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I'm Martina.

I work in a beauty center, and I have skin blemishes every day.

Looking a cream that eliminates facial blemishes?

You want an excellent cream depigmentation?


Or look for one anti-stain cream for men?

Follow me.

Why do the spots appear on the face?

The spots on the face appear mainly for aging, but in reality there are other types of spots that can appear at any time in one's life, and whether or not they constitute a alarm bell to be taken into account.

But they can also be caused by:

  • Genetic factors (think of freckles)
  • Hormonal factors (for example the gravidic mask in pregnancy)
  • Infectious diseases
  • Taking drugs
  • Direct contact with irritants that trigger a skin reaction

The spots that form on the face are usually a consequence of alteration of the melanocytes, ie those cells suitable for the production of pigment.

When the distribution of melanin is not uniform, the patch is generated.

Lentigo senili

Lentigo senili is the process that sees the appearance of spots on the skin due to age.

This is an inevitable phenomenon, aggravated by the solar radiations to which one is subjected in the course of life, but in this case cigarette smoking, pollution and wind, well yes.

It happens that the production of melanin is altered and the pigment is produced in an irregular manner, often giving rise to hyperpigmentation.

Age spots appear on the hands and face, appearing dark in color.

Solar lentigo

If you expose yourself too much to the sun's rays, even at a young age, you risk being victims of solar lentigo.

The spots in this case will appear in the parts of the body that are most directly affected by exposure to the UV rays of the sun.

The color is dark yellow or hazel.

This type of stain is not dangerous, but strongly anti-aesthetic.

Stains on the face in pregnancy, the gravidic mask

During pregnancy it is common for mothers to form dark spots on the skin of the face.

It is normal that this happens and has hormonal causes, the production of melanin in fact in this period of life increases in some parts of the face and determines the so-called gravidic mask or chloasma or melasma.

In fact, in pregnancy there is a greater production of melanin, this particular condition usually disappears already some days after the birth.

During pregnancy, I simply advise covering the stains with covering makeup, avoiding using creams that could be harmful to the fetus since they are composed of a mix of vitamins and other ingredients that can potentially cause discomfort.

Exposure to the sun accentuates this type of stain, so it is better to cover yourself, or use an excellent sun protection.

In the event that stains persist even after childbirth it is advisable to wear lightening depigmenting products avoiding those containing perfumes.

How to lighten the spots on the face?

There are various gimmicks that can be used for clear or camouflage facial blemishes.

Sometimes it is not easy to hide the spots that appear on your face, but let's see together what are the natural methods to try:

The trick

Makeup is an excellent ally against facial blemishes, and can be safely included in the fight against stains, provided they are not exaggerated and are not used as a single remedy.

A healthy and balanced life is the pass for the aesthetic health of our body.

Biological or mineral based correctors are the best you can ask for in this field.

As a corrective trick it is good to use the green color for the reddish spots, the yellow one for the cutaneous aging spots and the orange one for the blue spots.

Power supply against stains

We know that health starts at the table, it is useless to use stratagems and various lotions if you then make an unregulated life without paying attention to what is introduced inside your body.

Vitamin E is a valuable ally against facial blemishes. It also protects against free radicals.

Vitamin A is also fundamental and can be found instead in carrots, potatoes, spinach and cabbage.

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is great for preparing compresses and thus lightening the stains that have already formed on your face.

Simply mix baking soda and lukewarm water in a 1/2 ratio to obtain a compound to apply to the skin. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is very powerful, used as a remedy for many health problems and problems of home economics, even in this case it can be our friend.

It is in fact one of the ancient methods handed down to lighten skin blemishes.

Just apply a few drops of lemon juice on the affected areas. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to dilute it with water.

However, this treatment must be sustained over time, an application is not enough to be able to verify its effectiveness.

Castor oil

Yes, castor oil is not only used for fearful punishment, it is also a powerful ally in the fight against spots on the skin.

It can in fact be used to mitigate the dark spots on the face caused by aging.

In this case, castor oil is applied to the affected area and gently massaged for a few minutes.

It will then be appropriate to leave the oil to act for at least 2 hours before rinsing.

Aloe Vera

THE'aloe vera it is unbeatable when it comes to regenerating skin tissue.

Aloe can therefore be used to treat spots caused by acne and those caused by allergies.

Just apply Aloe Vera gel to the stains and leave for thirty minutes.

Constant application of this ingredient can work wonders in the long run.

What is the best anti-face cream? Opinions

Powder flowers depigmenting cream anti sunspots

Anti-stain Depigmenting Cream ENHANCED FORMULA - Cream ...
Anti-stain Depigmenting Cream ENHANCED FORMULA – Cream …

  • Bleaching cream Fiori di Cipria which CONTRASTS and PREVENTS skin blemishes and an uneven complexion. Formulation rich in LIGHTENING AND ANTI-STAIN ACTIVE PRINCIPLES such as pure VITAMIN C, VITAMIN B3 (niacinamide), extract of YEAST, extract of OAKS ROOT and extract of SEA LILY.
  • The active ingredient works as a tyrosinase inhibitor, the enzyme responsible for melanin formation. The presence of UVA-UVB filters makes this cream suitable for sensitive skin. After applying the "Depigmenting Cream" we recommend the use of a sunscreen with a high protection factor.

This powder flower is undoubtedly one of the best depigmented creams currently in circulation, perfect against sun spots.

In fact it makes less dark spots disappear, while it sensibly attenuates all the others.

The effect is particularly noticeable on the hands, and is in fact perfect for the spots generated by the sun.

Very elasticising cream.

To be used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, remembering to immediately apply also the sunscreen with total protection.

In fact, this serves to create a barrier to protect oneself from the sun's rays while the skin takes its healing course.

If you follow the treatment and apply the cream diligently, you will get great results and the stains will not return.

It is obvious that we must then continue to follow common sense instructions with discipline, and avoid exposing ourselves to the sun's rays at the most intense moments of the day, and then continue to use a sunscreen if we expose the skin to sunlight.

Spots tend to lighten and then disappear normally, you need patience but I assure you that the results are assured.

Q1 Q-WHITE whitening long-acting whitening gel cream


Q-WHITE whitening lightening gel cream for the treatment of ...
Q-WHITE whitening lightening gel cream for the treatment of …

  • Ideal for the treatment of sun spots, age spots, hormonal spots or post-operative inflammation
  • Effective on skin blemishes due to hyperpigmentation, hyperchromia and melasma: the treatment produces a concrete result in just 4 weeks of use

A lightening and bleaching anti-stain gel cream that works over the long term and guarantees excellent results.

This Q-White of Q1 is a gel cream that it needs a month to express its true potential, after this period in fact the spots will become simple halos, after another month they will generally disappear completely, as if by magic.

It is a serious product that surprises when used with discipline for all three months of treatment (a pack lasts 3 months).

It should be used twice a day.

Highly recommended.

All Natural Advice – Vitamin C serum

20% Vitamin C Serum • Completely Organic • Huge ...
20% Vitamin C Serum • Completely Organic • Huge …

  • FROM CANADA, 20% VITAMIN C SERUM – ORGANIC GUARANTEED AND MADE IN CANADA We are proud to be one of the few companies to offer a guaranteed, organic 20% vitamin C serum with 11% hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and witch hazel . We use the serum ascorbyl sodium ascorbyl phosphate version with vitamin C because it is more effective
  • DOUBLE SIZE TO ENORMEL 60ml Not only will you receive the best organic serum on the market, but you will get the DOUBLE of others that only offer bottles in 30ml format. Our serum is the thinnest ever, each molecule must be smaller so it can be absorbed more deeply by your skin, while other brands use chemicals to thin their serum that will remain on the surface of your skin and wipe.

All Natural Advice is an all-round product that not only acts as an anti-stain but also and above all as a moisturizing face cream, but also fights acne and gives a youthful look to the skin.

He tends to "pull" a bit when using it, but it is normal, meaning he is doing his duty.

It has a high percentage of vitamin C, as rarely seen in beauty products.

The scent stands out particularly, it is an intense citrus aroma, very pleasant.

It also effectively reduces wrinkles.

Perhaps the only negative aspect is the fact that it is very liquid so for some it is difficult to control, but it is enough to spray it on the fingers and spread it gently on the face.

All Natural Advice to vitamin C dries very quickly, and is not greasy.

It is clear that as in the case of the other similar products on this list there is a need to complete the entire treatment period, to be applied with diligence, in order to actually see the results.

But I can assure you that they won't wait and from the first weeks you will notice a decrease in wrinkles and spots.

Highly recommended.

Scobuty Whitening Cream, immediate results

Whitening Cream, Whitening Cream, Lightening Cream, Treatment ...
Whitening Cream, Whitening Cream, Lightening Cream, Treatment …

  • Natural safety: the cream contains a variety of extracts, safe, delicate, natural, sensitive to the skin, non-toxic and harmless to the skin. No other chemicals No pungiture, burning or dry skin.
  • Nourishing whitening: this anti-frost cream can bring miracles, hydrate, dilute, firm and firm the skin, promote cellular metabolism, restore skin elasticity, increase skin pH and make the skin smoother. Helps repair large pores, dilute melanin and eliminate odors. Moreover, it also resists bacteria, eliminates odors and the like.

The Scobuty whitening cream does its job effectively, leaving nothing to chance.

It has a decidedly rich consistency and as a fascinating feature there is the fact that it leaves the skin of velvety liso, and very smooth to the touch.

Perfect for generally smoothing out wrinkles and softening spots that disappear completely over time

It is a very good track to use as an ally against the signs of advancing age, but it can be exploited without problems even by those who are younger and start to notice slight imperfections on their skin.

This Scobuty it has a decidedly velvety texture and is a pleasure to apply.

After a week the first results are already visible, and certainly this is very encouraging if you are impatient like me and do not intend to wait too long.

There are people who naturally have more patience than others and can rely on a product like the waves of the sea, waiting for it to take effect and have its slow evolution.

Unfortunately I am not like that, if I do not immediately see the results of my actions, I get discouraged and lose my grip.

This anti-stain product is better suited to my type of character, while there are others for more patient people that I have specifically indicated in this guide.

Pentamedical anti-blemish and anti-acne cream

Here is a product to use consistently two or three times a day.

The spots will be reduced in size with time, to then clear and definitively disappear altogether.

It also fights stains caused by acne well and destroys it, leaving the skin healthy and shiny.

Clearly there is no anti-blemish cream that can perform miracles on its own, it is good to remember that with each treatment it is necessary to combine a balanced lifestyle far from the sun, wind and other bad weather.

At least for the time necessary for the treatment and for another month later, in order to have the maximum results and avoid relapses.

Certainly a recommended cream, which does its duty, so it deserves to be on my personal list.

Caudalie moisturizing sunscreen and redness mask

Here is a perfect serum to fight sun spots on the skin.

La Caudalie is an excellent brand that needs no introduction.

An anti-stain serum that guarantees spectacular results, and the numerous online reviews bear witness to this.

To be used both in the morning and in the evening, in a constant manner, to have remarkable results.

You will notice an improvement in the skin that will become brighter and younger over time, and the spots will disappear by hand.

It has a very light texture and a pleasant fruity aroma, it is quickly absorbed by the skin.

However, it is good to use it with a solar filter of at least 50+ to avoid the future appearance of spots.

Highly recommended.

Rosafiorentini, face cream with snail slime anti-stain cruelty free

Balum Snail Slime Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid Oil of ...
Balum Snail Slime Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid Oil of …

  • FUNCTIONAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: organic snail slime, with hyaluronic acid, argan oil, organic aloe extract, scented with musk rose. The requirements of ParabenFree, NoColoranti and Dermatologically Tested are certified and issued by qualified institutions.
  • FOR ALL AGES AND SKIN TYPES: dry, oily, with youthful acne, with small scars. The cream has an anti-wrinkle, nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing, soothing, emollient and exfoliating function for skin blemishes caused by psoriasis. For women and men.

Cruelty free cream perfect for reducing redness.

Here is a cruelty free cream, it means that for its realization and for its tests were not carried out cruelty operations to the detriment of poor animals.

And this alone would be enough to convince me to put this antimacchery cream in my guide.

But the real reason why it deserves to be here is that it is an excellent depigmenting lotion.

Compound of hyaluronic acid, argan oil and aloe.

Perfect then to regenerate dry skin and to erase those ugly spots that sometimes form on the face.

Snail slime is an ingredient that is king when it comes to refreshing the skin of the face and bringing it back to the splendor of youth.

The snail slime is healing, moisturizing and soothing, and in addition has a lightening effect that combined with the other ingredients creates a really powerful mix.

Highly recommended, especially for those who care about the environment and ethical choices.

The Oreal Men Expert anti-stain cream for men, also good against dark circles

If you are an athlete, and you train outdoors, or you do a job that exposes you to the elements, and you have spots on your skin, this is the cream that is right for you.

Here is a cream for men, the only one on the list, sometimes it is thought that aesthetic issues only occupy women, but nowadays we know well how important it is for men to present themselves to the best of their ability.

This Men Expert cream by L’Oreal has a good consistency and a good, masculine scent.

First and foremost it is a good face cream, but it also acts as an anti-blemish and in addition is perfect on dark circles.

It also helps keep the tan longer.

In short, it is a real all-rounder cream for men, given that strong sex often does not want to use different products every day as we women do, it is a good idea to have at least one that deals with more aspects of skin tightness.

It makes the skin more fresh and shiny, improving spots and eye bags.

And the price is ridiculous for what it offers.

What are the ingredients of anti-blemish creams?

Anti-blemish creams and serums are based on active ingredients that take the problem of "chest" and intervene directly on the spots to try to lighten them and over time break them down completely.

Depending on the intensity of your aesthetic problem you should consider a more or less aggressive cream and a more or less extended use over time.

C vitamin

Vitamin C is very powerful against free radicals, which are the main causes of our skin's aging.

Not everyone knows that the most dangerous effect of UV rays is precisely to reduce vitamin C levels within our body.

This leads to loss of elasticity for our skin and staining.

Vitamin C is therefore the important foundation of many anti-blemish creams.


Hydroquinone has a somewhat funny name, but it is simply a classic ingredient of creams against facial blemishes, serves to lighten freckles and sunspots.

Particularly suitable when the problem is hormonal.

It is the ingredient that bleaches the skin and restores its original pigment.


Retin-a is a very well-named ingredient but little is known about and nothing is often known.

It is a vitamin A based component that allows the cell renewal by exfoliation.

Very used in the acne care.

Effective against small wrinkles.

How to use the anti-blemish cream?

It is important to act as soon as possible, as soon as possible.

It is not a good idea to waste time when you notice the arrival of annoying skin spots, every day that passes is an extra chance for them to become permanent.

If you act within six months of their appearance it is easier to remove them quickly, otherwise it will take longer and more applications.

It is good then to use the anti-blemish cream every day, never forgetting to apply it on your skin before leaving the house, so as to create a sort of protective state and prevent spots from getting worse.

Another fundamental indication, and this is always valid, however, is of always use a sunscreen.

It is the best way to prevent any kind of stains.

In conclusion

As the media often remind us, we live in a world with a very high rate of pollution, the hole in ozone is an increasingly important problem, as a result the sun beats down on our heads more and more.

We may not even notice it if we do not live in particularly hot and polluted centers, but it is a problem that afflicts our entire world.

Ignoring the issue does not make us immune to the harmful effects of UV rays, these together with the pollution hood that makes us breathe micro-dust every day weakening our body and exposing our skin to harmful agents, makes the possibility of being victims of very high stains .

Skin blemishes are not a joke, sometimes they can be simple blemishes, however annoying and which ruin the aesthetic health of our face, our hands or our body in general, but can pre-warn much more serious pathologies.

It is not nice to have body skin invaded by spots, especially if it is the time of the year when it is finally time to put on a costume.

But it is even worse to discover that the speck that was thought to be a simple blemish is instead something much more serious.

This is why it is always a good idea to contact a qualified and competent dermatologist whenever our skin reacts strangely and is "modified".

Fortunately I have never had serious problems apart from the imperfections that I treat monthly thanks to the anti-blemish creams of my beauty arsenal, but a dear friend of mine had to fight a much bigger battle with a bad evil that at first seemed a simple speckle …

With this obviously I do not mean to scare you but simply to warn you, above all regarding the constant use of sun protection, during all the months of the year in which the sun beats in your zones, therefore not only from June to September, but also in spring, especially if you live in southern Italy.

I hope that my modest guide to stains and anti-stain creams has been helpful, it is nice to put personal experience at the service of others.

Greetings from Martina, next time.

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