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Do Soundproofing Curtains Work Really?

Do the sound-absorbing curtains work?

One of the simplest solutions indicated when we talk about soundproofing a room are the sound-absorbing curtains.

They are inexpensive, easy to apply and remove when necessary and promise to solve any acoustic problem in your room. But do they really work?

Let's go see it together.

In my experience, sound-absorbing curtains are very effective for doing what the name indicates: absorbing sounds. But at the same time they are almost useless for being used to block sounds. In a practical sense, this means that they are good at reducing echoes, reverberations and acoustic reflections in a room, but they will absolutely not reduce (or in any case imperceptibly) exterior noises.

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However, just because they are useless as regards the reduction of the decibel level of the sounds coming from outside does not mean that they will not help you to perceive your room as more peaceful and quiet.

But how is this possible? If they do not reduce they block external noises, what do they do then?

Let me explain to you.

Imagine having a portable radio play inside your bathroom.
What happen? The sound is really bad, it is no coincidence that audiophiles prefer to build their own rooms for listening in the living room or in similar rooms, filled with stuff, sofas, bookcases, carpets. And not in the bathroom of your own home

This is because acoustically the bathroom is one of the worst places in the house in terms of acoustic performance.


The sound in a bathroom reverberates along all the wall tiles, on the mirrors, on the tiles, etc. … finding almost no object to stand on.

Sounds and noises "love" in fact resting on soft and dense surfaces.

Try playing the same radio in a closet and you'll see what I'm saying. Clothes, blankets, but also mattresses and armchairs, are excellent sound absorbers.

A material that absorbs sound "kills" the echo. That is, it prevents the sound from bouncing dozens of times before reaching your ear, creating ugly overlaps.

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If a room sounds "dry" it sounds even quieter and quieter. Here is the secret.

So, returning to our question:
Do the sound-absorbing curtains work to soundproof?

If you get many external sounds in your room such as traffic noise, the sound-absorbing curtains will not be as efficient at isolating you as a sound-absorbing window could do. But they are a great trick to start reducing the problem and make your room sound more "human".

You do not believe me? Give it a try.

And in addition, placed in front of the windows will create a sort of barrier between the windows and the room.

Glass is one of the most reflective materials that exist, especially on high frequencies. And if you want to make a room more "dry" acoustically speaking, you should first cover all the living glasses that are present.

Choose quality soundproof curtains
Many tents are sold as "sound absorbing" but not all of them are true.
It is simply a clever marketing term that many companies use to simply say that their tents are thicker than usual.

A type of highly sound-absorbing curtain is the one used on theater stages. Do you know how heavy and dense they are?
If you can get a similar one maybe from a disused cinema or theater, you will be riding.

A real sound-absorbing curtain will be heavy to the touch, hard, dense, and will extend from the roof to the floor and will also cover several centimeters beyond the sides of the window.

The trick is to let the curtain do as many folds as possible to create "thickness", and to cover as much area around the edges of the window to "seal" the open sides.

The best sound-absorbing curtains that I have tried are the Moondream which also have several positive reviews on amazon, I also like the Deconovos, which also seem very much appreciated by European online users.


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Three tips to get the best sound reduction through the use of sound-absorbing curtains:

  1. If you want to be efficient overlap more than one curtain, creates layers. So instead of buying one or two windows, take 4, to create a double layer and have a greater effect. This is especially true if the tent in question is not very thick.
  2. Buy curtains longer than you think, do not take a curtain as long and wide as the area to be covered, but it extends a lot in size to allow the tent to create folds and to extend well beyond the due.
  3. Take the brackets that hang directly in the ceiling and not the normal ones for curtains that hang on the wall, so you can spread the curtain along the entire wall starting from the ceiling and block more sound.

Professional solutions

If you have a bigger budget or if you really intend to completely isolate the sound that penetrates through the windows, think about having a noise-proof window mounted.

In conclusion

The sound-absorbing curtains may not be noise-proof as well as windows made specifically for this task or other ultra-professional methods, but they are certainly an excellent, much cheaper alternative to greatly improve the acoustics of your room.

I have lived in different houses that had sound problems, bad acoustics can literally ruin your life, can make it much more difficult to concentrate and even chat with another person. I think it is absolutely worth investing a minimum in ways to make your room sound more "human". Good luck!

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