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Hi, I'm Mimmo.

Passion has infected my grandfather, a factory worker at the very first factory Lamborghini

I'm a crazy maniac for the my car. πŸš—

Here in the video shown a plush cloth that does not ruin the body paint:

Near my house there are at this time several yards and often a thick blanket of stands extremely dangerous dust for the health of my car.

Not to mention the winter, which in my part is very rigid because of thetemperature tightening with wind and snow that put the car's aesthetic and mechanical health at risk.

Also ultraviolet rays they are great invisible enemies.

Do we want to mention the fall of pine cones and chestnuts from trees? That five years ago they were devastating my wife's car …

When in special conditions, it is important to have a plush car cover to avoid scratching the machine.

The car cover is perfect because you can fix it or fold it yourself without any help, so if you're afraid of always having to ask for someone's hand to install it, it's not.

The cloth is perfect for leaving the car stationary, for example in the summer when it is used, under the sun, even for more than a week.

It is possible to wash the cloth directly on the car, since the part under the cloth is hardly dirty, the part to be washed is the external part.

How to know which car cover to buy for your car?

It is very easy: just check on the site from which you buy what the measures of this are and compare them with those of your car.

What is the car cover for?

The car covers are used to repair the car in bad weather conditions, for example when it is very cold and there is ice, hail, wind or snow.

But they are also very useful when you park the car in hostile territories, or where the humidity is skyrocketing, or there is excessive heat, dust rising (imagine near a construction site) or pigeons in the mood for continuous "bombing" by surprise.

If you do not take great care of our bodywork, protecting it when necessary the car can easily deteriorate and wear out. In fact, both the electrical components and the mechanical components, if exposed to the elements, can deteriorate ahead of time.

The changes in temperatures and climates in recent years due to pollution have made the weather increasingly unpredictable, and even in areas up to a few decades ago with mild and predictable climates the troubles began.

Floods, incredible frosts, gusts of over-human wind, now we no longer know what can be expected.

This is why the first accessory that I recommend to all my friends when they have a new car (that is not yet mercifully ruined as unfortunately I often observe their old cars) is the car-cover sheet.

Before proceeding with the purchase, however, it is important to evaluate its resistance, impermeability, the fabric with which it was assembled and its finishes.

The border of the cloth must be elastic, so that the assembly is easier and faster, even if you are alone.

What is the best car cover? (Opinions)

Navaris Fantastic Universal Antihail Cover


Here is a beautiful universal cloth that is extremely versatile and very protective.

The only drawback of this cloth is that it is a bit bulky to fold, so I do not recommend it to those who have little space in the car and intend to use it by opening and folding it several times a day.

Recommended for those who have to leave the car for example several days to the elements and want a cloth that guarantees maximum safety and allows them to sleep peacefully.

To install it, just place the sheet on the roof of our car and then proceed to fix the cover on the surface of our car using the integrated elastic band. Very fast and intuitive.

In the above part it is very thick, to prevent hail and rain from devastating the bodywork.

Indispensable for those without a garage.

Scratch resistant sailnovo, great design

Sailnovo Car Cover, Car Protective Cover, Cover ...


A scratch-resistant, sturdy and beautiful cloth.

That of the Sailnovo is a scratch-resistant car cover with a great design, that is to say it allows you to make a good impression even when you are forced to cover our beautiful car, without leaving us sad and with a bitter taste.

Very robust and resistant to hail.

Recommended with closed eyes.

Loetad extremely compact summer car cover

LOETAD Tarpaulin Car Cover Waterproof Anti UV Dustproof Universal ...


The Lotead is a nice summer car cover against UV rays and against dust, but very effective even in winter, compact once stored.

This sheet is also perfect for those with closable mirrors, which is the standard mirror pack.

Given that it does not jam when closing.

It is extremely compact, so it takes up very little space inside the car. Once opened, one cannot ask one's eyes what is actually large and covering.

The first few times you will find some difficulty in finding the right direction of application, but after a while you take your hand and you can mount it in the blink of an eye. It becomes practically an automation.

Mounts securely to the wheels via the 4 laces.

If you have to face a very strong wind, just pull out the extra string that will allow you to tie it well in the center and not let it escape.

Very resistant to UV rays, just as indicated by the manufacturer, but it is also very effective against dust and water.

It is mounted by inserting the rubber bands well into the bumper, once placed it does not move even with bombs.

It is not easy to fold up, but after a while you understand how to do it and it takes less and less time.

FREESOO 3 in economic, quilted with magnets

FREESOO 3 in 1 Windshield Car Cover, Waterproof Towel ...


Here is a nice quilted car cover, quite protective, for those who want to spend less since they don't need a great protection for their car.

Equipped with magnets for even easier installation.

The fins designed to fit inside the doors are really comfortable.

To install it on your car, of course, I urge you not to get caught up in the enthusiasm given the magnetic mechanism and not want to throw it over the car like in the best optimistic 80s advertisements, but to lay it carefully.

There are also rubber bands on the mirrors, to guarantee some security against theft of cloth.

Economical but effective.

Soft and perfect car cover for SMART

F.LLI IANNACCONE SRL COPRIAUTO Plush for Smart Universal ...


The car cover for the Smart.

If you have a Smart, this is the plush fabric for you, very robust, it does not ruin the car body because the internal fabric is designed in a very intelligent and technologically advanced way.

Perfect against sun, wind and rain, creating no condensation.

But be careful if the wind is very strong, in that case this cloth tends to give way a little.

It is not equipped with anchoring eyelets, so it is better to arm yourself with a pair of elastic cords to attach to the wheels for maximum reliability.

Perfect for every Smart.

How to wash the car cover?

It happens that the cloth gets very dirty and needs to be washed.

Washing the car cover is easy.

I'll explain how I do it:

I take a soft damp cloth and use a common neutral soap, then I begin to pass it gently in a circular manner on the most stubborn stains to make them soften.

Then I take the car cover and sprinkle it with detergent soap.

Then I proceed to rinse eliminating any residues left with clean water.

Sometimes I use the washing machine with a mild detergent, in this case pay attention to choose a gentle washing cycle for delicate items.

To dry it, I put it on a sturdy cable that I can support and leave it there for a few hours.

I recommend that you always dry the towel naturally without providing fast solutions such as the dryer, which could ruin the fabric.

To allow the car cover to dry quickly in all its points, it is advisable to turn the cloth several times on the linen cable, so as to guarantee complete drying.

How to fix the towel?

Fixing the cloth on your car is an easy operation that can be carried out by yourself, so you should not panic if the first few times you will be a bit tired, at the third fourth time it will become child's play and the times will be drastically reduced .

It is important to first make sure that the car body is clean and there are no residues that could possibly scratch it (I tremble at the thought).

It is good to first close the car and start lifting the cover from the front (back) of the car.

It must be positioned horizontally on the upper side of the machine.

There is a need to pull well to the sides taking a look and checking that there are no uncovered portions.

How to fold the towel?

first place the sheet on a fairly large surface, then clean it removing dust and dirt. If necessary, use water, but in this case be sure to dry well.

Fold the sheet in half, vertically, until two sides match. This step must be repeated two or three times. At this point fold it horizontally, again for a couple of times. Apply pressure to the sheet in order to flatten it and then place it in its case.

How to choose the car cover?

If you don't have a garage you will need a car cover.

How to choose the right car cover?

Follow me.

It is often believed that the car cover is actually a beauty accessory, even a little uncomfortable because it is difficult to assemble.

Nothing more false.

The car cover is an indispensable accessory and it is actually very easy to assemble, even by yourself, and it takes less than a minute to put it on your car and thus be able to sleep peacefully.

The sheets are divided essentially into three categories:

The sheets Against hail

Hail is terrible against the bodywork of the car, it can devastate it even after a couple of hours of hailstorm.

The sheets Against scratches and bad weather

The plush sheets against weather and scratches are my favorites, I always have one behind, and you too should follow my example to never be caught unprepared. Also perfect against ultra-violet rays.

The garage towels

The garage cloths are the "softer" ones, for those who have a place to park the car indoors, but want to give it additional protection from humidity.

How to protect the car from frost?

Parking in a car can be very risky, as our cars suffer a lot when there are low temperatures.

If you live in Northern Italy or in places of the world where temperatures are often below 10 degrees constant, especially for several days in a row, it is good to run for cover.

What to do?

First install winter tires.

Use antifreeze in the radiator.

Protect the car battery with a heater heating system.

Make sure the candles are insulated.

Repair any holes on the windshield, as frost and low temperatures may break the glass.

It is also advisable to keep an eye on the brakes, which become particularly sensitive with cold weather, so in this case check the health of the disc, brake pads and liquid level.

Types of car covers:

Waterproof plush car cover

The plush and waterproof car cover is my favorite, since it is very protective on the outside but at the same time avoids scratching the car inside.

This aspect may actually seem obvious, but try using a non-flocked frame, but then don't come here crying in the comments, because you are warned, the risk of combining car paint is very high. So just avoid it.

The plush car cover serves to protect from the weather, perfect against snow, frost, sunlight, dust and rain.

The material of choice in this case is PVC, which are instead kept in beautiful nylon cases.

Inside there is usually a layer of cotton to increase its impermeability and allow further protection.

Anti-hail car cover

If there were strong hailstones in your area, it is good to have an anti-hail car cover.

These are perfect for those who do not have a garage, and therefore leave the car to the elements for the vast majority of the year.

The anti-hail car cover protects the bodywork and prevents it from being damaged by atmospheric agents, it is in fact equipped with a layer of about 5mm that covers the roof, bonnet and trunk, to prevent them from being damaged by hail.

The preferred material for anti-hail car cover is ethylene, very protective and effective. On the sides, waterproof athermic polyester is mounted to protect against sun and dust.

Inside they are generally lined with a very particular fabric, designed specifically to avoid scratching the bodywork, without directly touching the paint.

At the same time they allow an effective transpiration of the vehicle.

Rigid from inside

The car covers are lighter because they are used to cover the car when it is already protected inside a garage box.

They mainly serve to protect our car from dust, dirt and humidity, but they do little or nothing against climate agents.

The breathable interior fabric serves to prevent scratches on the paint of our bodywork.

They are usually sold in universal models.

How much does a car cover cost?

A good car cover can generally cost between 25 and 50 euros, I do not recommend spending much more than owning a luxury car.

I do not recommend at the same time to venture into Chinese shops or from online stores that ship from China, since it is essential to obtain a cover for quality cars, canvas so that they do not scratch the car, and guarantee a good seal even in conditions unfavorable atmospheric conditions.

We wouldn't want to find ourselves suddenly screwed with the "naked" car in the middle of a universal flood, right? πŸ˜‰

Where to buy a car cover?

I personally when I have to buy a car cover I refer to Amazon, because that's where I can find great prices and above all very interesting comparisons to understand what consumers actually think.

It is precisely in this way that I tracked down the best car cover for my needs, and I was thus able to become an expert over time and be able to draft this precious guide in the end.

In conclusion

Modern cars are particularly delicate, the more time passes the more manufacturers seem in the mood to design frames and bodies that are increasingly fragile, not to mention the mechanical and electrical components.

The cars of the past seemed designed to be used as tanks for war, while today's cars break with a non-nothing.

I am that kind of person who is attentive to detail and pretend that the people around me look alike.

I believe that one can judge someone by the way he treats his objects. It is not only true that the dress makes the monk, but also the things he brings with him, in fact, to understand who I am in front of, I love to take a look at his car if possible and get an idea.

A man or a woman who doesn't take care of their car and let it get scratched or ruined doesn't deserve my respect. I know it sounds a bit extreme but I can't help it, my grandfather raised me with this idea, he worked at the first Lamborghini factory and he knew what he was talking about.

This is why I have always used a plush car cover for my car to protect it from the weather and dust.

I wanted to write this guide for people like me who find themselves in the bizarre position of always having to do everything by themselves and trying to figure out which is the best product on the market and take it home without hurting their wallets too much, thus avoiding products that are too expensive that are of no use because maybe they are of the same quality as those in the middle range, if not in some cases inferior.

Until next time, Mimmo

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