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The lacing is a very simple object to use, but there are important things to know to be able to take advantage of its features and not be caught unprepared even in the most extreme situations.

There are two basic techniques to use the sharpener:

The mistake that many people make is to shake the lynch on the right and the left side like a saber, producing sparks without control, this way can be potentially dangerous as well as being less efficient, so I do not recommend it.

What bait to use?

A good bait to use with the sharpener is wadding, is in fact extremely flammable and weighs practically nothing, so it will not add weight to the backpack. In addition, a minimum spark is enough to ignite the fire.

If instead you are in an emergency situation, for example in a forest, you can opt for the bark of a pulverized tree.

In this case it will be enough to record e scrape the bark of a tree and generate one powder, which will become our magic powder to ignite the fire, or you can do the same thing by getting the chipboard from a branch, that is wood curls, which are excellent for starting our fire.

How long does the lining last?

The lining has practically an "infinite" duration, unlike the lighter in fact the duration of the same will be assured by the fact that it is all based on the rubbing of extremely resistant materials that should be rubbed indefinitely for days and days to be consumed.

This makes the life of the lining potentially infinite.

Where to buy the lining?

I personally buy it from amazon, which allows me to compare the opinions and reviews of several people and get an idea before buying, that's where I bought the Friendly Swede one and also the other two of this list below .

Best Professional Steels (Reviews)

The Friendly Swede sparks that last a bang

The Friendly Swede Cerium Iron Survival Lighter with ...


Here is my favorite acciarino, the one I always carry with me when I leave for my solo trekking explorations.

This from Friendly Swede is a flint that has amazed me since I first removed it from its packaging.

It was not the first flint I felt, as I have been walking around the Italian mountains for years and am well versed in these accessories.

What is striking about this object is its manageability and its practicality. The bars are in fact pretty big and can be grasped even with wet or gloved hands.

And those who are often outdoors know how important this apparently insignificant detail is instead fundamental.

He is a professional acciarino but he is very well used even by those who are beginners.

In the package we find two acciarini complete with chains and strikers.

We know that for a good cerium iron what matters is the thickness and length, to allow the spark to be beautiful and last at least a couple of seconds. And in this case the cerium irons do their job to the fullest ensuring lasting sparks that allow triggers in any context.

He is a handyman, able to work in any atmospheric context, who never leaves on foot, I have been using it for two years and I have tested it in every possible way, and I must admit that it is great.

Highly recommended.

AGM Flint Stone Magnesium Steels

Flint Magnesium Flint Survival Lighting Fire ...


Here is a nice magnesium flint with a multitone whistle, because when you're in the wilderness you never know.

The AGM lining is quite large, therefore easy to operate because it is very easy to handle.

The sparks start immediately, even for beginners, I saw my little cousin use it and he managed in a few seconds to start a nice fire from the dry branches he found himself.

Equipped also with a bottle opener and a turntable, functions that are known come back very useful in the wilderness.

The flint is in magnesium.

Also great for beginners.

Modern camplighs with an economical edge

Modern campes Flint stone 7 in 1 kit with wooden handle ...


As little as the acciarini cost, I do not know to what extent it makes sense to indicate an "economic" flint, given that in this case we are talking about very few euros of difference.

But also frugality is important, in a world like our obsessed with consumption, saving a handful of euros can be a symbolic gesture full of meaning, a sort of spiritual exercise.

The modern Campanian lacing is really modern as the name promises, in fact it has a beautiful elegant design for the man who never has to ask but who does not give up style.

It is composed of a magnesium flint stone and a ruler-shaped plate.

These two are tied by a small rope.

One face the protective layer this flint produces beautiful sparks, and very little bait is really needed to give life to a fire worthy of the burning man.

Also excellent with dry leaves.

For those in search instead of a excellent complete kit which includes flint and other essential accessories to life into the wild I recommend this wonderful kit, I gave it to a novice friend and was thrilled:

Third Generation Professional Military Survival Kit ...


In conclusion

Whether you are a survivalist, a prepper, a camper, a boy scout, a bush crafter, or just a fan of outdoor life, a flintlocking flint is an essential accessory in your backpack.

Magnesium flints nowadays have made great strides and allow a previously unthinkable duration, they are not only extremely reliable and allow to ignite a fire during any weather condition.

The stone bristles to be operated by hand are undoubtedly the non plus ultra to begin to cultivate within themselves an idea of ​​freedom and freedom from the conditioning of modern life that is increasingly dependent on technological objects.

The professional lining is an instrument apparently so simple but that can represent a newfound freedom.

I hope this guide to the best flint was helpful and has cleared your mind a little.

Until next time.

Fabio "The Warrior"

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