🥇 11 Best Vertical Mice (Farewell 👋 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) –

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Hi, I'm Antonio.

I'm enthusiast of computers 💻, I am an engineer by profession and I play video games for pleasure️.

In short, there is not a minute that I walk away from my computer: be it my home gaming desktop, or my office work laptop, for duty (first) and for pleasure (then) I have to use my mouse very often.

And you have to trust me if I tell you that:

The vertical mouse prevents pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and repetitive strain injury. A simple invention brilliant! 💡

Follow me then, I will guide you step by step to the choosing the best vertical mouse for your needs. I will reveal to you its secrets, I will explain you how to use it, what its benefits are and you will see with me the reviews of the best on the market.

Are you left-handed? Don't worry at all, I thought of you too: in the list of the best vertical mice you will also find the ones that are most suitable for you 🙂

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The Best Vertical Mice – Comparative Table

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse ergonomic advanced wired and wireless ...

max DPI 4000
132 gr


Evoluent VM4R Evoluent4 6 right vertical mouse ...

max DPI 2600
200 gr


Trust Verto Wireless Vertical Mouse 1200/1600 DPI, ...

max DPI 1600
118 gr


Anker Vertical Wireless Mouse - Wireless Mouse With Grip ...

max DPI 1600
95 gr


AURTEC Left Mouse, Vertical Wireless Ergonomic Mouse ...

max DPI 1600
86 gr


CSL - Vertical Mouse - Model CSL TM137U Optical - 6 Keys -...

max DPI 1600
118 gr


perixx Perimice-513L - Ergonomic mouse with left-handed cable, 6 ...

max DPI 1600
154 gr


AUTLEY Wired Ergonomic Mouse, Vertical Mouse Wired Mouse ...

max DPI 3200
122 gr


TECKNET Vertical Mouse, Wireless 2000 DPI Ergonomic Mouse, ...

max DPI 2000
95 gr


I don't want to lose myself in so much talk right away: this video is much clearer than a thousand words. It describes a very common vertical mouse and also shows you how tohandle is much more comfortable compared to a classic mouse.

Before I suffered of very strong wrist and arm pain …

Now that I use the vertical mouse, the hours spent in front of the PC are better, the arm is completely relaxed, eliminating the strain on the shoulder, and the work experience and gaming is definitely superior.

With a vertical mouse I literally said goodbye to all these problems. And it's time you did too, if you suffer from carpal tunnel or repetitive strain injury.

What use do you ask yourself? This:

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse ergonomic advanced wired and wireless ...

This is a Logitech MX Vertical. The first advantage I noticed was that my wrist no longer hurts like it used to.

I used to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, my arm often fell asleep and some nights I did not sleep from the pain.

I always recommend and recommend a specialist medical examination in these cases, as I did myself, but a vertical mouse can seriously help you.

So you want to know what i am best vertical mice available on the market?

Six MANCINO and do you want one for you?

Want to give a cut to problems related to posture when you sit in front of the computer?

My experience with mice and carpal tunnel syndrome

I've seen mice in my life: do you remember the one with the ball? It was for me THE mouse for years. How many times he was open underneath, removed the ball and cleaned up the dust that accumulated …

I have also seen all the possible upgrades that have taken place over the years, but here we are facing a revolution in my opinion, because the mouse does not simply become "newer and more modern" but also looks at the user's health.

Phenomenal, I thought when I discovered the real utility, given that at the beginning my mind had left for the tangent and had completely misrepresented the real purpose of these mice.

When I saw a vertical mouse for the first time, I had inevitably associated it with a "gun", in other words a mouse that lent itself more to playing FPS titles. I imagined the solid grip and a more realistic feel when playing and a better chance to aim than normal gaming mice.

Taken by the frenzy typical of those who are passionate about these things (if you are, you can understand me perfectly) I continued the research and started reading articles that dealt with carpal tunnel and RSI more specifically and it was there that I understood and understood the genius: a mouse that kept its high sensitivity and maneuverability but at the same time helped from the point of view of the health of the arm that used it.

I thought I had solved all my posture-related problems by purchasing an excellent ergonomic gaming chair that would also serve as an office chair, and rearranging my desk so that everything was at the right reach and sight. Then one day the internet practically reminds me that the last piece was still missing: the vertical mouse, and that was how I decided to buy it almost on the spot.

I said "almost on the spot" for a specific reason, I wanted the best there was: I firmly believed in product innovation and didn't want to compromise. The research was worth it because I discovered everything there was to know about these vertical mice and here I am today with this complete guide.

I decided to organize an article that would answer users' typical questions about these articles, so as to leave nothing to chance.

What is the vertical mouse for?

The vertical mouse serves:

  • To return one ease of use which is sharply higher than that given by a normal horizontal mouse, especially if we talk about prolonged use, when you work for a long time or when you spend hours in front of your favorite video game.
  • To accustom the user to an almost completely different approach to the computer: per say "STOP" to a posture that ruins the wrist and arm in the long term, a posture that can also lead to serious consequences, since the carpal tunnel, to say the least, may seem silly at first, but it can get worse.

An image that as far as drawn makes very well what I'm talking about.

How many times have you taken your wrist trying to massage it with your other hand, how many times have you experienced that intense pain right there, where the image is redder?

These are postural pains that can be corrected with a vertical mouse.

One moment, however, I want to try to dispel all the doubts here of all sorts. I have to make a clarification!

The passage is not immediate; I'll give you an example, I have a friend who in turn discovered the existence of these mice. One evening we went out and exchanged various opinions and opinions about it: there were differences in reasoning but nothing worthy of note, the fact is that we were both determined to buy one.

Well, I find myself very well, I found myself well right away, he didn't; he had difficulty with the handle and the basic use, as if he had not found himself with the change of position of the hand.

At the base of the passage there is the fact that the hand does not lie more parallel to the table but turned, as if it rested on the side of the little finger.

This "new" position may lead to total unease at the beginning, which passes over a few days.

Another problem is related to the fact that the index and middle clicks "point" towards the side, and therefore at the beginning the vertical mouse will tend to move when you click. It happened to me too, it's normal, even if it doesn't happen to everyone.

I conclude by telling you not to worry, you will get used to it very quickly.

How to use the vertical mouse

The vertical mouse must be held!

The hand must wrap around the body of the mouse so as to have the thumb on the inner side and the other four fingers on the outside.

The inner side usually has a hollow, just to allow the thumb to position itself well and have a firm grip.

The external side appears to all intents and purposes as a common mouse, or with its two keys (right and left), the wheel and any extra keys that usually appear even on common mice.

Do you understand now why I initially thought of a gun to play FPS? From the photos this is very clear. Any product has one that shows the grip of a mouse of this type.

In addition to the handle, there is also the photo that shows the advantage of using the vertical mouse. The arm it is not constantly rotated to the "classic" position but takes a much more natural position.

🥇 11 Best Vertical Mice (Farewell 👋 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

This is something you can check for yourself, right now, if you are reading this article from a desktop computer and have a mouse near you.

Put your hand on the mouse. Then rotate it keeping the side of the little finger fixed as if you wanted to bring your thumb up. While doing this movement, use your other hand to "feel" how your arm moves: you will realize that when your wrist turns down, your arm turns but only from the side of your wrist.

It may seem nothing but in the long term it is precisely this position that can create problems. The arm held in that position goes to strain the nerves just at the wrist: when you use a classic mouse you tend to move your hand and not the whole forearm and this is a harmful movement.

With a vertical mouse all this does not happen: with the hand in the high position the first thing you notice is the natural position of the forearm. Don't think of any mouse, take your arm and place it naturally on the table in front of you: where do you hold it? Exactly, from the side and not with the palm down!

When you hold a vertical mouse, not only the arm takes on a natural position but the wrist in turn will turn naturally. It will no longer make sideways movements and will not strain any nerves. What I've noticed personally is that I also tend to use my arm more and less my wrist.

I repeat that you will need some practice to get used to it completely. I immediately found it very comfortable and much more relaxing for the arm. The best ones help you in this regard. I don't want to scare you, it's just to make you understand that it's a mouse different from the classic horizontal one.

If you take a look online at what users are writing, you will realize that it takes little getting used to.

The benefits of a vertical mouse

A vertical mouse helps you prevent pains linked to diseases such as the carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis is repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Using a classic mouse has become a normal daily practice for those who use a computer, moreover it is quite spontaneous. I didn't even realize that my hand already took the "right" position on the mouse.

Well I was wrong, it's true. I should say that my hand automatically takes the "wrong" position! 🙂

This is like when you assume incorrect posture with your back when you sit down, and you get used to it so much that you continue to hold it, without effort. Poor posture leads to serious back problems, just as the horizontal mouse leads to inflammation of the nerves of the forearm.

In the section where I explained to you how to use the vertical mouse, I also showed you what happens to the arm when using the classic, horizontal mouse. The wrist twists on the mouse, creating an effort and compressing the median nerve of the hand, which is the basis of the annoying pains that then lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

This photo shows you the posture of an arm while using a normal mouse:

🥇 11 Best Vertical Mice (Farewell 👋 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

You see the wrist as it turned in unnatural way? You think it's only natural because you're used to it.

Instead, look at the same arm as it does when using a vertical mouse:

🥇 11 Best Vertical Mice (Farewell 👋 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

Perfect location, ZERO pains!

Another pain that a vertical mouse helps to alleviate is that of the tendinitis. Needless to repeat the same thing, this mouse favors a much more natural position of the forearm and the hand that goes to close around the body also comes out more relaxed, assuming a position that is simply the right one.

The moral is unique: if you already suffer from this type of problem, or if you want to start improving your arm position immediately to avoid such problems in the future, then you must consider buying a vertical mouse, just like I did it.

Well, I had serious carpal tunnel problems, the mouse alleviated the pain but I still had to refer to my GP. I take this opportunity to tell you that it is always a good idea to consult a specialist if your hand hurts a lot, if your forefinger falls, middle finger and part of the ring finger, and if the numbness gets to take even part of the forearm.

How to choose the mouse

There are substantial differences between a classic horizontal mouse and a vertical mouse. Different design brings with it changes that you need to know to know which is the best vertical mouse for your needs.

There are three important factors to consider:

Greatness of the mouse

The size of the vertical mouse is even more important as a factor than that of classic horizontal mice.

A vertical mouse must simply be perfect, the hand must grip it completely, so it cannot be too small. The risk is that of not being at all and having to regret the purchase.

With a vertical mouse that is too small, you can easily lose your grip and you risk not being able to press the buttons: pay close attention to the dimensions.

🥇 11 Best Vertical Mice (Farewell 👋 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

18 centimeters is the measure that determines the difference between a large and a small hand.

Surely you are wondering, "How big is my hand?"

Measure from the base of the wrist to the tip of the middle finger, as shown in the drawing.

If you exceed 18 cm, your hand is large, otherwise it is a small hand.

Clearly also the grip in this sense must be fundamental for a good grip.

This is something that producers always write in their data sheets and in reviews I will obviously take this feature into account.


The DPI, or dots-per-inch that in Italian translates to dots per inch. This is one direct measurement of vertical mouse sensitivity, and has nothing different from that of a classic horizontal mouse. It is exactly the same measure. They are often referred to as CPI (counts-per-inch) and indicate the exact same thing.

I remind you that DPI measures how much screen space the pointer goes through for every inch that the mouse travels over the mat instead.

Translation: if you move the mouse one inch (about 2 centimeters and a half) on the screen the pointer moves as many pixels as those of the DPI set.

If you set your mouse to 1600 DPI, moving the mouse 2 centimeters to the right, the screen pointer will move 1600 pixels to the right.

The right question is: what is the right DPI value for a vertical mouse? It does not exist and depends on what you specifically need.

If you are playing Fortnite, or Apex Legends, or any game that aims to aim with the mouse, high DPI is not good. Because? Because moving the mouse a little, your viewfinder will do the kilometers on the screen. However, if you lower the DPI too much the result is the opposite, your aim will be slower and more precise but you will find it more difficult to move the camera and the hand will often rise from the table.

The right compromise is something very personal, the fact is that the pro gamers do not use mice set to very high DPI.

I love having high DPI when I'm on the desktop, when I surf the internet, because I need fast movements. But when I start playing or working, or when I need precision, I lower the PPE itself onto the mouse.

It was at the time of Day of Defeat, a game that I love and often come back to play, that I discovered the secret of perfect sensitivity, at least for the horizontal mouse: with a hand movement to the right or left without lifting the mouse from the table, the camera must make a 180 ° turn in that direction. So always keeping your hand on the mouse and on the table, you should be able to have a global view, half a turn to the right and a half turn to the left, without the need to detach the mouse from the table.

Some people prefer lower sensitivities, I found myself well with this setting and I set the DPI every time so as to find myself in-game.

In the gaming world we often talk about High Senser and Low Senser.

A player High Senser, as I am, is the one who loves to make small shifts on the table to have a total view of 360 °. That is, wrist players, who sometimes change the in-game sensitivity to vary the accuracy.

A player Low Senser is the one who prefers to make large movements with the forearm and then move the mouse a lot on the table. That is forearm players, who often lift the mouse from the table when it turns out to be off-center with respect to the original position.

The vertical mice that we will see each have different different DPI settings that give total freedom in the choice of sensitivity. So in principle it is not a big concern.

Number of buttons

The vertical mouse has an advantage: the design allows you to have extra buttons. Often you find 5 or even 6 buttons including standard ones.

Except the right button, the left button and the wheel, buttons that are also found on a classic mouse, the vertical mouse makes it much easier to use the thumb. For this reason there are often one or two buttons on the inside, which can be reached with the thumb.

The models vary between them and therefore you should take a look at the number of buttons and how many are programmable, to make the vertical mouse even more personalized.

Left-handed vertical mouse

There are vertical mice designed specifically for left-handed users, so don't worry.

These are some of the best and you can also find the reviews below.

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Left

6 keys
4 DPI levels
200 gr


good value for money

CSL - Wireless Vertical Mouse for Mancini - Model CSL TM137U ...

6 keys
2 DPI levels
95.3 gr


perixx Perimice-513L - Ergonomic mouse with left-handed cable, 6 ...

6 keys
2 DPI levels
154 gr


I understand the drama, especially considering that here we are dealing with completely different design accessories. A classic horizontal mouse can easily be adapted to be used by a left-handed person: just go into the mouse settings in the operating system and select the main button you want.

A vertical mouse, on the other hand, does not follow this simple procedure. It cannot be used by anyone but left-handed people must opt ​​for a special product.

If you have read the guide and you are a left-handed person, the reason will be clear to you for a while: the vertical mice are made so that the hand rests on the side and not on the palm. Most are for those who use the right hand and cannot be adapted in any way to the left hand.

Vertical mouse for small hands

Don't even despair that you have a small hand.

You will have read about how to measure your hand. It's probably small and you think that the right device doesn't exist for you, instead you're wrong and I run immediately to your aid.

Given that many manufacturers also have the option of choosing the Small model, which is designed especially for you, here I show you what I think is the best vertical mouse, which fits very well to a smaller size hand.

Perixx Perimice 719

Perixx PERIMICE-719 - Ergonomic mouse, vertical design, for ...

Good price and good workmanship. It is a vertical mouse designed for those who have a small hand and cannot handle more common and large devices, which usually appear to be too uncomfortable or simply impossible to use.

The Perimice 719, which is also available for left-handed people with the Left model, is the top choice.

It has 3 DPI levels (800, 1200 and 1600). It is wireless, equipped with a USB receiver.

It is also plug and play and does not need drivers to work.

Highly recommended

The Best Vertical Mice – Reviews

1. Logitech MX Vertical – my favorite mouse, I always use it

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse ergonomic advanced wired and wireless ...


Watch the Logitech video review.

This is my vertical mouse. I preferred this one to others because in my opinion, although it lacks some features, it has a very good grip and is built very well.

It is made of plastic but has a nice aluminum band on the top and a rubber layer all around that allows a very firm grip. The inner part is also slightly knurled and the thumb has no chance of slipping away.

It has an angle of 57 degrees and I immediately found a very high comfort. The wrist does not twist and the forearm is relaxed. It is suitable, as Logitech also says, for all types of hands; also true in my opinion, given the shape that tightens upwards, allowing even a small hand to grip.

The Logitech MX vertical mouse is part of the MX series which is quite innovative. The MX mice are very comfortable, Logitech had already tried to go in the direction of comfort in the use of this device, however succeeding in great.

This mouse is wireless but in the package is the USB-C cable that allows you to recharge it and, if you wish, use it at the same time. The connection is made thanks to the Unifying receiver, obviously included, or via Bluetooth. Both connections are perfect for me, although I notice that someone online complains about problems with old PCs.

I use it with my desktop computer and my laptop via receiver. Never dropped connection. It has a fairly high autonomy but the possibility of being able to use it while charging it, via the cable, makes it always ready for use.

The mouse has 6 keys in total. On the outside, where the palm rests, there are the classic right-click, left-click and clickable wheel. On the inside, at your fingertips, a pair of customizable keys that are used to go back and forth, for example to select browser tabs. On the upper part the last key, always reachable by thumb, to change PPE on the fly, or said English on-the-fly.

On the bottom there is the power switch and the button to allow the switch between different devices, so I can switch from pc to laptop in an instant.

It has a laser sensor that is very precise. The movements are always accurate, thanks above all to the 4000 DPI sensitivity that I find perfect for me. You can choose to set it to different levels, it can go from 400 to 4000 per step of 50. It has a proprietary software that allows various customizations, such as the choice of a sensitivity through a very precise slider.

You can reprogram the internal keys, the top key and also the wheel key.

The thing to note is that this Logitech MX Vertical does not have the Infinite Scroll function, which is the one that allows the wheel to continue spinning by itself. I personally don't find it a negative note, I never really used the infinite scroll because it always gave me the impression of losing control of the wheel.

It is light but not excessive. A vertical mouse that is too light can be difficult to handle while too heavy a mouse can create effort when moving. Logitech's vertical mouse is a good compromise.

It could be a bit expensive for many, so the possibility of an inexpensive vertical mouse can be considered. But this is in my opinion the best and I highly recommend it. Absolutely reduces stress in the wrist and if you suffer from carpal tunnel you'll love it, just like me.

I look forward to seeing what Logitech has to offer in the future, even if this vertical mouse is already very satisfying.

2. Evoluent VM4R – many buttons and highly customizable

Evoluent VM4R Evoluent4 6 right vertical mouse ...


Evoluent is a brand that produces a series of excellent vertical mice. Perhaps still not well known in Italy, but in America it is considered one of the best. I did a tour on the English sites and I read several reviews to understand which one is the best, since there are so many models.

This Evoluent VM4R meets all the evaluation criteria, is one of the brand's newest models and is also available in the left-handed version that you can find here. In general it is really a great vertical mouse, it has good reviews on amazon italy and very positive on amazon.com.

I find it a little chunky and certainly more suited to a big hand. It has a design that, as you can see from the photo, is quite convex, unlike other vertical mice that are more slender. In this case the thumb goes right to rest in the inner hollow. This can probably bring more comfort.

As I told you, Evoluent offers many models; this one is wired but you can find the wireless version, the left-handed model as I said before and also different versions for hand size. The Small models are precisely for those with small hands.

The spearhead of this mouse is the number of keys and the possibility of programming them.

On the external side there are the 3 buttons of the classic mouse plus a third button, on which they recline anular and little finger when they are held. In correspondence of the central key (which would then be the classic left mouse button) and at a medium range there is a very comfortable sensitivity selector on which there is the word "pointer speed". On the upper part 4 LEDs indicate which sensitivity you have selected between high (HI = 2600 DPI), medium (MD = 1800 DPI), low (LO = 1300 DPI), and very low (XL = 800 DPI).

In the inner hollow, where the thumb is, there are two keys: one above and one below. All keys can be programmed using proprietary software. It can also be used in plug and play mode, even if only with basic functions.

On the back the writing Evoluent lights up and can be deactivated. It is a device that lasts a long time, even if the finishes may tend to wear out over the long term.

This mouse is a godsend for those with wrist and carpal tunnel problems. Clearly you have to get carried away, and it's not a joke … After a couple of work or play sessions with this vertical mouse, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it before.

3. Trust Verto Wireless – also available wired

Trust Verto Mouse Verticale Ergonomico Wireless 1200/1600 DPI,...


Il mouse verticale Trust Verto è uno dei migliori senza ombra di dubbio. Ha un prezzo davvero convincente per quello che il dispositivo offre e ha un design particolarmente accattivante.

La Trust è un'ottima marca: fa mouse da sempre e con questo verticale non delude. Qui ti propongo la versione wireless che funziona collegando il ricevitore incluso in una porta USB del computer. Non correrai il rischio di perderlo perché il mouse ha un piccolo scompartimento per riporlo, per esempio se devi spostarti con un computer portatile.

Ha un'angolazione che è perfetta per ridurre i dolori al polso e restituirà finalmente una posizione decisamente naturale a mano e avambraccio. Fin dalle prime volte che lo usi te ne renderai conto.

La parte interna, dove va a posizionarsi il pollice, ha una fascia led che si illumina quando il mouse è in funzione. Funziona a batterie che vanno sostituite quando saranno scariche, ma hanno un'autonomia molto elevata.

È disponibile anche in versione senza illuminazione LED e anche il modello cablato non è da meno.

Ha 6 tasti in totale. I 3 classici sul lato esterno. Sul bordo superiore c'è un pulsantino che permette di cambiare i DPI del dispositivo, nel lato interno 2 tasti accessibili col pollice possono essere usati per andare avanti e indietro scorrendo tra le tab del browser mentre si naviga.

Non ha un'altissima sensibilità. Hai la possibilità di scegliere tra tre differenti livelli di DPI: 800, 1200 e 1600 premendo il tasto relativo.

A titolo informativo, la Trust propone anche un modello di mouse verticale specifico per il gaming con un DPI massimo di 10000.

Il mouse verticale Trust Verso wireless è un'ottima scelta se hai una mano grande; la forma garantisce una posizione sempre corretta del polso, andando così ad eliminare gli sforzi al nervo mediano e quindi ad alleviare notevolmente eventuali dolori già presenti.

Consigliatissimo, ottimo prezzo.

4. Anker Mouse Verticale – ottimo, buon prezzo e wireless

Anker Mouse Verticale Wireless - Mouse Senza Fili Con Impugnatura...


La Anker propone un mouse verticale che è una sorta di clone di quello che abbiamo visto. Ha ottime recensioni ma soprattutto un prezzo davvero competitivo per un dispositivo wireless.

Molti mouse tenderanno a somigliarsi ma è solo un fatto estetico. Esattamente per lo stesso motivo molti dispositivi orizzontali sono simili tra loro ma possono offrire funzionalità e comfort diversi.

Il design è molto bello e moderno, ergonomico quanto basta per dire addio ai problemi al polso e al braccio. Una volta abituato, non vorrai mai più vedere un mouse orizzontale in vita tua.

Il mouse verticale Anker è abbastanza completo: ha 6 tasti. Oltre ai 2 classici e la rotella cliccabile, ha un pulsante per cambiare i DPI e due pulsanti azionabili tramite pollice per andare avanti e indietro nelle pagine del browser.

Ha 3 livelli di DPI selezionabili al volo: 800, 1200 e 1600.

Il mouse è alimentato da 2 comuni pile AAA. Si collega ad un computer tramite il comodo ricevitore USB, che può essere tranquillamente riposto nel corpo stesso del mouse, sul fondo.

Ha un pulsante di accensione e la modalità di risparmio energetico che lo "spegne" dopo qualche minuto di inattività. Lo riattivi con un clic. Le batterie durano tantissimo, i mouse del genere con la funzione di auto spegnimento sono utilissimi e ti fanno dimenticare dell'interruttore on/off.

Questa è la prima vera soluzione economica di questa lista. Il mouse verticale Anker soddisfa veramente le richieste degli utenti considerando le parole positive spese per un dispositivo che è davvero utile, efficiente e semplice da utilizzare.

Adatto a una mano grande, molto consigliato.

5. Aurtec Mouse Verticale Sinistro – per mancini

AURTEC Mouse Sinistro, Mouse Verticale Ergonomico Wireless...


Qui ti presento il primo mouse verticale per mancini di questa lista: sto parlando dell'Aurtec, dispositivo molto bello secondo me, disponibile anche bianco, sempre per mancini. Volendo trovi anche il modello per destrorsi.

Ha un'impugnatura molto salda. Se ci fai caso, ha proprio la forma di una mano che si chiude sul mouse stesso: favorisce tantissimo sia il grip, sia il relax in fase di lavoro o gioco. Se sei mancino e hai dolori al polso e all'avambraccio, con questo mouse avrai praticamente risolto il tuo problema.

Capisco il problema dei mancini per quanto riguarda il mouse verticale: se un mouse orizzontale può essere tranquillamente "switchato" tramite una semplice configurazione software, quello verticale, purtroppo, no. Vista la conformazione, un mancino è costretto ad acquistare il mouse verticale specifico.

Per fortuna sul mercato ci sono molte case produttrici che pensano anche a te, caro amico mancino, la Aurtec è una di queste. E se cerchi un buon mouse, questo è uno dei migliori.

È un mouse verticale wireless che si collega al pc tramite l'apposito ricevitore USB. Il mouse è dotato di una batteria inclusa che può essere ricaricata tramite il cavo in dotazione.

Ha 6 tasti e funziona senza nessun driver. Insomma lo attacchi e lo usi. A parte i classici tasti, c'è il pulsante per la selezione di differenti livelli di sensibilità (800, 1200 o 1600 DPI) proprio sotto la rotellina, e due pulsanti per scorre avanti e indietro tra le pagine del browser proprio sotto al pollice quando è impugnato.

Ha un interruttore per accenderlo e spegnerlo, ma è dotato anche di funzione di risparmio energia, quindi dopo qualche minuto che non lo usi si spegne da solo.

Il mouse verticale Aurtec passa tutti i test base per essere considerato un ottimo dispositivo di questa categoria. Il prezzo inoltre è assolutamente competitivo.

6. CSL TM137U – wireless dal bel design futuristico

CSL - Mouse Verticale - Modello CSL TM137U Ottico - 6 Tasti -...


Il mouse verticale CSL TM137U è un dispositivo che vanta un ottimo prezzo. Design classico e ergonomico, si presenta come il mouse che previene i dolori del tunnel carpale.

Si funziona, con un mouse del genere sicuramente sarai costretto a cambiare le tue abitudini, ma in meglio. Certo perché ti renderai conto fin dalle prime fasi di utilizzo che il tuo braccio sarà molto più rilassato ma soprattutto il tuo polso non si ritroverà ad essere ruotato sopra il mouse e costantemente sforzato.

È un mouse di ottima qualità e precisione. Anche se sostanzialmente diverso da un mouse classico, non ci vorrà molto a fare il passaggio. La tua mano si avvolge intorno al corpo e il grip, molto buono, farà tutto il resto. Se hai dubbi non ti resta che fugarli provando un mouse del genere.

Questo che vedi qui è il modello wireless, ma lo trovi anche cablato. Si collega al pc tramite il ricevitore USB che è possibile riporre nel corpo stesso del mouse, nella parte sottostante. Va a batterie (2 AAA) che durano tantissimo grazie alla funzione risparmio energetico, che mette il dispositivo in stand-by quando non è utilizzato.

È plug and play, non ha bisogno di software per essere impostato, lo colleghi e funziona immediatamente: ha 6 tasti. Oltre ai classici destro e sinistro e la rotella, c'è il selettore di DPI sul bordo superiore (1200 e 1600 DPI i livelli selezionabili) e i due pulsanti avanti e indietro per la navigazione situati nella parte interna, accessibili con il pollice.

È davvero un buon mouse verticale che non costa nemmeno tantissimo. Le tantissime recensioni online parlano chiaro: consigliatissimo.

7. CSL TM137U – mouse verticale per mancini

CSL - Mouse Verticale Wireless per Mancini - Modello CSL TM137U...


Questa è la versione per mancini del mouse verticale che abbiamo appena visto. Non c'è molto da dire, è esattamente uguale ma speculare, pensato appositamente per coloro che usano la mano sinistra di base.

Ho voluto separarlo per metterlo più in evidenza visto che è un mouse verticale davvero di qualità. Come consiglio quello per destrorsi, non posso fare a meno di consigliare anche quello per mancini.

Se soffri di sindrome del tunnel carpale o di tendinite, se hai dolori al polso e all'avambraccio, usando questo mouse potrai dire addio a tutto ciò e godere di una vita più felice e rilassata al computer. E il tuo lavoro sarà più produttivo.

8. Perixx Perimice-513L – mouse verticale per mancini

perixx Perimice-513L - Mouse ergonomico con cavo per mancini, 6...


Ecco a voi mancini un mouse verticale efficace, preciso e soprattutto molto economico.

Molti hanno paura di spendere, e quindi è bene andarci piano. Per giunta, non tutti sono davvero convinti del fatto che un mouse verticale possa davvero essere utile. Beh posso dirvi che funziona e realmente aiuta a prevenire i dolori del polso dovuti alla tendinite, al tunnel carpale o alla sindrome RSI.

La Perixx fa buoni mouse e tra questi il Perimice 513L è sicuramente perfetto per chi vuole spendere poco ed è mancino. Come vedi qualcuno pensa anche a fare dispositivi apposta per te.

È un mouse dal design classico, caratterizzato da una buona presa grazie alle rifiniture in gomma. Questo modello è cablato ma è disponibile anche in versione wireless ad un prezzo leggermente più alto.

Ha 6 tasti come i più comuni mouse verticali. Oltre ai classici, c'è il selettore di sensibilità posto sul bordo superiore e i tasti di navigazione nell'incavo interno destinato al pollice. Puoi selezionare solo tra due livelli di DPI, 1000 e 1600, ma potrebbe risultare più che sufficiente per molti.

È plug and play ed è alimentato da 2 batterie AAA.

Se sei destrorso e ti piace questo mouse, sappi che trovi anche il modello per te.

Mouse Verticali Economici

9. Autley M19W – economico e perfetto per mani grandi

AUTLEY Mouse Ergonomico Cablato, Mouse Verticale Mouse Cablato...


Il mouse verticale Autley M19W è decisamente straordinario. Perfetto per chi ha mani grandi, la cosa che più mi ha colpito è la sensibilità.

Arriva fino a un massimo di 3200 DPI, che sono tantissimi considerata la concorrenza in questa fascia di prezzo. Non è l'unico livello: puoi selezionare anche 1000, 1600 e 2400 DPI.

Il tasto di selezione della sensibilità si trova sotto la rotellina, sul lato esterno. Dal lato del pollice troverai i pulsanti di navigazione.

Compatibile con tutti i sistemi operativi, anche se a quanto pare i pulsanti di navigazione non funzionano con il Mac.

Non è sicuramente un mouse professionale da gaming, ma se lavori spesso al pc potrebbe cambiarti la vita, in particolare se vuoi alleviare i dolori al polso e al braccio.

10. Tecknet M012 – ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo

TECKNET Mouse Verticale, Mouse Ergonomico Wireless 2000 DPI,...


Ottimo mouse verticale economico, il Tecknet M012 è davvero bello. È un modello wireless e a questo prezzo è davvero un affare.

Buona sensibilità (800, 1200 e 2000 DPI) selezionabile con l'apposito pulsante posto al di sotto della rotellina.

La connessione avviene tramite il ricevitore USB che trovi incluso: lo inserisci nel pc e il mouse funziona immediatamente.

Va a batterie AAA. Ha una funzione che ti avvisa quando queste si stanno scaricando, illuminando un indicatore a LED.

Un mouse tutto sommato buono, accattivante, bello solido, ed assolutamente efficace contro i dolori del polso.

11. ECHTPower – cablato, disponibile anche wireless

Mouse Verticale ECHTPower Mouse Verticale Ottico|Mouse Verticale...


Un altro buon mouse verticale economico; l'ECHTPower colpisce per i livelli di DPI selezionabili tramite l'apposito pulsante sul bordo superiore.

Il minimo è di 800 DPI, puoi passare anche a 1200 DPI, 2000 DPI fino ad arrivare ad un massimo di ben 3200 DPI. Ogni livello corrisponde ad un colore diverso e la barra nella parte interna si illuminerà di quel colore, così puoi sempre sapere a quale sensibilità stai usando il mouse.

Altra caratteristica molto simpatica è la rotellina 3D.

Per chi usa il mouse tutti giorni e per lunghi periodi, passare ad un mouse verticale è la soluzione perfetta per combattere l'insorgenza di dolori da sindrome del tunnel carpale.

Lo consiglio.

12. GHB – wireless e super prezzo

GHB Mouse Ergonomico Wireless Mouse Verticale Ricaricabile USB...


Un mouse economico per chi non vuole spendere tantissimo ma in ogni caso vuole passare a questo tipo di dispositivi.

Lo consiglio proprio per il prezzo e per la grande quantità di recensioni positive. È anche abbastanza bello, differente dai design classici, con la sua forma che sembra una punta di una freccia, ovvero del puntatore sullo schermo.

È wireless, si collega tramite ricevitore USB. Arriva dotato anche di cavo per ricaricare la batteria al litio interna.

In conclusion

La salute è importante, non c'è niente che tenga. Piccoli o grandi che siano i nostri problemi, come si suol dire, prevenire è meglio che curare.

Bene, un mouse verticale non fa altro che questo: prevenire.

Ringrazierai te stesso per un acquisto così importante.

Due sono i casi possibili: o se uno che non ha assolutamente nessun dolore al polso, oppure ne stai soffrendo in questo periodo, e magari senti che sta peggiorando.

Se non hai il dolore non vuol dire che sei immune! Anche io non avevo problemi, poi un bel giorno iniziarono, poi diventarono più intensi, fino a tormentarmi la notte.

Penso che mai come in questo caso i pareri delle persone reali sono davvero utili. Sembrano unanimi nel constatare la diminuzione o addirittura la scomparsa dei dolori causati da tunnel carpale e tendiniti.

Ora ti saluto e ti auguro un buon lavoro e un buon gaming con il tuo nuovo mouse verticale!


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