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Hi, I'm Antonio.

I'm an engineer by profession, you hear mine history.

Once I was in slovenia to work at a construction site.

I was having a coffee with the foreman to discuss certain technical issues, and I had parked the car in the street 🚗, 15 meters from the bar.

We were in one secondary road connected to a main road in Ljubljana.

We hear the sound of glass coming from outside, but then we don't take much notice of it … never thinking …

I go out after two minutes to scruple, e my car was already gone.

Surreal situation, I couldn't believe it, I was a mouth wide open, literally.

That day I'm dead inside, I felt like a imbecile.

More ugly than finding your woman in bed with another.

I obviously don't have a car never found again, brought immediately who knows in which nation of Eastern Europe. But on the other hand from that day I made up my mind to become car safety expert.

I swore by never try again in my life that ugly feeling.

Look for a good one mechanical car burglar alarm?

Or do you want a satellite Alarm?

Then follow this guide of mine to best car alarm, in these years I read a lot and personally tested several burglar alarm solutions.

In the end I opted for a combined GPS tracking system plus steering lock. I think it's the best solution for the moment, to sleep peacefully.

DIY car alarm

Here's a good idea video if you have excellent dexterity and you want to build a nice DIY alarm:

Maybe then you can combine this mechanical solution with a GPS electronic satellite anti-theft device to make your system bombproof.

Best car alarm

CARLOCK – the car locator I use

CARLOCK - Real time advanced car locator & ...
CARLOCK – Real time advanced car locator & …

  • SLEEP AND WORK WITHOUT CONCERNS – CarLock monitors your car and warns you if your vehicle is towed, if the engine is started, if there is an unusual vibration detection and even if the CarLock device is disconnected.
  • CHECK OUT YOUR ADOLESCENT SON – We all love our teenage children, but at the wheel they can be completely different people. CarLock detects abrupt acceleration, sharp braking and even sharp turns.

This car locator of the carlock is a very good product, equipped with an excellent app and allows you to track the position of your car at any time, given that the signal "takes" almost anywhere.

I chose it for its completeness and ease of use.

To make it work you need an annual subscription to add the (paltry) cost of the SIM to make it work.

It has the bluetooth option to reduce false alarms.

There is also the possibility of controlling the opening of the passenger compartment doors.

It is a very effective and precise product, sensitive to vibrations.

You can also use it as "judge"Of his driving style, he will analyze the way we bring the car and give us advice on how to improve improper practices, for example if you use the accelerator too much …

Certainly a powerful ally in the fight against thieves.

Point 1 TKR1 Evo mini GPS Tracker

TKR1 Evo mini GPS Tracker LOCALIZER
TKR1 Evo mini GPS Tracker LOCALIZER

  • WE RECOMMEND THE PURCHASE OF THIS DEVICE EXCLUSIVELY TO THOSE WHO HAVE A DISCRETE TECHNICAL PREPARATION. The TKR1 Evo mini GPS locator is perfect for locating vehicles, seniors, children, pets, luggage and anything else you want to locate. Very small mm. 40x38x15, weighs 25 g., With 450 mAh lithium rechargeable battery and very resistant shell. Device management via the free iOS and Android app.
  • NEED A GSM Micro-SIM enabled for voice, GPRS data and SMS (minimum 50 MB and 50 SMS per month), SIM not included in the purchase. CAN NOT 'WORK WITHOUT SIM — ATTENTION: THE SIMS OF THE MOBILE THINGS AND MOBILE POST ARE NOT COMPATIBLE — REAL TIME MONITORING on App with maps (Google Maps) with memorization paths (3 months history). Communicates the GPS position also via SMS.

Here is a very good tracking system for your car, very compact, with a very long battery life and a high performance and easy to use app.

The instructions are written in Italian, so even those who don't understand English very well should have no problems installing and using this product.

The assistance of the product is great, I have had occasion to see it in person, Point 1, the manufacturing company, is very careful to the problems of its users and are always available to any request.

What I like is that there is a human relationship with the client, treated as a person and not as a number.

This GPS tracker allows you to track the precise position of your car at any time.

Simply mount a dedicated phone SIM (just take a cheap 2 euro a month from vodafone) and follow the very detailed instructions in Italian, and you'll be ready to go.

Mechanical steering column lock

Sturdy, very heavy, difficult to force.

This steering lock uses a numerical combination that is very difficult to force with a key, and it is also a very little used system so it is not something thieves see every day. Excellent initial psychological deterrent.

The product is of excellent workmanship, beautiful to look at and robust.

I decided in this guide of mine to point out the products that I personally used and which I also think is beautiful to look at, I love my car and I can't stand those nasty ugly steering wheel blocks of childish colors that ruin the aesthetics of the cockpit of my beloved machine .

It is difficult to break into and opens only by entering the exact combination.

Easy to install.

Bullock, anti-theft locks pedals with balls

Personally I don't use the pedals lock, but my brother does, and he asked me to include it in this guide for completeness.

So the review I wrote to him directly.

Hi, I'm Alfonso, Antonio's younger brother.

It was the first time I had anything to do with the Bullock, but I had seen television commercials for years and knew it was a quality product.

It is an anti-theft device that mainly blocks the pedals while it is tensioning the steering.

It is easy to assemble, it only takes a little initial adjustment to adapt it to your car and then you are ready.

It is very solid and especially given the color it is clearly visible even from afar.

Also easy to remove, it does not ruin the steering wheel, I had some doubts before taking it but I must admit that in these three years I have used it without any problems whatsoever.

The parts in contact with the steering wheel are in fact covered with rubber, while the small balls (the balls) resting on the dashboard are in plastic.

As against there is the fact that it is a bit bulky and therefore in the car sometimes steals some space if you are in more people or if you are transporting a lot of stuff.

With the purchase of the Bullock you also have one year of free roadside assistance, and this was certainly an aspect that initially encouraged me to purchase.

The mechanical lock remains an excellent deterrent but it is known that on its own it cannot prevent thieves from for example lifting the car by force with a vehicle, putting it inside a container and carrying it.

What is certain is that if the car is in the center parked with people walking around this operation becomes much more difficult and thieves will prefer to give "attention" to other parked cars.

Mors your life. I'm sorry to say, but today it is.

Tevlaphee Steering Lock

Tevlaphee Car Steering Lock Anti-theft Lock ...
Tevlaphee Car Steering Lock Anti-theft Lock …

  • Convenient use and humanized design: Tevlaphee's patented self-locking function locks with a single pull. Easy to handle, install and remove. Simple to lock and unlock with keys in seconds. It can be installed on the back of the steering wheel so that it does not rest on the top of the airbag. To facilitate the use of stretching, it is not necessary to use the key, and when the lock is inactive, due to shaking it will bring its own stroke, then
  • Always protect yourself and your vehicle! – Packaging with hood to avoid accidental damage to the glass. Use it to prevent the occurrence of violence is the original intention of our design! A metal car safety escape tool to help prevent automotive entrapment and break the window for a safety escape. Your life may depend on this car hammer!

Unlike similar steering lock, this can lengthen without bumping into the central area of ​​the steering wheel, so it is perfect for cars with the logo on the steering wheel because it avoids scratching them. The central part is in fact padded and slightly curved to fit the steering wheel.

A steering lock that really does its duty, leaving nothing to chance.

The anti-theft device of the Tevlaphee arrives in the parcel accompanied by some strips of sponge to be applied to the jaws that will be fixed to the steering wheel, this to prevent scratches and mechanical damages to the same.

There are also three spare keys, a glass breaker tip and a safety cover.

It is very solid, just place it over the steering wheel and it will extend to fit the jaws in the spokes.

It is easy to remove, in fact it will be enough to insert and turn the release key.

Aesthetically he does his job, he makes himself noticed by the thief, but it is not ugly to keep in the car, which is not the least considered the aesthetic level of some of the competitors, who are practically a punch in the eye.

It is not as heavy as other brands' models.

The value for money is also remarkable, but it does not compromise quality.

Obviously such devices should be considered more as deterrents than as real burglar alarms, first of all they serve to discourage the thief and put in front of him a barrier that will make it more complex and time-consuming to take the car away.

As we all know there is not a really infallible burglar alarm, it cannot exist, if the banks are stolen we imagine how effectively a car is vulnerable.

It is clear, however, that it is always better to give troublemakers a hard time than if they were to realize that they would have to spend several hours in order to take a car away in the vast majority of cases they would have to give up, especially if it is not of great value. or difficult to resell.

PAJS Magnet locator GPS sensor


PAJ GPS Power Finder GPS Tracker Cars, motorcycles, vehicles and trucks ...
PAJ GPS Power Finder GPS Tracker Cars, motorcycles, vehicles and trucks …

  • Long-term protection thanks to a strong battery – The 10,000 mAh battery lasts about 40 days with an active tracking time of about 1 hour a day and up to 90 days in standby mode! In this way, the annoying loading is minimized and the directional transmitter reliably protects what you love. The battery level can be viewed online at any time.
  • SIM included – The SIM card is already integrated in the tracking device. No special installation is required. Live online localization takes place directly on the smartphone via the free app for iOS and Android.

Here is a nice live online locator.

Nice this locator has that is very easy to be carried around, because it is very light.

At the same time, however, it is robust and compact.

It can also be used as a history of the journey of your car up to the previous 100 days.

The kit includes a sim card and a battery charger.

When the battery is starting to run down, there is a system that warns us and reminds us to recharge it in time, so that we never find ourselves busted for our car.

In the back there is a magnet, which will allow us to place it anywhere in the passenger compartment or vehicle away from thieves.

It remains well fixed to the bodywork of our car, without us running the risk of losing it.

You can use it by connecting it to an app for the dedicated service, but in this case we should pay a monthly subscription.


What are the most effective types of car alarms?

Flying Lock

The steering wheel lock is one of the most used and most effective devices for the bases of the world of car alarms.

It is often used in combination with other systems. It acts mechanically and allows direct locking of the steering wheel.

Bloster models block both steering wheel and pedals.

It can also be integrated with a sound alarm or a hidden start-up system, used in combo is very effective because it sensibly discourages the attacker who, if motivated, will have to tinker with your car for a long time before obtaining something.

Wheel Lock

Instead, the wheel lock is hooked onto the wheels of your car and prevents them from moving so they cannot be moved.

It can also be synchronized to an internal electronic alarm protected from tampering that can warn you if the wheels are being tampered with.

Surely this is one of the safest car alarms, despite being one of the most cumbersome and annoying to install.

Kill Switch

The kill switch prevents the electronic control unit from working, thus preventing the start of modern cars whose functioning depends on it.

Electronic immobilizer

The electronic immobilizer is very common in cars of more recent invoice, and prevents the car from being able to be in motion if the key is not inserted inside the dashboard.

Auto Sound Alarm

The sound alarm is the best known, because the most "disturbing" in the quiet of the night.

If the car is touched it will emit a very loud sound that should deter the criminals. Alone is of little use, but in combination with other car alarms it makes life much more difficult for the thief, who will attract the attention of the whole neighborhood while trying to tamper with the other systems.

GPS electronic tracking system

The GPS electronic tracking system allows tracking the car even if it is moved.
It is expensive but indicated if you have a car of a certain value.

One of the safest systems in the world.

Hood Lock

The insulation lock is indicated for cars of value, in fact it prevents the battery or other parts of the vehicle from being stolen.

It is a system that mechanically locks the hook you have to move manually to raise the bonnet when you have removed the side rubber hooks.

How to choose a mechanical car alarm?

There are some fundamental aspects when evaluating a serious and efficient anti-theft device for the safety of your car.


It is important that any attackers notice that the car in question is equipped with a visible anti-theft system, in which case they will of course prefer to have another car more vulnerable in the same car park.

Universal device

It is a good idea to make sure that the device you are going to buy will be universal and therefore adaptable to any car model.

There are universal and other steering locks based on specific machine models.

Resists physical attacks

It is good to choose a burglar alarm that resists physical attacks and that is not simply an aesthetic quirk, "by feint".

There are Chinese anti-theft devices that I saw recently around that I can imagine them good only to do a bit of a scene inside the car to discourage some junkie toxic.

A professional thief can recognize at a glance that it is a cheap anti-theft device and therefore has an incentive to penetrate the vehicle and commit theft.

It is therefore better to opt for a steering lock or in any case a very resistant and difficult to force hand-held mechanical anti-theft system.

What types of steering lock are there?

There are three types of steering lock mainly:

Traditional block

The traditional steering lock is the "vintage" one that is seen in many vintage photos and is still used successfully as a "basic" anti-theft device.

It is formed by a bar and is attached to the steering wheel via extendable hooks that lock the steering wheel.

Pedal lock

The pedal block is used to lock in simultaneously with the steering and the pedals, making it more difficult to tamper with the system.

Closed steering lock

The closed steering lock covers the steering completely, thus making it more difficult to force and tamper with it.

The steering wheel is protected by a hardened steel shell.

As against the closed steering lock, it has the fact that it is very bulky inside the car, it is sometimes difficult to find a place even to keep it from which it can be easily removed whenever necessary.

But it reassures the most paranoid.

Does the steering lock ruin the steering wheel?

The steering lockes do not damage the steering wheel as long as they are carefully installed.

To be safer you can use a cloth between the surface of the steering wheel and the steering lock, so as to avoid a different contact.

This is advisable if you are dealing with cars of particular value, otherwise it is a useless measure in my opinion.

What to do if the steering lock key is lost?

If you have lost the steering lock key, you must first check whether there is a spare inside the package.

Otherwise it is good to arm yourself with patience and contact a locksmith directly without wasting time.

In the event that the locksmith cannot reach you, you will have to arrange for yourself to reach your workshop by means of a trailer.

Alternatively, you can try yourself to sharpen the bar with a saw, in this case I recommend using a good angle grinder.
However, pay attention to the steering wheel and the steering column, otherwise you run the risk of irreparably damaging the vehicle.

In conclusion

Anything can happen in a crazy world like ours.

Once in my youth I liked trusting people, believing that apart from some bad elements, some bad apples, we were all essentially good and ready to help others.

I realized over time and with the experience that unfortunately it is not so, the world is full of ill-intentioned people ready to act.

Our country is going through a bad time, and it is normal that in a moment of need the intelligence is sharpened and you are ready to commit even the worst crimes and thefts in order to survive.

I do not condemn those who make extreme gestures, but as a private citizen I am obliged to protect my property, not in the sense of arming myself but at least preventing thieves from being able to enter my home and into my car and do what they want.

I made so many sacrifices to buy my house and my car, and I don't want what happened in Slovenia five years ago to happen again.

Above all, I want to sleep peacefully, at least in this, because I already have many other problems to solve and I can't constantly be worried that someone might steal my car with which I have to go to work every day.

Life is a difficult battle, I am ready to fight it, but not to complicate it further.

Do you agree?

This is why in the last few years I have become a connoisseur of anti-theft systems for cars, they make me a fool once, but not two.

I decided to write this guide to the best car alarm to help those like me who are modest drivers and don't want to spend thousands of euros to protect their vehicle.

This article is for those who want to solve a problem without going crazy, with a system that is easy to install and above all not heavy on the wallet.

I hope these words have helped you.

I thank the friends of Pro Contro who have given me space on their site.

Until next time, yours,


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