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Best Ice Cream Makers – Reviews

Musso Mini 4080 – the one I use at home, recommended by my mother

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– High quality
– Entirely in stainless steel
– Easy to use
– Self-cooling

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get here, to talk to you about this being the best professional ice cream maker out there. I have it and it’s just fantastic. And many other customers agree with me: I searched online before buying it, and the reviews are all positive.

In reality, my opinions on the web didn’t convince me, but my mother’s advice. Of course, because if you have a person in your home who worked in your artisan ice cream parlor in your town, well, it’s obvious to ask for an opinion.

My mom knows almost all the ice cream makers proposed here, and advises them to come. But I, who am demanding, wanted the best ever and there was no comparison: the Musso Mini ice cream maker is on top of the podium.

Beginning with the presentations due: Musso is a very strong made in Italy company, specialized in ice cream makers since the 1960s. He makes all sorts of them, both at home and professional. In short, with a Musso ice cream maker you are in excellent hands.

The Mini is the perfect home ice cream maker in my opinion. It has a 2 liter basket and it is highly recommended to stay on doses of around 750 grams for the compound. Musso says so, I also say that I always use it. The problem is related to the fact that when the compound is being processed, it absorbs air and tends to swell.

It can easily satisfy an entire family. Clearly there is also a larger version, the Musso Stella, with a 3-liter basket (max. 1.5 kilograms of compound) if you wish to prepare more abundant quantities.

It is entirely made of stainless steel and looks really professional. It is equipped with a compressor that allows optimal work by lowering the temperature automatically and keeping it constant. Professional ice cream makers are practically all like this. No waiting, no basket to put in the freezer.

You understand that with Musso you have total freedom in the kitchen: you can choose the ingredients, you can satisfy everyone’s tastes and you can also prepare special ice creams that lend themselves to certain food intolerances.

As I said before, my husband is lactose intolerant and I prepare ice cream just for him, in his personal tray. Being equipped with a compressor, therefore self-cooling, the Musso ice cream maker can be used whenever you want. When my husband requests it or when I want to take it by the throat, I make him his favorite ice cream. Time 30 – 40 minutes and is ready.

It is very comfortable to use and is also very easy to clean. It has a knob that acts as a timer to select the freezing time. It has two switches next to the timer that are used respectively to turn on the compressor and to activate the whipping blades to turn the compound into the basket.

The basket is not removable but a damp sponge is more than sufficient for cleaning. The steel blade instead can be removed and cleaned separately.

My mother knew she was the best but when she saw her working she was reconstituted. And she was surprised by the quality of the ice cream I made the first time. According to her it is to all intents and purposes a professional machine, that is, like those used in laboratories.

Often these types of articles compromise but Musso does not. And it’s hard to explain, I didn’t think it was « so professional and high quality ». When you buy it, and the action there, on the stove top, that’s when you really understand what you bought.

Here I come to the weak point that you have probably already discovered … The price. It’s a really expensive car, there’s nothing to say.

I took it as a long-term investment, as I am a big fan of ice cream, and I also have a mother who is a professional and could not stand the sight of a cheap ice cream maker.

I want to be a little more precise though, and say something more about the price issue. The Musso Mini ice cream maker is of the highest quality, it is really resistant, it returns an ice cream that has nothing to envy to that of the artisan ice cream. It has a very efficient internal motor that is nothing but a built-in freezer. I think this is the best example when it comes to money well spent.

We often find ourselves buying products that are certainly good, but that after a while lose their initial power, either because they break, or because the most recent model comes out. A Musso ice cream maker is, without exaggerating, a definitive ice cream maker. You’re pretty much okay.

I am more than satisfied with my ice cream maker and I recommend it to anyone. Clearly if you are not so « passionate » it is good that you take a look at a cheaper but still efficient machine. If you are looking for the best, then choose Musso.

G3Ferrari Cremosa G20035 – self-cooling, in steel

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– Good design in steel
– Self-cooling
– Function to let the ice cream rest after freezing at the right temperature

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– No one noteworthy

This Ferrari G3 ice cream maker is a great car, relatively inexpensive, perfect if you’re looking for something with a big basket. Here it is 1.5 liters and you can prepare up to 800 grams of ice cream.

Really very valid and efficient, even my mom confirms that this ice cream maker is a great choice.

Made of stainless steel, it is very durable. It is equipped with a compressor, so it is obviously more expensive than storage models. A self-cooling ice cream maker is essential for me, whether you are a beginner, even more so if you are an expert.

The compressor is an engine that automatically cools the basket and keeps the temperature constant for excellent workmanship. This also results in greater freedom, that is, you can prepare ice cream whenever you want.

The beauty of this machine in my opinion is the design. If on the one hand it is a bit too classic, on the other hand it shows to be really « user friendly ». Let me explain better, it is very easy to use, thanks to 4 buttons: one for switching on, one for increasing the time, one for decreasing the time and one for starting the blades.

Furthermore there is a very comfortable display that shows the timer and the phase in which the compound is found.

You can easily keep an eye on the whole process from beginning to end, since the basket lid is transparent. This also allows you to add any ingredients when processing is almost finished, such as chocolate flakes or dried fruit pieces.

If you are a big fan of ice cream, the G3 Ferrari ice cream maker is definitely for you. He can also make sorbets and you won’t have problems preparing even a nice frozen yogurt. The freezing time obviously changes depending on what you are working on.

It comes with a basket, scoop and a scoop. The basket, in particular, is removable, as is the whipping shovel. This is in favor of cleaning, in fact this machine is very easy to wash.

As I said in the guide above, and as I will also do for each review, to be sure to inform everyone, the ice cream maker, its use and the final result depend a lot on the compound. The initial phases, so to speak, are fundamental to having a really creamy ice cream like that of ice cream parlor.

I recommend therefore, the mixture must be uniform and each ingredient must be perfectly melted.

Last note to make, this ice cream maker has a function that allows you to keep the ice cream inside the basket at the right temperature for 60 minutes before transferring it where you prefer. I also remind you that if you want you can buy a second basket of the same brand.

De’Longhi ICK5000 Il Gelataio – with compressor, fast and easy to use

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– With compressor
– Steel basket
– Really efficient

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– Plastic body

Slightly smaller than other models, the De’Longhi ICK5000 ice cream maker is a professional machine capable of bringing out the best ice cream you’ve ever eaten.

Who does not know the De’Longhi brand … We are used to really read it everywhere, did you ever think of finding it on a machine to prepare ice cream? Yes, and here is one of the best gelato makers on the market (and it is not even the only De’Longhi in this list).

I start with design, which is also perhaps the weak point. As can be seen from the images it is made of plastic; it is not something that goes to affect the workmanship, it is clear, otherwise I would not have really inserted this product in this list. And to think of it, even my mother would have had to say.

The basket is in stainless steel and this is necessary to make this De’Longhi ice cream maker really efficient despite the plastic body. It has a capacity of 1.2 liters and you will be able to prepare a quantity of ice cream that is around 700 grams.

The machine is equipped with a compressor, which is essential if you want to work at its best. This ice cream maker maintains the constant temperature during the freezing phase which is the most important for the perfect success of the ice cream.

The basket is removable, with it you can also extract the mechanical shovel, which has a design designed specifically to whisk the mixture to perfection. If you notice in the photos, it’s different from the blades of other models.

This De’Longhi ice cream maker makes the difference, especially if, like many, you are in possession of a storage ice cream maker and are thinking of switching to a self-cooling model. The step forward is remarkable, and don’t spend even a fortune as this is an ice cream maker that all in all has a good value for money.

It is easy to use. It has a handy knob that will allow you to select between the different settings: one starts the refrigeration system together with the blades to whisk the ice cream, one starts only the whipping blades, one instead starts only the self-cooling system to keep the ice cream at the right temperature when the processing is finished.

Also comes with a recipe book in Italian. Remember that the preparation phase of the ingredients, first, and the compound, then, is of fundamental importance. If at the beginning the ice cream does not maintain or in any case the result is not satisfactory, you do not have to worry, I too have been there when I started to experiment with this art.

Making ice cream is all in all easy, but you have to do it. In a moment, you move to very high levels, and you will immediately understand why you were wrong first. Remember: when you learn how to measure the ingredients well, preparing the ice cream will become a hoot.

The De’Longhi Il Gelataio ice cream maker behaves really well. It is absolutely promoted with full marks and is therefore recommended.

H.Koenig HF250 – ice cream maker with compressor at a single price

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– Excellent modern design
– Excellent value for money
– Equipped with compressor
– Compact and simple to use

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

If you are looking for a self-cooling ice cream maker, that is with compressor, very efficient, beautiful to look at and at a price to leave in awe, then look no further: the H.Koenig HF250 ice cream maker is the one for you.

I have to be honest, I always liked this machine from the first moment I saw it. The expert also (my mother) confirms that we are dealing with a very respectable ice cream maker. They say the eye wants its part and, well, H. Koenig has hit the mark in my opinion.

The design is modern and attractive, made of stainless steel, resistant. It represents something alternative to keep on the hob.

I read many novices, try their hand at making ice cream with this ice cream maker and get excellent results. When the tools are good, the results will undoubtedly be too.

It is compact and also particularly quiet. It has a 1.5 liter basket that allows you to prepare a maximum of 700 grams. Always pay attention when filling the basket: my personal basic rule is to never exceed half as the mixture absorbs air during the whipping phase. You tend to stay on low doses also to avoid stressing the machine.

The basket is removable and can be washed safely under running water. The lid is transparent, so it allows you to keep an eye on the processing steps and possibly add ingredients at the right time.

There is a good display on the machine, which shows the timer. The latter can be selected using the keys.

The H.Koenig HF250 ice cream maker is the best ice cream maker with compressor if we talk about value for money. I recommend it if you don’t want to spend a lot.

Kenwood AT957A – accessory for Kenwood Planetary Cooking Chef or Gourmet Cooking Chef

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– Basic accessory for Kenwood planetary
– Bowl in kenlyte

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– It should be placed in the freezer for 24 hours

Warning! This is not a real ice cream maker but an accessory!

If you have a Kenwood Cooking Chef planetary or a Gourmet Cooking Chef, then you practically already have an ice cream maker, you only need the final accessory: the Kenwood AT957A bowl is designed exclusively for some models of Kenwood planetary, it is made of kenlyte and will make your kneader in a storage ice cream maker in all respects.

A genius in my opinion, many don’t want to sit there and buy dozens of different appliances. Kenwood allows you to save money and make money in the kitchen without compromising.

How to use? The 1 liter bowl has inside what is a real basket, which must be placed in the freezer before being able to use it in the mixer and work the mixture. 24 hours is the recommended time for excellent results.

Clearly we are not talking about a real ice cream maker. This article is intended only and exclusively for those who already own a Kenwood planetary in the Major series.

The operating principle is the same as that of a storage ice cream maker. The main disadvantage of this type of machine is the fact that it has to wait for the basket to be well frozen. You can’t prepare ice cream when you want but you have to wait 24 hours.

The convenience of the accessory is unquestionable, but if you want to get serious, you have to think about taking a real ice cream maker, perhaps with a compressor that is more effective than a storage model.

De’Longhi IC8500 – the economical but efficient solution

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– Efficient
– Easy to use and clean
– The price

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– After accumulation, the basket must be placed in the freezer for at least 12 hours
– A somewhat bulky basket

Someone is not interested in a self-cooling ice cream maker, I can understand it. Many love ice cream but not to the point of having to have a machine that is always ready to do so at the moment. A storage ice cream maker is the best solution if you are one of these people.

Do not believe that an ice cream maker of this type is of poor quality, it is absolutely not true. Surely having a model equipped with a compressor has its reason, but you can prepare a fairly creamy ice cream even with a non-self-refrigerating one, if you pay attention to the ingredients and the mixture.

The fact is that if you want to learn, this ice cream maker could be an excellent and valid starting point.

It has a 1.5 liter basket that must be placed in the freezer before it can be passed to the whipping stage. The timing here is fundamental, at least 12 hours are a must for the perfect success of the ice cream.

Another piece of advice I give you, which I already gave you in the guide, is to keep the mixture in the fridge for a few hours before starting the processing. Since the ice cream maker does not have a compressor that maintains a constant cold temperature, it is good to get your hands on it and show yourself prepared in advance.

The motor that feeds the filling machine is more than good but it does not have the power of those mounted on self-cooling ice-cream makers. My advice is to keep you low on the initial quantities, and not to fill the basket more than half in order not to stress the machine too much.

It is all in all very easy to use and to clean. Perhaps it is a bit big and you have to be careful to have a freezer of the right size.

Perfect for a beginner, with the De’Longhi IC8500 ice cream maker you will learn all the techniques to make a perfect ice cream. The transition to a possible model with compressor will certainly be facilitated. You will understand when the time is right to make the qualitative leap.

Ariete 631 Party Time – vintage style, seems to come from Happy Days


Ariete 631.0 Ice Cream Machine, 9.5 W, Plastic, Silver

Ariete 631.0 Ice Cream Machine, 9.5 W, Plastic, Silver

  • Double taste: thanks to the two cups of 400 ml each it is possible to prepare two different flavors of ice cream simultaneously to satisfy all tastes
  • Gelato ready in just a few minutes: it takes about 20 minutes to get a creamy ice cream ready to taste
🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– Design of all regards
– Two cups separated by 0.4 liters
– The great price

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– The cups should be refrigerated for at least 12 hours before use
– It is not the height of a professional ice cream maker

I’m not really young. If you talk to me about series I don’t think about Game of Thrones, but Happy Days. I was literally suffering and I didn’t miss an episode.

Well, I don’t want to dwell on it because this isn’t the article of the best television series. Even before I said that the eye wants its part, but when the nostalgia of the middle is put, there is no way to keep it … And this, in my opinion, is the perfect vintage style ice cream maker.

It looks like it came from an American television serial diner, the first thing I said to myself when I saw it. It has the perfect design for a vintage lover.

If I didn’t already have a myriad of things around the house, I’d buy it, if only to make a good impression with some friends, who have a clothing store in this style in the streets of the historic center. Organizing a pajama party with ice cream would be perfect.

The Ariete 631 Party Time ice cream maker looks exactly like you see it, as if it came from another time. It is clear from the images how it is possible to prepare two ice creams at the same time, perhaps with two different tastes. It has two cups on each side, each with its own motor and its own shovel.

The two cups each have a capacity of 400 milliliters and are refrigerants, or to be placed in the freezer at least 12 hours before the preparation of the ice cream. The ice cream maker arrives equipped with two cones for inserting the mixture into the cups. If you want you can also use a single cup instead of both.

It has a decidedly attractive price. Clearly, you don’t expect anything, but the fun and the joy of owning such an item at home goes further in my opinion. Keep in mind however that with the right recipe and the right preparation of the ingredients, this ice cream maker is able to prepare good ice creams.

Now that I’m reviewing it, I’m getting the urge to take it for the sake of taking off that whim. I recommend it if you want something original and if you’re not looking for the ultimate professional ice cream maker. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful article to keep in the kitchen.

Aicok BL-1500C – the most economical


Aicok Ice Cream Machine Frozen Yogurt Maker Ice Machine ...

Aicok Ice Cream Machine Frozen Yogurt Maker Ice Machine …

  • Timer function: set the timer, 6 preset timers to choose from. It works automatically
  • Quick and easy: to whip up delicious homemade ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt in just 15-20 minutes. It also comes with a recipe book
🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– The price
– Excellent workmanship even if economic
– Double-walled basket with coolant
– Compact, light, easy to use

🥇 7 Best Ice Cream Makers (Homemade Ice Cream)

– Slightly small lid opening
– Not suitable for professionals

The last on the list is the best inexpensive ice cream maker available on the market, as well as the most sold: the Aicok BL-1500C.

Whether you are a beginner, or you want to take your first steps into the fantastic world of artisan gelato, this is the perfect ice cream maker for you. I must say that the images are misleading because everything seems to be except an economic ice cream maker.

It is well made, well built, a beautiful and modern design that looks good in any home. It is a storage ice cream maker, equipped with a 1.5-liter double-walled basket that must be kept in the freezer for at least 12 hours before being able to start freezing in the machine.

A double-walled basket is very comfortable: a particular liquid is present between the two walls. When you pick it up again from the freezer, shake it slightly to know if the container is ready: if you hear the sound of the liquid moving, it means that it is not completely frozen.

The package includes a scoop and a recipe book.

On the lid is the timer selection knob, 6 different times are available. The lid also has an opening that, although a little small, allows the ingredients to be inserted directly into the ice cream maker. Useful, considering that one of the basic advice wants the ice cream maker to be in operation before adding the mixture.

To be a cheap ice cream maker, the Aicok BL-1500C does its job quite well. With the right recipe and paying close attention to the preparation of the compound, you can have excellent results.

It is not a product for professionals, on this you will agree. But if you don’t want to spend so much and enjoy a good homemade ice cream with natural ingredients, this is the ice cream maker for you.

It is compact and light, easy and quick to use, and also very easy to clean.

Homemade ice cream without ice cream maker

Sure, you can make ice cream at home if you don’t have an ice cream maker. All you need is a kneading machine, if you already have it available.

Some have already tried this way. For example, if you have noticed well, among the articles there is an « intruder »: the Kenwood ice cream maker AT957A is not a real ice cream maker but an accessory just for the Kenwood Major series mixers.

As you will have understood if you have read my guide, the important thing is to maintain the right temperature during the freezing phase. The Kenwood accessory, for example, is designed to be frozen.

The ideal is to have a container of steel to freeze, in which you will then go to pour your mixture and then whisk it: you can do it with your hands, using a blender, or a food processor, there are really a thousand ways.

Making ice cream at home without an ice cream maker is not impossible, but it certainly involves a lot of ingenuity and the use of other household appliances. I guess that’s something that could definitely make kids go crazy. Like the child in you too.

I would try, all in all it is a very fun activity. But if you do it consistently, the first thing you’ll think about is « I have to buy an ice cream maker ». With a specific machine the ice cream will be better without a doubt, besides the whole process is really facilitated.

At what temperature to preserve the ice cream

Homemade ice cream is kept at a temperature of at least -18 ° C.

When it finishes whipping it is around a temperature of -10 ° C but the ice cream cannot be left like this, because it risks losing its typical thick consistency immediately. For this it needs to be brought to even lower temperatures.

Ice cream makers with compressors also think about this sometimes: some in fact give the possibility to keep the ice cream « cold » immediately after freezing, to then be eaten or stored in the freezer.

How to store ice cream

Usually homemade ice cream has no preservatives inside and is made with fresh ingredients. My advice is not to keep it in the freezer for too long, up to a week, no more.

I adjust myself this way: for me ice cream is something to eat at the moment, so I tend to prepare it when I eat it. Surely this is easier if you have a self-cooling ice cream maker that gives more freedom in this regard.

It can happen that I have to do more when I have guests, but I usually tend not to overdo it.

How to prevent ice cream from freezing

A problem is when the ice cream, just taken from the freezer to be consumed, turns out to be very hard. Here are some tips you can follow to prevent this from happening:

You can use ingredients with high anti-freeze power, such as alcohol, which lowers the freezing point of water and therefore prevents the crystals in the ice cream from freezing. But be careful not to overdo it because alcohol can be counterproductive to taste

Another useful ingredient in this sense is sugar. I’ve already talked about sugar and alcohol above, which together can ruin the taste and texture of ice cream. You have to pay close attention to the quantities. Experimenting certainly does not hurt, on the other hand we know that learning is wrong.

You can replace milk with cream. The latter is fatter and will tend to give a more dense consistency to the ice cream and will avoid freezing it.

You can use the neutral for ice cream, which is a thickener.

You can use glucose instead of sugar: glucose makes ice cream absorb more air and therefore makes it thicker, denser and creamier.

Working on a cold mixture helps a lot: keeping the mixture in the fridge for a few hours instead of passing directly to the freezing is very useful, especially if you have worked hot, which is recommended if you use eggs for example.

Who invented ice cream

Ice cream, intended as a cold dessert, that is to say freezing foods, is very old. Indeed more. In the coldest parts of our planet, in antiquity, foods were frozen to preserve them and frozen milk was somehow consumed.

The first idea of ​​ice cream is all Italian and dates back to the sixteenth century, when Bernardo Buontalenti used eggs, milk and cream for the first time to create a new dessert.

The ice cream as we know it today, that of ice cream, the artisan one, was invented by Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli. Sicilian cook, he had perfected his technique before moving to the Parisian court of Louis XIV and opening the very famous Café Procope, or the first ice cream parlor in history.

That place is still there, even though he then moved to a bigger place opposite the Comédie Française theater, because the ice cream immediately became a hit. His clients were theater actors, philosophers, intellectuals and it is said that even Napoleon allowed himself a sweet break at his ice cream parlor.

In short, an all-Italian invention, famous all over the world by now.

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