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I'm Annarita.

I am a volleyball coach Pescara in Pescara.

Speak about kneepads it is always one very delicate matter, some indeed believe it is a accessory to use almost only as an embellishment, instead it is of vital for all those who practice volleyball.

I for the girls that I train, I recommend these on Amazon:

Errea Professional Tokyo Knee Pads

During a game it happens very often to the players of volleyball throw yourself to the ground for a defense operation, or in training you can fall or slip for a bad foot during a jump.

Here then that from simple accessories le knee pads for volleyball become gods real life savers.

You know, my knees are one of the most delicate parts of the human skeleton, as well as one of the most prone to injuries that are sometimes carried with them from adolescence to old age.

This is why they are essential in all sports where in one way or another you can end up in the "land".

Excellent volleyball knee pads will have to be sturdy and solid, but at the same time allow excellent leg mobility that should not be constipated. (Which, on the other hand, happens when Chinese economic models are used …)

I therefore recommend spending a few extra coins and buying quality knee pads.

Your knees will thank you.


How to choose the size of the knee pads for volleyball?

When buying knee pads it is very good to choose the right size for your leg.

It is therefore good to measure the circumference of his knee.

There are three measures to take:

  • The area above the knee on which the pad (the soft part) of the knee pad will rest.
  • The central part of the knee.
  • The lower part of the leg on which the final part of the knee brace will fall.

Once these measures have been obtained to purchase the knee brace, the most important fact is that concerning the central part of the knee.

Reference should therefore be made to table of measurements provided by the manufacturer and understand which size to order. Here this is the Errea table, for example.

If you are buying the brace for a growing child, be careful when measuring and imagine that your leg will inevitably grow over the years.

How to wash volleyball knee pads?

First let it dry.

Before washing the volleyball knee pads, it is good to let them dry after use.

If possible, they should be left outside the sports bag to air out.

This helps to prevent bad odors from forming. Many brands of knee pads are sold with washing instructions, but if yours were not equipped with instructions, in most cases a lap of the washing machine can only do them good.

Then machine wash.

However, it is very important to wash the knee pads by themselves inside the basket, to optimize washing.

The volleyball knee pads are often made of cotton and polyester, these materials are washed in cold or warm water, but never too hot.

It is good to use a mild detergent, as well as a not too vigorous washing cycle.

The knee pads should then be left to dry out, but if there is a need to use them immediately they can also be dried on the fly in the dryer. If you decide to opt for this option, when washing them better avoid the fabric softener.

Alternatively you can wash the knee pads by hand.

What are the best volleyball knee pads?

Errea, Tokio professional knee brace, my favorite

These are undoubtedly my favorite kneepads, the ones I always buy for girls on the first team.

The Errea knee pads are very famous, and can be seen on the legs of many important athletes.

Here is the size guide directly from the Errea website.

I recommend anyway always buy a size more than what would seem the right one for your own leg according to the measurements on the Errea website.

That is, if you think you need an M, buy L. directly

Apart from this detail there is to say that we are facing perhaps the best knee pads available in Italy.

They are resistant, robust and guarantee excellent leg mobility.

Also recommended for professionals, but in general to those who take this sport seriously or in any case intend to practice it for a long time in the future.

The padding is great, not like some models from other brands where it is too pronounced and prevents the knee from working smoothly and quickly.

This Errea knee brace is a good compromise between safety and mobility.

I repeat: always order an extra size, and you will find yourself perfectly.

Bauerfeind knee brace, the definitive knee brace

Bauerfeind, 1 Unisex knee pad, Wearable on the right and ...
Bauerfeind, 1 Unisex knee pad, Wearable on the right and …

  • Unisex turquoise knee brace (Size L), wearable to the right and left for support during sports such as eg basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball or running, preventive against injury risks, effective protection against overloads
  • Innovative silicone ring to lighten the kneecap, side wings and pressure points for positive sensorimotor feedback, improved movement control during prolonged sports sessions thanks to a slight compression

If you want to spend a little more, here is the definitive knee brace.

The cost could be prohibitive for some, but if you are serious and want to distinguish yourself in the field, this is a knee brace that really makes the difference.

Can also be used for football or other sports.

Provides additional safety to the knee but at the same time it is like not wearing it.

Exceptional, the deluxe knee brace for those who pay no attention to expenses.

Mizuno Team, elegant economic knee brace

For those who want a cheaper solution since they only play volleyball on Sunday with friends and are not sure whether or not to invest in accessories for this sport, because maybe they will be practicing it in a month, I recommend this Mizuno Team knee brace .

It has an excellent quality / price ratio, it is a product for those who want to enter the world of volleyball from the main door without risking to compromise the use of the knees.

But at the same time it does not ensure the same performance as Errea.

They are a bit too thin indeed to be used by professionals.

However, the Mizuno knee pads are very comfortable on the leg, light, and almost do not feel on them.

Also recommended if you practice other sports.

Excellent entry-level.

Mcdavid 601R, all-round knee pads

Here are some other excellent knee pads in relation to the price at which they are offered.

This is another product for amateurs or at least not for those who train every day.

Well-made seams, beautiful design, and good knee protection.

They guarantee good mobility and allow you to play volleyball without having to worry or save for a slip or less bagher.

Satisfactory across the board.

Given their price they can also be used for other purposes, in fact it is not only in the sports field that the knees need protection.

There are tasks in which you have to squat on all fours or if you have to do particular exercises on the ground at home and you don't want to ruin your knees, which we remember are a very delicate part of the human skeleton.

Here for this purpose these knee pads are perfect, the price is ridiculous, and I always have two spare pairs to give to newcomers who are approaching the world of volleyball.

Mikasa Kobe, the senior colored knee pads

Here are the knee pads that have the fact that they also cover the upper part of the knee, with a wide elastic band.

Available in many different colors.

But they are perhaps a little heavy and tend to make the leg sweat slightly.

If you think you should use them for several hours, maybe they are not really ideal, and it would be better in this case to focus on another product.

Good entry level knee pads, although maybe there's something better around.

Eulant, volleyball knee pads for children

EULANT Padded Knee Pads for Kids, Knee Sponge ...
EULANT Padded Knee Pads for Kids, Knee Sponge …

  • This high elastic item is available for children aged 3-12 years, to protect both the knee and the elbow.
  • The knee pads for children are made of high quality cotton and latex, with a hole in the back. It is soft, comfortable, breathable and absorbs perspiration, allowing you to wear all day.

If you want to buy knee pads suitable for children, you need to be very careful and not pay attention to expenses.

In fact, the little ones tend to be much more unwary than the adults and to throw themselves on the ground in a disjointed way even when they are not needed, often without dosing their strength …

It is very dangerous for a child to subject the knee to continuous stress, so the knee brace is an essential purchase even if you practice volleyball in a non-competitive way, perhaps only in the oratory pitch.

These Eulant knee pads are the ones I usually buy for children I train.

I recommend them because they are high quality and reasonably priced.

Why are knee pads important?

The knee pads are essential because they allow to protect the athlete's knee during possible falls or slips.

The shock-absorbing part of the knee pad absorbs the blow by distributing it over the entire surface and making it much less traumatic for the knee and leg.

The professional volleyball knee pads are designed to be particularly protective and avoid injuries.

How many of us in our lives did we get hurt by falling and peeling off our knees and then having pain even in the years to come?

The condition that an injury to this part of the body can no longer be recovered or recovered extremely slowly over the years is not unusual.

That's why I always recommend my girls to get quality kneepads.

But quality also obviously plays a very important role when it comes to such an accessory.

The leg must be fully free to move and the knee brace must fit perfectly adhering perfectly to the skin and guaranteeing a total fluidity of movements.

When it comes to your health and your sports performance there is no stinginess, you have to aim at the best.

In conclusion

I hope this guide has been helpful and has enlightened the path.

I receive many questions every day regarding volleyball training techniques, and large percentages of these focus on choosing an excellent knee brace to accompany your workouts and your sports performances.

It is for this reason that I decided to draw up this page, encouraged by my friends at Pro Contro who had noticed the unforgivable lack of a sports sector on their site that they say will have to become the definitive Encyclopedia of Life.

This is therefore only the first of the many articles I am preparing and I will publish shortly concerning the world of sport and athletic training.

I invite you to follow me because we will see and read some good ones.

See you soon,

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