I’ve decided I want to move in a different direction with Geeky Mama. Instead of having one personal blog that sprawls from one topic of my fancy to the next, as well as encompassing my family and personal life, I’m going to break things up.

Going forward my personal blog will be Mom About Charlottesville. It will host chronicles of my life and family, as well as recipes, fashion and home decor DIYs, and of course local information about Charlottesville and travels.

Things involving blogging, social media, graphic design (including lots of freebies, *hinthint*) will be over at CoriMelvin.com.

And finally, here at Geeky Mama I’ll discuss all things geeky, from books to video games, reviews and technology news.

So here’s to a new direction! If you have any suggestions for how I can improve Geeky Mama, or maybe even would be interested in contributing with reviews, walk-throughs, tutorials, information, or anything else, shoot me an email: cori[at]geeky-mama.com.