like this.

A little clarification on the world of bio is in my guide, and I take the space in the review of this product to explain that the real bio is very difficult to find, especially when dealing with very large bottles like this one .
Given that a one hundred percent organic product would tend to lose its properties very quickly, it is inevitable that there are chemical agents combined with natural ingredients to allow the product to be preserved over time.

SOSIAY CICI, cream against caffeine dark circles

Caffeine Cream 30g Eye Wraps, Firming Filler ...
Caffeine Cream 30g Eye Wraps, Firming Filler …

  • 【REFRESHING EYE CREAM】 Enriched with advanced moisturizing factors, this anti-wrinkle cream releases energy upon contact with the skin, providing sufficient hydration and nutrients for dry eye skin, a refreshing cream suitable for both day and night routines.
  • 【NATURAL INGREDIENTS】 Extracts the natural essence of milk thistle, which is delicate, non-irritating and improves the skin in depth. 2% caffeine can effectively reduce edema, natural hyaluronic acid blocks moisture on the skin, vitamin E reduces sun damage and slows down the rate of skin oxidation.

The Sosiay Cici cream is surprising, first and foremost as characteristics it is particular because it is not a less dense cream than the usual caffeine creams. And it doesn't burn eyes at all.

This is a cream that I recommend to many of my clients given her excellent value for money.

It redefines the lines of the face, erasing the crow's feet, making them withdraw and allowing the heavier lines of the face to lighten.

Recommended for those who have a problem already at an advanced stage despite their young age.

Wrinkles and swellings tend to disappear by the first week.

Perfect for those with a very sensitive skin, it acts in depth without bothering.

The skin under the eyes tends to be noticeably smoother and any discoloration over time is no longer visible.

Vovees athena, biological filler that is good for all skin types


Anti-wrinkle Face Serum - Vovees Athena - Bio Pure Hyaluronic Acid ...
Anti-wrinkle Face Serum – Vovees Athena – Bio Pure Hyaluronic Acid …

  • IMMEDIATE EFFECT – Other facial serums dry out the skin or leave it sticky. The Ultrapure Hyaluronic Acid of the intensive anti-aging serum by Vovees has a molecular weight close to that of the skin to penetrate it immediately with effective
  • DO YOU WANT TO REMEDY TO THE SIGNS OF THE AGE? Anti-age hyaluronic acid Athena stimulates the formation of collagen and connective tissue, moisturizes, smoothes expression lines, contrasts the signs of aging, gives an immediate velvet effect

Vovees Athena is a biological filler that adapts to all skin types and has a very competitive price.

Let's start immediately with the main defect of this product: the consistency of this Vovees product is very dense, and sometimes the dispenser finds it difficult to dispense the product, so there is a need to unscrew the bottle.

But the merits make up for this problem, since it is a very valid product.

If you wait for immediate results from the day after the application, it is better to bet directly on another product.

This Athena Vovees is a filler that gives long-term satisfaction, has a light consistency and tends to be absorbed very quickly by the skin.

The first few days it can happen to feel the skin pull a little, but after a couple of weeks it begins to clear and become more alive and beautiful, almost reborn.

Florence serum hyaluronic acid

WINNER 2019 * BIO Face Serum with 100% PURE HYALURONIC ACID, ...
WINNER 2019 * BIO Face Serum with 100% PURE HYALURONIC ACID, …

  • ANTI-AGE SERUM FOR FACE, DÉCOLLETÉ AND EYE CONTOUR COLLAR – Application after application our serum refreshes mature, dry and tired looking skin. Its ingredients help to stimulate the natural production of collagen, treating the fine lines of facial expression, reviving and hydrating your entire face, neck and décolleté. Get ready to make your head spin and stand out from the crowd with the best anti-age moisturizing serum from 2019.
  • THE DIFFERENCE OF OUR SERUM – many positive reviews from verified customers report that our serum has anti-wrinkle and anti-stain functions on the skin. Its highly moisturizing formula enriched with vitamin E, Jojoba oil and aloe vera, is easily absorbed, providing a SUPER moisturizing sensation. IT IS ENTIRELY REALIZED IN ITALY AND CONTAINS INGREDIENTS DERIVED FROM BIOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE.

If you want to solve the problem of a dry and brittle eye contour, perhaps with a slightly yellowish complexion, the Florence is a serum that if used in the right way can give lots of satisfactions.

Here is a serum that can be used without fear both by the twenty years old and by those a little later in the years, in fact it has very interesting and versatile organological characteristics.

It leaves the skin luminous and toned from the first application, a feature that is perfect for those who, like San Tommaso, do not believe if they do not see and need confirmation from the first moment to continue with the treatment.

It has a very popular fragrance from my customers.

Also vegan certified, therefore in full respect for the environment and animals.

It can also be used in the morning to avoid the look "just off the bed".

It also works well against sunspots, which become brighter over time if you have the patience and perseverance to use it every day.

After a couple of weeks you will notice the clearly brighter face.

It is a product as I said for those who love to see results right away but want to take home a great product at a competitive price.

Highly recommended.

In conclusion

The eyes I am the mirror of the soul, and we know very well that a very small detail on the face is easily noticeable.

As human beings we have evolved to decipher the emotions and information present on the faces of our fellow human beings in the fastest and most efficient way possible to guarantee survival.

A primitive man who could quickly realize the fear in the eyes of one of his tribal companions certainly had an evolutionary advantage because he could warn himself first and run for cover.

This is why the face is such an important part of the body that should be taken into consideration.

If the elbow skin ages it will take some time before someone notices it, and above all it might even notice it. On the contrary, if wrinkles begin to form on our eye contour, everyone will notice it and start judging us to be older and tired, treating us accordingly.

We cannot absolutely neglect the aesthetic health of our face, especially in a world like the current one so obsessed with portraying ourselves in high-definition photographs and selfies.

The higher the definition of a photo that ends on Instagram, the more obvious all the defects on our face will be.

It is therefore important not to be discouraged and try to keep pace with this trend so as to always be proof of photos.

I know it is a reasoning that at first glance may seem strange, even at the first signs of Instagram I was a bit skeptical and believed that all this craving for photography was a bit exaggerated.

Then I realized that this is the natural evolution of these times, and that we live in the best of present possible.

For this reason, instead of complaining, it is better to immediately run for cover and try to take care of your own eye contour immediately.

My daughter, for example, is twenty years old and already uses a face cream and an eye cream, I convinced her by showing me my photos at her age, I had such a smooth and young skin, very bright.

Then unfortunately I neglected it a little because at the time many things that are known now were not on the agenda for ordinary mortals, so I had to provide after 40 years to intervene massively with cosmetics to get me back on track.

It is clear that if, on the other hand, we begin to pay attention to our own eye contour and use non-aggressive products at an early age, avoiding crazy exposure to the sun without protection at peak times and other such madness, we can keep our skin young and hydrated lifetime.

Sometimes I think that such guides should have existed years ago, it would have been nice to read the guide to the best eye contour already at the age of 25 and to take care of my face with a moisturizer.

But anyway, I am happy with my life and how my face appears now, because I have learned to compensate with face and eye creams suitable for my mixed skin.

Goodbye from your Antonella.

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