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Hi, I'm Fabio.

Using wheelbarrows for a lifetime.

What is the wheelbarrow for?

The wheelbarrow is a tool as simple as it is ingenious, it is in fact a second-order lever, therefore always advantageous, because it allows those who use it to apply less force.

Brixo Farmer wheelbarrow PE160 - HDPE tank - Capacity 160 Lt


This concept might sound too "scientific", so let me give you an example:

Imagine having a weight of 30 pounds. Try taking it with your bare hands and walk with the weight in your hand. Done? Now take the weight and place it in the wheelbarrow. Use the wheelbarrow for a few seconds and compare the effort you've made earlier with what you're doing now. Change something? Sure!

The effort what do you do with a wheelbarrow is always less of what you do when you lift your weight with your hands; this is why a wheelbarrow (and in general all the second-class levers) is always advantageous, because always helps you.

The wheelbarrow, besides being "physically" advantageous, also helps you carry around weights without making dangerous movements for your back or your legs.

Who has a garden in front of the house cannot not have a wheelbarrow, in fact it is a fundamental tool for those who practice gardening.

With a wheelbarrow it is possible to carry bags, hoes, plants, earth, running back and forth without any effort.

The wheelbarrow is perfect both for those who have a huge garden and for those who work in small gardens without a greenhouse.

Whether it is a garden or work wheelbarrow, it is good to understand which tool is right for us to optimize our work or leisure hours.

That's why I decided to compile a guide to the best wheelbarrows on the market.


How did the wheelbarrow work?

The wheelbarrow is equipped with a concave body of variable size, one wheel and two handles to be easily challenged.

The wheelbarrow is a tool used mainly in gardening or construction that allows heavy objects to be transported by hand on wheels with less effort than if the same materials were moved with bare hands.

The wheelbarrow is an ancient instrument, born in ancient Greece and was later adopted by the Romans.

How much does a wheelbarrow carry?

In construction when it comes to "wheelbarrow" such as unit of measure means to indicate 70 liters.

But this is only one indicative range, since there are obviously wheelbarrows of various sizes, from 70 to 150 liters. An average wheelbarrow contains 85 liters, but as we will see in my guide below there are handy wheelbarrows that exceed even 150 liters, without however becoming difficult to carry around for a single person.

But there are obviously even smaller ones.

What kind of lever is the wheelbarrow?

The wheelbarrow is one second type lever, because the point where the resistant force is located is between the fulcrum and the point where we apply the force.

It is therefore an advantageous lever, like all second-order levers.

If the required applied force is less than the resisting force, or if the arm-resistance is shorter than the power-arm, we talk about leverage advantage.

Use the wheelbarrow as a planter?

In recent years the trend that sees the use of the wheelbarrow as has been established flowerpot. It is a nice system to furnish your garden with style and elegance.

Here is a nice video showing how to make a recycled wood planter:

What is the best wheelbarrow?

Brixo Farmer PE160 wheelbarrow gardening jeep – 160 liters

Brixo Farmer wheelbarrow PE160 - HDPE tank - Capacity 160 Lt

Click now on the image to check the product price on Amazon

When I have a demanding job ahead, this is the wheelbarrow I choose, I know that it will never leave me "on foot".

The Brixo Farmer PE160 is a big wheelbarrow, in every sense, in fact it weighs a good 150kg, but don't let yourself be fooled by the weight, in fact it mounts fantastic wheels and is very handy, perfect if you are on business or as a hobby having to move daily large quantities of material.

It carries up to 160 liters, which means having plenty of space available and not being forced to do so many different trips if you are, for example, transporting land for a construction or a modification of a garden's perimetry.

I often find myself dealing with ridiculous wheelbarrows and realizing that they are unsuitable for the particular job I have in mind.

It has very stable wheels and is perfect even on the most inaccessible and uneven terrain.

Highly recommended for those who are serious.

Verdemax Garden Wheelbarrow – 110 liters

Verdemax 8015358029612 Garden LT. 110 Wheelbarrows E ...

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If you want a more "small" but respectable wheelbarrow, perfect for gardening jobs, even quite challenging, you can bet on the 110 liter Verdemax, and you won't be disappointed.

Verdemax is one of the best carts currently on the market.

The wheels are in fact perfect, because they have an excellent seal and never deflate.

It is also possible to transport very heavy materials, for long journeys.

The slightly delicate part of this tool is the front edge, which is best treated gently. I intend to avoid hitting it with shovels or rakes, to perhaps try to clean up these tools as with other wheelbarrows.

Also perfect for shoveling snow.

Deuba 75-lt folding hand truck, 300kg

Deuba Foldable hand trolley 103.5x51x92.5cm 300kg 75L ...

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This Deuba hand cart is not a real wheelbarrow but a hand cart, but I decided to include it in this guide because it can be an excellent alternative that guarantees more stability if you are perhaps looking for a wheelbarrow but it turns out that you actually need a cart.

It is very robust and solid, but at the same time light and easy to carry.

These features also combine a beautiful design, which does not make it look out of place in any respectable classy garden.

Equipped also with a flap.

Roomy and very easy to assemble, as it is equipped with a very detailed manual that guides you step by step, and in a few minutes you are ready to go without particular efforts.

Highly recommended especially for garden work, but can also be used for construction or to shovel snow.

Wheelbarrow 100 liters – 250kg

Gardebruk Wheelbarrow 100L up to 250kg tire with rim in ...

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This wheelbarrow is one of the best ever for price quality.

The Monzana wheelbarrow is one of the best in terms of quality / price ratio.

Easy to assemble, too bad for the Italian instructions that are missing, but just a 14 mm wrench and a flat screwdriver and the illustrations in the manual will be adequate for an assembly without pain.

The maximum cold load is 210 kg

However, it is good to keep under 200 kg to avoid risk.

At this price, however, there's nothing better, and if you're looking for a good-performing wheelbarrow to use every day, this could be your winning horse.

The frame is very resistant and the tub is large.

The wheels are pleasant to look at and well designed.

It is a wheelbarrow that remains stable even if it is filled with objects.

Highly recommended.

VERDELOOK Steel Wheelbarrow 75 Kg

VERDELOOK Wheelbarrow in galvanized steel, Capacity 75 kg, for ...

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The Classic Wheelbarrow, which cannot be more classic.

Verdelook offers this wheelbarrow with a classic and vintage design that is not possible to imagine.

It is good for those who have no particular pretensions but do not want to bleed to have a useful accessory at home.

If you have special needs I recommend one of the professional wheelbarrows in the top of my list, otherwise this basic wheelbarrow can go just fine for normal DIY and gardening needs.

However, do not use it beyond its weight limit, as you risk damaging it.

Maurer 70 Liters

Standard Painted Wheelbarrow with Pneumatic Wheel 70 ...

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Green wheelbarrow with a very attractive design if you are looking for something simple and functional.

Here is a beautiful wheelbarrow in green and yellow, colors that automatically suggest life in the open air and gardening.

This is the wheelbarrow I gave my sister to start her in the world of personal outdoor cultivation.

A good product with few pretensions but definitely functional, it can carry up to 70 liters of material without problems, therefore the “standard” measure of the wheelbarrows.

Recommended for those looking for a cheap but good and durable product.

Rolly Toys – Wheelbarrow For Children

Cat Tank Black Metal Wheelbarrow Rolly Toys Yellow Frame

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Here is a beautiful wheelbarrow for children that you can use both to play and to play real small jobs in the garden.

If you want to make your child feel "at work", and get help in the garden while and play and start learning the wonders of outdoor experiences, this is the wheelbarrow to buy.

It has an attractive design, it is very pretty and looks good in the garden.

Sturdy and durable, very easy to assemble.

Suitable for children up to 7-8 years.

How to choose the right wheelbarrow?

Choosing the right wheelbarrow for your needs is very easy, but it can be a little intimidating for those who are in their first experience with this accessory, and have heard a lot about it but are not sure whether to opt for a bigger or a smaller wheelbarrow.

In fact, the main criterion to be taken into consideration is the capacity of the wheelbarrow, or its capacity.

A good wheelbarrow model can easily move from 70 to 90 liters, and can go up to 110kg.

It is also good to look at the handle and make sure it is ergonomic enough to allow us to carry the wheelbarrow easily even when it is fully loaded or in difficult terrain, perhaps during bad weather.

I prefer steel wheelbarrows, better if they also have a nice tubular frame.

Clear then that the wheelbarrow must be treated with materials that prevent the paint from breaking down easily and ruining itself beforehand, both because we do not want there to be residues of the wheelbarrow material in what we are going to transport, and to guarantee the longevity of the 'object.

The wheels are a very important aspect, which sometimes goes into the background, but if you want a wheelbarrow that lasts in time you can't miss the cushioning of the tool.

The wheels must in fact be resistant and guarantee great maneuverability of the vehicle, if you intend to use the wheelbarrow for several hours a day or on uneven and inaccessible terrain it will be better to pay attention to this aspect with greater attention.

In conclusion

Today's world increasingly sees a keen interest in the outdoor world, which is why a growing number of people have begun to take an interest in gardening tools and discover a new hobby that is apparently simple and "direct", but in reality it hides several pitfalls.

The beauty of the jobs that require manual work is that they do not depend on digital accessories and software, so most of our work is done by our arms and our brains, which must drive them in the best way.

This is why I love taking care of my garden, even though from Monday to Thursday I work on programming for websites.

But the rest of the week I love to test my body with manual work, so I like to take care of my garden.

Having one or more quality wheelbarrows can be the border that separates a tiring but pleasant day from an unnecessarily stressful and ruinous one for the body.

Moving heavy boxes, bags, earth, cement, logs, branches, shrubs, unless, can be rewarding for the first 20 minutes, then it becomes tiring for the body and soul.

It is at that moment that an excellent wheelbarrow comes into action, which does not preclude us from the satisfaction of using brute physical force to move materials around at will, but at the same time allows us not to ruin our backs and keep our strength for other jobs.

In the early days, years ago, driven by the enthusiasm of having found a new hobby, I didn't want to know how to use "complex" gardening tools, I liked to use only the bare minimum, and I thought that the wheelbarrow was an accessory that I

I was wrong.

I have learned to appreciate the beauty of this object, which exploits the power of physics, and in particular the concept of the second kind of lever, it helps man, without however alienating him, because he remains always and nevertheless architects of his own work.

I know, I may seem a little obsessed with this concept, but when I am in contact with nature I want to feel alive, I want to sweat and be able to reconnect with the earth.

I hope this guide to the best wheelbarrow on the market has been helpful,
a greeting and the next one from yours


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