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The average session is 46, the one considered "normal", which is good for women or men from 155 to 185 cm in height.

A smaller seat allows more maneuverability and more thrust, so if you are thin you can easily opt for a size 43.

People over the meter and 85 instead or above 100 kg would do better to choose a 50 directly.

How do you open and close a wheelchair?

Those who have never owned a wheelchair often ask themselves this question before buying it, one of the apparently most difficult actions to do is precisely to fold the chair to put it in its car.

Instructions on how to open the wheelchair:

First, place the wheelchair on a solid surface.

Make sure the brakes are locked. We don't want the wheelchair to move while we try to open it. Usually there are small levers to lock or unlock the wheels.

Take the wheelchair seat with one hand on one side and the other on the other side.

Slowly press the seat down into the center of the seat. At this point the armrests and wheels of the wheelchair should have slipped away from each other.

At this point, press down until the wheelchair is fully open.

At this point the wheelchair will be ready for use, just make sure the brakes are locked before trying to sit up.

Instructions on how to fold up the wheelchair:

Make sure as in the previous case that the brakes are working.

Put yourself in front of the wheelchair and take the seat with one hand on top and one below.

Gently lift the seat gently and slowly, you should notice that it will bend in the middle and that the wheels will start to move towards each other.

Raise the seat even more and at this point the wheelchair should fold and be ready to be transported by car or wherever you need it, with the smallest footprint.

Since one does not have to deal with wheelchairs every day, the operations of opening or closing it may seem unfamiliar at the beginning, it is normal to have a little anxiety when you find yourself folding an object from the kind, but after a few days it will become a normal routine operation.

But be careful: not all wheelchairs are the same, and the instructions I have just written are only useful for most manual folding wheelchairs. Your model may be slightly different.

What is the Best Wheelchair? (FINAL GUIDE)

Elite Care Deluxe the wheelchair of my grandmother Gerarda (size 46)


We needed to carry the wheelchair around everywhere, and we were looking for the best wheelchair available on the market in terms of comfort, and we found it.

This Elite Care wheelchair is extremely light and has excellent finishes, you can see that the workmanship is excellent, because nothing is left to chance.

The seat and back are padded, my grandmother has tried two other prams before these and says that the Elite is the most comfortable.

In fact, before he tended to complain every day, now he seems to have practically forgotten his annoyance. It can comfortably rest your shoulders, without the need for additional pillows.

Another detail that makes this wheelchair very comfortable are the armrests, which are padded and removable, to further reduce the size of the chair during transport.

Likewise it is possible to disassemble the part where the feet rest.

It is a wheelchair that, in addition to excellent comfort, also guarantees good support.

The tires are anti-puncture and very hard, perfect both inside and outside the home.

I recommend it to those looking for a comfortable and easy-to-fold chair.

Aiesi Agila self-propulsion, perfect for short-term use

AIESI Lightweight folding self-propelling wheelchair -...

Excellent value for money, perfect for short-term use.

Perfect outdoor, not professional, so not suitable for long-term use, but excellent if you intend to save the rental price and take home a wheelchair to be used perhaps for a brief convalescence.

Here is this self-propelled Aiesi Agila, another great folding wheelchair.

Good finishes, and very light.

What is immediately striking about this wheelchair is the beauty, in fact, unlike other similar products in this case it seems to have made additional efforts to make it beautiful.

Manageability is also remarkable, given its limited weight.

But what really makes this wheelchair superior to those in the same range is the value for money, which in this case is remarkable.

It is certainly an excellent wheelchair for those who want to take home a great quality for little money.

The structure is solid despite the low price.

Recommended support cushion.

Wimed wheelchair for narrow passages (size 43)



Here is a wheelchair of size 43, therefore not indicated if the patient is large in stature, but perfect for thin people who have to move in narrow spaces.

This Wimed wheelchair allows you to move casually in small houses, and even enter the elevator without too many headaches.

Very robust, especially considering the price at which it is sold, a band in which other minor brands offer very poor products, but here we find ourselves in front of a model that can easily compete with other far more noble ones.

However, note that there are no object pockets.

The small size allows access in small bathrooms and elevators not approved for disabled people, for example those found in very old buildings, unfortunately common in central and southern Italy.

It has a medium weight and takes up very little space if you close it and decide to store it for example in a closet.

If you intend to buy a pillow for greater comfort, it is good to opt for something slightly smaller in size than the seat.

It is a compact wheelchair that is easy to maneuver and load in the car.

The rear wheels are self-pushing and positioned under the seat.

Excellent pram that does its job very well.

Polironeshop PRATIK folding transit

Polironeshop PRATIK Wheelchair folding chair Chair with ...


This Pratik of the Polironeshop is a pram that holds many surprises.

It is not easy nowadays to be surprised for a product that is apparently so simple but that is actually made particularly well.

When the engineering and details care is applied to the world of wheelchairs, such products come out.

The footrest is perhaps the only weak link in what is a winning chain.

Let's start with brakes that are self-locking, a real convenience, given that the patient himself will be able to use a small brake placed directly on the armrest, convenient to operate even for those who carry the wheelchair.

It is made of breathable and very durable fabric.

It folds easily, with simple movements and without making too much effort, in the blink of an eye practically. In this case, refer to my guide above for more information.

It is also a small wheelchair that can move smoothly inside and outside the home.

Also very easy to store inside your car.

The wheels are made of light and very resistant material, so as not to have problems even on uneven ground, which could damage Chinese models and be composed of less performing materials.

This is a wheelchair suitable however for those who do not intend to use it for very long periods.

It is advisable to add a nice pillow if you think that the seat is perhaps a bit hard. This is obviously a matter of taste and shape of one's body.

There are people who consider a chair to be very comfortable while others on the same one may not be able to sit for more than three minutes, it is normal since the concept of comfort is quite relative, so as in many other cases it is good to implement small measures to customize the seat it is perfect for our needs.

Even the color is beautiful, which never hurts, being in any case an accessory that will go around outdoors, and we know that nowadays the dress is often the monk and it is good to look good.

Very strong even if you are a bit heavy, you will not be afraid to break it.

Good for car journeys, as it is light and has brakes that work very well.

Excellent alternative to a standard chair.

Ardea self-propelled wheelchair (size 43)

Folding wheelchair - Wheelchair self-propelled wheelchair ...


Here is a good self-propelling wheelchair, size 43, not really very light but very manageable.

The materials are particularly well chosen and assembled, in fact we are faced with a wheelchair that should cost much more and it is surprising how they managed to optimize production costs and propose it at this price.

The seat is quite comfortable, but a little low, perhaps better to use a nice cushion to optimize height and comfort.

It is perfect on flatter grounds, a little uncomfortable on bumpy surfaces, on which it tends to stick a little.

Closed it takes up very little space, but even open it is very streamlined and can pass without problem between doors and balconies even in small houses.

It is clear, however, that if you are very large, a wheelchair like this is not convenient, because it is 43 cm wide.

Not perfect if you are looking for a very light wheelchair, but all in all recommended if you have other needs.

Where to buy a wheelchair?

After seeing around from various producers who offered exorbitant figures to say the least, I decided to take a look at amazon, and actually I noticed very well reviewed products by hundreds of users who had very competitive prices and seemed to be of excellent quality .

And so I made my choice. Same thing then the following year when the wheelchair was served to my uncle, and I repeated the operation, always with great satisfaction, that's why I suggest you take a look on this marketplace and see if there is actually something that can do to your case. Otherwise you can also try from local retailers in your city, but in my case these fired absurd prices.

How to choose a wheelchair

The size

Not everyone is the same, so you need to choose the wheelchair that best suits your body.

Some wheelchairs are designed for thin and small people, while others are wheelchairs for large sizes.

Antibacterial material

When choosing a wheelchair, make sure that the materials used to make it are antibacterial.

The wheelchair in fact is a means to use several hours a day and it is normal that it comes into contact with the sweat or parts of the user's body, it is necessary that the fabrics are antibacterial and easily washable.


Not all sessions are the same.

There are much more comfortable wheelchairs than others, that's why I tried different ones to choose the best one for my grandmother, she should have used it for a long time a day, so you couldn't leave this important detail to chance.

Even if the use of the wheelchair is only prescribed for a limited time it is good to take this aspect into consideration, since a correct posture is essential for a quick recovery.


The price of the wheelchair directly affects its production quality.

Although nowadays it is easy to rent a wheelchair for a longer or shorter period of time, considering the reasonable prices of wheelchairs in many cases it is preferable to buy one in order to have it at home but also to be sure that is 100% hygienic and not used in the past by a patient with who knows what diseases …

We know well in Italy how much attention is now paid to these things, in our country carelessness and ineptitude reigns.

Who invented the wheelchair?

It is not clear who was actually the inventor of the first wheelchair, since it is a rather simple tool.

The first wheelchair that we have witnessed is the one made for Filippo Secondo of Spain by an unknown inventor.

In 1783 John Dawson of Bath, an English city, invented a particular pram made up of two large wheels and a smaller one. This particular wheelchair model was revolutionary and sold because it was much more manageable than the previous ones.

In the 1800s, however, there were important technological improvements on the wheelchair that introduced the front wheels and they began to use the rubber to produce them, as they did with bikes.

In 1916 the first motorized wheelchair was introduced in London.

In 1931 the engineer Harry Jennings built the first tubular folding wheelchair. This is the model most similar to those sold today.

The first electric wheelchair was invented by George Klein, a Canadian, while working on a program to assist veterans of World War II.

Mind-controlled wheelchair

John Donoghue, on the other hand, has recently invented a new wheelchair that can be controlled with mind control, via an interface that is implanted directly in the mind of the patient and can send commands to a computer that then governs the movements of the wheelchair. An impressive and futuristic system that will allow even more freedom for the sick.

This technology is called BCI (Brain-Computer Interface).

How to use a wheelchair

The use of the wheelchair can be temporary or permanent depending on the seriousness of your condition.

For this reason there is a wide variety of wheelchairs to meet different walking and also urban mobility problems, for example there are excellent motor or electric wheelchairs that save the user the physical effort of having to move them by hand.

There are also models made for the roughest terrain, in Italy this is certainly important given the well-known habit of the local administrations to build cities full of architectural barriers and spaces that are very difficult to access for disabled people and wheelchairs.

It is therefore very important to buy a product suitable for us both for its structure and for the availability of the included accessories.

Posture when in a wheelchair

When sitting in a wheelchair it is good to take a correct posture to prevent one's physical problems from getting worse.

In fact, as a rule, one has to spend many hours a day in a wheelchair and must be prevented from further affecting his body by adding other physical problems.

It is clear, however, that good posture must absolutely not mean further effort on the part of the person sitting on it.

A good wheelchair guarantees an optimal posture in automatic, that is it allows the body when it rests to adapt naturally and put itself in an optimal position for its own back.

On the other hand, low-quality and low-pram wheelchairs are dangerous to one's health, even if used for short periods, and can bring many additional problems to one's bones and muscles.

This is why the choice of an excellent wheelchair is fundamental, because it allows it to be adjusted and adapted to the body of one sits down, without forcing it into strange positions, and maybe even a little ridiculous.

If you have an old-fashioned wheelchair I suggest you change it immediately, because you don't mess around with your health, for a handful of euros you can't play with your psychophysical well-being for years to come, especially if you are dealing with your own family at risk.

There are lightweight wheelchairs made of aluminum or titanium, a latest generation material also used in aerospace engineering to reduce weight but at the same time have great strength and durability. In this case the weight of the wheelchair can be between 7 and 18 kilos.

But there are also super light wheelchair models, built in even more advanced technical alloys, which allow an even more practical use and an impressive resistance to weight and impact.

Electric wheelchairs, on the other hand, are perfect for those who are unable to go it alone, and therefore, to avoid the need for constant help 24 hours a day, they can move on their own with the help of electricity.

Folding wheelchairs are very comfortable but tend to wear out ahead of time, so they are not recommended for those who imagine using the wheelchair for many years to come, or for those who have chronic problems. In this case I suggest perhaps alternating the use of a folding chair with a non-foldable one for everyday needs and relegating the former to situations of great mobility (think of occasional car trips).

Wheelchairs for every use and environment

There are also models of wheelchairs that can move on sand or on particular terrain, to avoid hindering the mobility of the disabled, and guarantee a satisfying life even outside the cemented areas.

Also excellent are the baby carriages and the sporting wheelchairs for practicing wheelchair sport, in this case we also speak of hand-bikes, or special wheelchairs that move with pedals pushed by hand instead of on foot.

Sport wheelchairs normally mount wheels in an angular manner, to ensure more speed and maneuverability, they are perfect for practicing, for example, wheelchair basketball or other similar team sports.

Here is a wheelchair for mountaineering, for example:

MYRCLLY Electric wheelchair for Mountaineering, Chair for ...

How to apply for a wheelchair at the ASL?

It is possible to request a wheelchair at your ASL if you are eligible.

You need to know the types of wheelchairs you need and get a project card released by the manufacturer, on this you will find codes that indicate the price of this, and they will be needed during the physiatric visit.

The prescription must be made by a specialist doctor who is inserted into the NHS (therefore an ASL employee or a contracted structure). Therefore he cannot be your general practitioner or a specialist who works privately.

It will then be necessary to go to the center aids and prosthesis of your own municipality and have this prescription authorized. Following which you can send the model chosen by the manufacturer.

Here is a good guide that lightens the ideas for what concerns the supply of aids (among these there is obviously also the wheelchair):

source: http://www.giuliamayer.it/erogazione-ausili/

What are architectural barriers?

If you want to learn more about architectural barriers click here: https://www.disabili.com/mobilita-auto/speciali-mobilita-a-auto/barriere-architettoniche-e-disabilita

In conclusion

Being forced to use the wheelchair can be a not very exciting prospect, but in recent times technology has made real leaps and bounds, and manages to improve the quality of life of the disabled day after day.

Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, lumbar stenosis, multiple sclerosis or other disabling diseases, the wheelchair can be an excellent walking option.

In Italian cities, unfortunately, there is still not so much attention given to transit lives for the disabled, architectural barriers are in fact a very serious problem, especially in central and southern Italy.

This is why it is important to have an excellent wheelchair available that guarantees mobility even in situations that are not exactly ideal.

In fact, inexpensive wheelchairs do not allow people to move easily when the terrain is perhaps a little more disjointed.

Electric wheelchairs are perfect for those who want to move freely without the need for someone behind to push all the time, alternatively there are motor ones, which allow you to move faster.

Wheelchairs with headrests are my favorite, because they allow you to rest your head and assume a correct posture, but above all do not further aggravate a situation that in some cases could already be tragic.

Folding wheelchairs are also an excellent addition to the traditional wheelchair because they allow you to have a comfortable vehicle to carry around when the situation does not allow the normal transport of a normal wheelchair.

Since my grandmother had that nasty accident, I found myself having to become an expert on this kind of media, I'm a perfectionist and I like having the best especially when I'm dealing with the health of my family.

The love I have for my grandmother is indescribable, so I felt compelled to do extensive research that led me after two years to be able to write the guide to the best wheelchair currently on the market.

I hope this article has been helpful to someone.

Until next time


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