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Hi, I'm Alfonso.
I naturally suffer from anxiety and I am very sensitive to noise, as well as to all external stimuli. When I moved to Milan for my master I was literally going crazy, I didn't realize that the room I rented was on the first floor above a busy bar at night …

I wanted to die.

I was losing precious hours of sleep that didn't allow me to concentrate during the day, I couldn't take it anymore, I had to take drugs of quintalato of espresso to stay awake … but at the cost of my performance.

One day a friend told me about sleep and white noise therapy, I did some research and realized that maybe it was worth trying …

What is the white sound machine?

We know very well that nowadays it is difficult to conquer and sustain concentration, unlike the pre-internet world the current one is full of distractions, notifications, ringtones, noises, noise pollution in our cities and homes is skyrocketing.

So why add another NOISE to what's already there?

Let's start by explaining what the white noise, (here is how wikipedia explains it)

The white audio noise is the fee sonorous of the white noise televisual, or of this:

Here is an example of audio white noise:

White noise is the sum of the whole spectrum of frequencies played in unison in a constant manner over time.

What is the white noise generator for?

To cover the other noises.

Moreover a constant relaxing sound favors concentration and allows the mind to enter the state of FLOW.

The rule is simple and certainly confirmed by your experience as well: if you are in a place with a constant background noise, after a while you will not notice it.

Think of the noise of the fan or an air conditioner, after a while you're in the room you don't even notice, but at the same time it's covering the other noises.

This is the basic concept of white noise generators, generating a CARPET of constant "noise", not annoying, to cover all other noises.

Follow me.

Instant noises are the ones that disturb sleep and concentration.

Imagine a situation, you are studying, you are near a window of an apartment in the center.

Outside there is traffic, regular, constant, like a flood, you are inside and you are reading your book, concentrated.

Suddenly a horn blows POOOOOM POOOMM.

Here, concentration lost.

Even if you weren't realizing it before, because you weren't measuring it with a suitable instrument, you were already subjected perhaps to a background noise of 70-80 decibels, but it was that unexpected momentary impulse that disturbed all your inner peace. Because?

As human beings we are programmed this way, to react to sudden dangers, it is a characteristic that we have inherited from our caveman ancestors in the course of evolution.

For this reason, if there is a sudden sound, this immediately "attacks" our attention, while if there is a background noise, even if intense (the sound of the water of a flowing river, or a storm), not it bothers us. The ears in fact tend to get used to background noise.

This is what white noise machines do, to create a sweet sound carpet that covers all the noises, and infuses peace with Sound Therapy.

Does the white noise generator really work?

I have a very light sleep, in the periods of the year when there are jobs outside the window, or particularly noisy people in party moods, I see myself really black.

Unless you use a white noise generator that covers these noises.

White noise generators work to cover up annoying noises during the day around us. It is clear that if you constantly have the band of the country playing in your house, a poor noise generator will do nothing to prevent you from hearing trumpets at 160 decibels.

But if it comes to traffic noise, chatter in other rooms, people talking outside the window and so on, the white noise generator can be an excellent ally of one's sleep.

This kind of equipment is also highly recommended for those suffering from tinnitus. That is those disorders in which sounds are heard inside the ear even in the case of total silence.

The noise generator in this case prevents the brain from hearing the "noise of silence" which in the case of tinnitus is a terrible whistle that can even lead to madness in certain cases.

My cousin has been suffering from tinnitus since he once shot a very strong pistol in his ear without protection, a real lightness that cost him part of his hearing and the appearance of this annoyance with tinnitus that did not make him sleep.

I then gave him a nice white noise generator and from that day on he has solved his problems at least in part and gained some inner peace with sound therapy.

The best white noise generator for sleeping and tinnitus

Better Angel White Noise

Rechargeable White Noise Machine, White Noise Machine, ...

Here is a complete white noise machine for sound therapy, which in addition to making white noise play allows you to choose from a multitude of sounds.

Perfect for those who get bored of always listening to the same white noise every day and prefer something more varied, such as the noise of the ocean, the forest, the storm, these are all variations on white noise, but essentially they carry the same benefits of concentration and noise coverage.

Create a sound horizon in your room, allowing you to dive in and sink into a welcoming sound cloud that will promote sleep and concentration.

Certainly a remarkable white noise machine, which gave me a lot of satisfaction over time.

LectroFan Evo life-saving machine

LectroFan Evo ASM1020-KK White Noise Generator with 22 Sounds ...

This is a machine that can save your life as it saved it to me.

I like it because it has few settings, it's minimal, just like me, with no frills, mind you.

The hard in this case is a universe of white noise, or fan noise, which I personally alternate based on my mood, to immerse myself in a deep sleep without the need for earplugs to sleep.

I don't wake up in the middle of the night like I did before, I can also study quietly during the day.

It also works with children, in fact I have given one equal to my brother who uses it in the room of my adorable grandchildren, who can sleep better and wake up much less at night.

Obviously do not expect miracles, if the noises are very strong and very close to your ears there is no machine that holds, but for the basic noises it is perfect, covers them all and allows you to sleep and concentrate.

Highly recommended.

But when I walk around because I'm used to having this sound that accompanies my sleep, I bring a portable white noise generator, this:

AGPTEK white noise Portable

AGPTEK White Noise Machine Elegant and Compact Portable Suitable for ...

When I'm out and about I bring this, the machine from AGPTEK, is a nice cheap and functional device, which allows me to cradle myself to the sound of white noise even when I am away, without risking sleepless nights.

Despite the smaller sound box the sound feels good throughout the room.

Very easy to use, it has several pre-recorded sounds, such as birds, water, wind, waves, and even some very relaxing new age little music combining sleep and concentration.

It's up to you to find out what your favorite combination of sounds and activities is and so optimize your hours.

Also equipped with a timer that allows you to play the sound for 30, 60 or 90 minutes at your leisure.

It is powered by batteries or via the USB port. Perfect therefore for those who are always around, since it offers various charging options, so as to never remain without white noise.

It also has a mini jack output so you can listen to the noise in your headphones and relax even more deeply.

LectroFan ASM1007-G white noise against tinnitus

LectroFan ASM1007-G, White Sound Generator with Sounds of ...

Here is a device that I gave to a friend who suffers from terrible tinnitus that does not allow him to sleep during the night.

I know very well what it means to have tinnitus, since I had it temporary for a week once because of an illness.

But there are those with tinnitus forced to live with it, and then at night when it is dark and even the silence feels amplified, this constant sound is perpetuated in the head and does not make you sleep, even leads some more subjects to madness sensitive.

It is clear, however, that at the same time one cannot expect from such dispotivi that once put into operation as if by magic they erase any trace of noise in the room in which they are activated, it is not so.

This device can also be used by those who do not suffer from any pathology but simply have serious problems falling asleep because maybe (like myself) particularly sensitive to noise, even if very light.

It can create mixed white noises of various kinds, all the sounds are reproduced digitally, that is they are sampled and saved in the machine itself.

The horizontal button lets you review all the various types of white noise.

There is also the possibility of selecting the volume and being able to decide to reproduce the sound even at very high volume.

This obviously I do not recommend for two reasons: the first is to safeguard the health of our ears by avoiding to "shoot" a thousand-tone sound that will be heard all night anyway, the second is that essentially the white noise generator should be kept at a volume moderate to make sense and be effective.

If you are feeling exasperated by the rude neighbors who make an unbearable noise and do not let you sleep at night, the white noise generator can help eliminate unpleasant sounds and promote sleep from your sound horizon.

Liaboe good value for money

Liaboe Machine White Noise, 9 Soothing White Noise and Sound ...

A good machine because it combines good performance at a very low and reasonable price.

I recommend it to those who want to enter the world of white noise from the main door without lightening their wallets too much, but at the same time without sacrificing quality.

It has a calming effect on the crying of newborns, since white noise has similarities with the noise they hear in the womb.

Equipped with 9 very pleasant sounds to listen to and which will satisfy the sonorous and musical palate of all.

Equipped with a very useful timer to avoid using the machine when we are already sunk in the deepest REM sleep and therefore we will no longer need the help of the generator.

It is clear that the timer function is useful only for some, because there are others (like myself) who need constant white noise all night to maintain sleep and not wake up.

I've tried so many times to use the timer, but for me the white noise is like Linus's blanket: if I take it off I go crazy and wake up right away.

Also perfect for traveling as it is as compact and light as a CD player.

LTLGHY 15 relaxing sounds

White Noise Machine, Sleeping Machine Generator, ...

This LTLGHY is equipped with 15 relaxing sounds, a nice sample collection so you can choose to find the most conciliatory noise for your sleep or concentration, depending on the situation.

The available noises are: White, fan, crackling fire, clock, train, bird, rain, running water, ocean, heartbeat, and many others …

This machine allows you to make a perfect sound therapy and to calm your body to sink into a deep REM sleep.

When you wake up you will feel refreshed and ready to go for a 100% operational day.

Also available inside the device is an automatic switch-off timer and a light that accompanies the sounds.

It is small, perfect to be transported even while traveling, to never remain without the white noise necessary to fall asleep and live peacefully.

Better Angel professional white noise machine

White Sound Machine, Rechargeable White Noise Machine, ...

Here is a professional machine for those who take their sleep and their concentration seriously seriously, regardless of expense.

Some say they want to solve a problem and then do nothing, don't move a finger, joking with their lives and that of their loved ones.

I am one of those people who when they become aware of a problem must immediately take action to solve it, and that is exactly what happened to me 3 years ago when I realized that it could not go on like this: my sleep and that of my family could not be compromised by the noise of the neighbors.

This is why I decided to buy this white noise machine from the Better Angel to solve the problem, it allows total customization, to mix sounds in the way that suits us best to create soundscapes suitable for our sleep and our inner peace .

It features 10 relaxing sounds optimized for aggressive and effective sound therapy.

It also has a bluetooth speaker and an automatic shut-off timer, for those who want the machine to work only in the minutes needed to fall asleep and not all night.

It has a beautiful and appealing design, which does not disfigure even in the most futuristic and minimal bedrooms.

Very recommended.

In conclusion

There are many people who can benefit from a device for white noise, from those who suffer from chronic insomnia to those who are desperate for chronic tinnitus that torments them, or from desperate parents who cannot make their children sleep.

The white noise generator is a precious ally not only at night when you try to sleep, but also and above all during the day, when you try to create a "bubble of concentration" in which you can work intellectually or study.

The benefits of white noise are many, in fact it allows to create an oasis of peace and bliss in the bustle of the modern world, without however obliging us to run away over a desert island.

Until a few years ago it was much easier to shut up at home to study, because there were no distractions, it was enough to keep away from the television (which usually only stood in the living room) and you could turn your attention to a book without being disturbed.

Now, as much as we try to be disciplined and stoic, perhaps by keeping the phone out of reach, or even turning it off, there will always be some relative or acquaintance that will influence us with its noise and distractions.

Listening to music, a ringtone, Netflix fired at full blast, the premises below the house, the increasingly pressing traffic, the neighbor who decided to move the furniture on Sunday morning or to nail that shelf he wanted to fix for months.

There are countless acoustic disturbances during the day, which is why a white noise generator is indispensable.

Ear plugs are uncomfortable and can cause infections, but above all they isolate us in an unpleasant way from the outside world, let us imagine having a family member in need of our help and not being able to hear it because of the plugs … but up to a point …

The white noise generator is just for this: let us float in a peace bubble, but without totally isolating ourselves from the world around us.

I hope this guide has been helpful to most,

I refer you to the next article,

Hi guys


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